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Investigators remain tight lipped about the case involving a claim of suicide by a young member of the JCF, who died over a week ago , Kennard Chong. It is said that they are only speaking to a few people at this time.Details are sketchy about what transpired at the house;a few things that were left out of the story that was carried in the news. It is first and foremost,a homicide investigation.
2: It has been confirmed that Kennard Chong’s weapon was not discharged; also there was no burn mark around the wound suggesting that he was not shot at point blank range. There was second person in the house along with Ms. Dean when Chong arrived. It is said that this person was a male.
3: It is alleged that she carried Chong along with the male, suspected to be a fellow police, to the hospital where both left him. The man was said to be shirtless with a weapon in his waist who was said to have assisted her in dropping him off. Upon leaving Chong at the hospital it is alleged that, the porters were told by the young woman that it was a case of suicide.

4: The statement that was given to the police is allegedly different from the one that was printed.

It is said that people who were concerned about Chong’s happiness warned him and told him to becareful. This is further confirmed by some of Ms. Dean’s statuses on Facebook. Ms. Dean responded to the nay sayers indirectly not mentioning names but telling them to leave her alone.It is said that finally sunk in that and his intention was to leave, preparations were made at his family’s home for when Chong really made up his mind .
Allegedly, Ms. Dean called the woman who raised Chong at 3’am Monday morning, telling her to come downstairs as she wanted to explain things to her, later that day, the woman died.
By following up on Dean’s Facebook, friends can be seen offering their condolences but Dean has seemingly removed the pictures she had previously uploaded of Chong.







  • Belly Bang says:

    You know wat, it is good that investigations are proceeding as they are and that the police are crossing every T and dotting every i (that is supposing that they are doing dem ting fair and square). When the investigations complete, then if someone/more than one to be arrested, then that will be so. :nerd

    And this is the proper approach which should be taken in all investigations. Pity that isnt done and that the vast majority of civilians are scraped up and held for months upon end while “investigations” continue. :sorry

    Mi tell yuh bout injustice nuff people meet inna Jamaica!!! :matabelo

  • Taliban says:

    Two timing bitch! from u and di man deh, him chest plate nuh stop bun him wid all di bun wah u gi him. I only hope justice will be served and dem nuh sweep it unda di carpet.

  • police says:

    herlast comment abt stars and crowns has to do with senior police officers who she was fcking at the time at mobile reserve,this girl fcked everbodi and bredda catch har a fck ina him apartment alreadi him shoulda cut leave her from them cause we warn him about her lifestyle but becase a so call LOVE

  • Met says:


  • Tawkchuet says:

    Yes sah see it yah now

  • unnuhfigweh says:

    I know everyone mourn differently but if the love of my life just not too long died I would not have time to be on fb and throwing words at dat n she right good over evil thats why she a go down evil gal

  • Taliban says:

    She shoulda deh a jail right now…dis u call corruption…..but tru har na na lack a discipline dats y she deh a road.

  • Taliban says:

    Met if mi talk some tings, people ago know sey a mi, but a one licky, licky, frighten friday neva see cum see gyal weh man use di simplest a ting fi catch har. (see woulda sleep dung di hola harman barracks) his just a pity him neva hear wen dem a warn him bout har.

  • Met says:

    Taliban God a go strike har if she guilty

  • Riches says:

    Seet deh nw, dis yah tory is clear as wata, i hope d police duh proper investigation and as usual justice might be delayed but i r pray for speed in dis one! Wen ppl luv sumtime it really bline, they were clearly having issues. Again, FB can be a two-edged sword smdh

  • Anonymous says:

    i’m wondering how this girl feel right now fi knw say just tru she cyaan keep her underneath quiet d man lose him life smh

  • Eyn says:

    Met mi tell yuh, mi seh god is good . Tel yuh not a suicide ! Next door neighbor ! I’m so happy now this come out !

  • Met says:

    Mi jus feel so sad the boy lose him life jus suh smh …anytime unno hear nuh news link mi man

  • ISpy (With my two big black eyes) says:

    Why ppl must stay so yuh live a yuh yard wid a partner and yuh a cheat..good God man go motel nuh man…dah gyal yah too rass wicked….

  • Eyn says:

    Since police come chat it why not, met she was in the house with the other government clothes wearing piece a shit , him and the yute a fren too , him Mek a rally pon har inna the house and ketch har in a position ! Man inna bed weh him a pay fah suh him have rt fi chat and even f000 har up if him feel like there and then , but him just a vent and dutty joe grind have problem and buss off shot weh wi tax money buy inna likkle yute ,then have the nerve him guh drop him a hospital bout suicide. Mi suh mad mi just feel like fi gi har a rass beaten mi self . Mi feel it because mi si dis guy a try fi change this whore into a house wife, all move har up yah met suppose yuh si where him put har nice likkle place for a young couple starting life . Ol trash can ! Nuff a dis a Gwan rt here pon this same hill. Mi husband seh mi fi tap but it hurt mi heart fi si as the man weh support them run out joe run in. I know a lot of so call married man weh rent expensive places rt up yah put dem! The man fi change from jacks hill to joe hill!

  • Eyn says:

    Typo man- name

  • Cindy Royal says:

    Met, the street have it a seh this gyal was a station whore/police men mattress. The street seh a whole heap a bunn dis bwoy get wid various different JCF man. Bout ppl a “tornish” har reputation kmt. Jezebel like she gi ooman bad name.

  • Met says:

    cindy :(

  • what is this mon? says:

    nice looking bwoy too, if it’s true that she did have joe grind inna di mon place, i hope she get a charge too, now if the other mon was a police or soldier, it’s going to be hard, unless the ppl in the hospital can identify who was the mon who carry this young man to the hospital and seh its a suicide, and how this gyal don’t identify the guy yet?

  • Eyn says:

    Met so him mother died also?if mi nah read rt who is the lady that died later that evening after hearing news from the crosses at 3 am ?

  • Met says:

    The lady who helped raise him died..his mom is still alive

  • Nom de plume says:

    Jah know star, mi nuh too like police but mi know yuh have some nice and decent ones and this youth looks like he was one of them RIP. Soh a ranks/ratings she did a f000 dung Harmond Barracks fa? cos she get husband, she nuh coulda stop? Wicked gal, I waan yuh go prison mek di gal dem massacre yuh dung a Forti and Yes a waan Them shot and kill yuh one bwoy pickeny like a dog. I should be smiling for my family dem JCF kill off bu tI dont feel like it.

  • Oh my goodness RIP YOUTH…

  • ... says:

    Seeit yah mi tell yuh seh dat family nah mek it dun just so. :nerd Good to see police being thorough.. @Belly ok maaaaybe I am a bit harsh on them. But you right it seems they trying to do them work. :nerd

  • ... says:

    Seeit yah mi tell yuh seh dat family nah mek it dun just so. :nerd Good to see police being thorough.. @Belly ok maaaaybe I am a bit harsh on