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40 Responses to ……..JOE NUH GI U NO MONEY AND 500,000 A NUH MONEY…

  • The truth says:

    Hold ip deh met! I mean im mot the biggest fan but after mavado go on b.e.t destroy it represent fi jamaica in a way where nobody else nah do it. This is the only video u could post. My gawd I guess him right fi true how no media ppl with him..luu

  • Belly Bang says:

    Di man say look around, wat is $500,000.00. & yuh seh yuh ah Gully God ah represent di people, especially your people of Cassava Piece. Ah hope di next time smady ask,,,demands JA1000.00 from yuh, yuh nuh gi dem nuh tuff chat

  • Met says:

    yes this a di only video mi can post…him fi give di man him half million dollar back a dat mi a defend… and fyi..we all represent fi jamaica wedda we deh pan bet or teb…

  • Met says:

    good morning btw

  • Lipstick says:

    morning, what a man show off, if him really owe joe him fi pay him back an stop go round di bigman, by di way weh moneyooo moe deh

  • kia NUNYABIZNIZ bubblez says:

    $500,000 anno nutn right mavado *side yeye* suh mek yu nuh gi di man back him money den oooooooo yu jus stap luk hungry suh nuh badda gwan like dat anno money #disgusting

  • The truth says:

    And y would he give some a 100,000 jus so lol. Even if is nothing to him. How dat mek sense?everyyear sting do the same thing last year they never paid mavado year before dem short him that’s the said him owe get the man a get 4. Mil dollar a show really 500 grand is nothing. A just the truth. @met plse but up the bet videos if a Beenie dem up long time lolol.

  • Met says:

    lipy :maho

  • Met says:

    morning …now joe seh him owe him mavado ansa back…i wonder why di video neva fi post?

  • really says:

    were is the video met

  • Met says:

    the video is in the post

  • PPL busineSS says:


  • FireBrand says:

    @thetruth…Mavado can’t represent fi mi nuh whe him guh. The man is a complete dunce. Mavado never conduct a interview whe mek sense yet, and mi dare anybody fi give me a link to one such video. Just because him guh pon BET and talk a bag shit bout himself him a represent me and Jamaica? A di average man inna di street whe work hard a foreign, and support him family, represent me- not Mavado.

    And how him fi tell Anthony Miller what the interview is about? The interview is about whatever the interviewer want ask. It’s up to him fi use the opportunity to clarify the situation if there was one. Mavado is showoff who forget where him a come from. Blacks a.k.a Movado used to beg mi bredren a spring all di time fi bills when him did a trim hair, now 500,000 is nothing?

  • Lipstick says:


  • Met says:

    firebrand all food please dem too hype

  • Lipstick says:

    but shaggy have money an him nah gwaan suh

  • Met says:

    lippy all he had to say that it was all a big misunderstanding…shaggy a good man

  • The truth says:

    Yes Firebrand him use to do all those things as u say. But 500,000 is still nothing for him right now in context of a show ..accept talk bout when him did poor little more. 500,000 is noting.

  • Belly Bang says:

    Missa Brooks, since dat nuh mean nothing to you……..uppa Cassava Piece, pon di said gullyside, right by the main road that carry you from Mannings Hill Road to Constant Spring, di walkway bruk weh from Hurricane Sandy and it ah pose a daily threat to di pickney dem who might one day scatter weh inna di same gully.

    Please make representations to the NWA and see if yuh can jump start a programme to have it fixed.

    When dat sort out, yuh can look bout di dusty path pon di other side weh want pave, the side weh carry through to Grosvenor Terrace, and then yuh can look bout a project to completely remove zinc fences from the area and have them replaced by concrete walls or nice picket fences. thanks

  • FireBrand says:

    I’m sure 500,000 could help finish the house on the hill that has been UNDER CONSTRUCTION for a number of years now. Unno mek entertainer trick unno into thinking they are richer than they are.

  • Belly Bang says:

    When mi stay down ah Norbrook flat deh & peep pon di house, all now it nuh done

    ****looking up Bounty house (di one him tek ages fi done and weh dem seh him no longer have) is about 1 or 2 house to the right

  • kia NUNYABIZNIZ bubblez says:

    @belly pooooooooooooooooooww :alay

  • Anonymous says:

    hype get to mavado head alrite a hope you stay hot and a mek whole heap a money same way and half a million will be nothin to you! dis same speech a go bite him in the ass, i was a fan but not anymore, if that half mill wasn’t money for him he would have do the show and give it away to charity, I hate ppl who act like that, a hope him see how many mufti-million air bruk like dog now, a hope him look around f000in fool all dem things yaa mek nuh body nuh wan book him fi no show

  • simplicity says:

    Good morning met ,metters,peepers nd others….

    Weh me get frm de hawf a mil is ntn followed by luk around is dat it can do but so much there is ja yah nung buy de time yuh spend a bills frm it a done it done….as fe de who is Joe pawt neva meeded cuz if dj khaled neva sign a de sed joe pocket him wudine a get a small change out of fi smalls shows….pan de adda hand modiva if yuh owe the man pay him nd keep it going

  • Anonymous says:

    truth you are so ignorant it not even a laughing matter….u see weh u write? half a mill is nothin to him Right now!when will it be something to him? when him hype dun and no body want to book him for anymore events? u an mavado is two dunce

  • ClassyBlackChic says:

    Show off bring disgrace vado better nuh bada swallow him chat cause mi hear seh greedy dog loose dem bone more time. If him get the man money him must pay it since 500, 000 anuh money. Pappy show oo.

  • simplicity says:

    In nd by….

  • Joncrow Belly says:

    Mavado seh him a million dolla man with a billion dolla plan. him money tall

  • Real says:

    U rich now seh dem cah talk to yu……….Funny how people become and strive to be the person who held them back ……Mr Brooks 500000 dollars can establish a lunch and breakfast program for 120 children for a year. So that statement that you made is untrue. If I ever encounter any woman from your community seeking assistance for a child. I will be sending them to you …cause a nuh nutten

  • 500 grand is nothing. Ghetto youth mek it an mi feel gud fi yuh Vado, when u mek it u suppose to have braggin rights an dat is not hype, so mi rate di Gully God.

  • Listen Good says:

    Movado. Di worse ting you cudda do is come pan tape and record such a careless statement, especially inna dem hard time yah. My yute….di DJ ting is a very unstable career. You can hot hot today and bruk bruk tomorrow.
    Di problem is when you money done in a 20 years and you mighta need a likkle help, di people dem a go draw fi dis video an say: “ memba when yu did say half a million dollar is nuttin?”
    My yute, I wish prosperity fi everybody but di higher monkey climb di more him batty expose.
    Dis is also a warning fi all those who a dash out receipt fi $1000 boot pan Facebook and a show off bout material tings dat dem well an know nah go feed dem later. Humble unno self. Unno look stupid and sound stupid and di internet no lose nuttin, so people will always have di evidence of unno careless ways.

  • Yoruba girl says:

    Miss met vado Breda Kirk sell at a stall rt at the foot of stony hill, I get phone cards from him enuh, Breda humble and trust mi u can see it on his face seh him disappointed cuz when ppl ask him if him a vado Breda him nuh really wanna ansa such a good yute, vado give him 500000 g suh di man can get a shop and move afa di stall , chu . Met soon link yuh mi sis.

  • Yep! says:

    BET or TEB :travel

  • Anonymous says:

    Leave the man alone

  • Dutty PPL says:

    unu CTFU and leave the man alone. BBC badmind ppl

  • When mavado seh “box a money” I only have box a penny come GIMI some a the money yah movvy!

  • LOL says:

    truth be told when Mavado was a barber from cassava piece none of you on here would give a damn how he conducts an interview but because hes a dancehall star now you all seem to care…. but question can any of jamaica’s political leaders do a proper interview… yet most jamaicans vote for them in each n every election.. Mavado dont owe anyone anything… from him taking care of his family and seeking to better his life he really dont need to do anything from cassava piece, dancehall, jamaica or anywhere else simply because if he falls off and becomes a barber again tomorrow not one of you on here would care…

  • pretty says:

    #1 from the vid i watched the interviewer asked him what he was wearing and he simply replied.what was he to say really ?
    #2 not everybody gonna be able to graduate from college, university or at the least high school what i heard was a slip of the tounge (it shock me yes, but come on even the most fluently spoken individual makes mistakes)
    #3 now if ur doing business with some body and they short change u twice and u did not call it a write of…. then one day they give u their money again …the time come ur ready to deliver the goods… u dont see them make a move to complete the payment are u gonna be a fool and deliver the goods ?
    knowing the last time u didnt get paid at all ?
    so he most turn around and give them the money when they already owe him? and it doesnt mater if this company has new investers its the same company same name same logo

  • I think Movado’s reasoning is thtatJoe owe him much more than $500,000 cuz him short-pay/non-pay him fi shows in d past, thats why him not returning d money.

    If a so Joe caan sue den. Prbly haffi go use badness 2 get it back…if/when him find Movado a Jamaica.

  • sasharealtalk says:

    my youth u a say 500k a nuh nothing and when u wife ask u fi a money a pure style u style are leave u hotel with no money for toll and if u fi give a youth dollar pon the gully u and trimble stop hype cause half a the youth round u a suffer and a them writeu song give them them royalty mr pussy

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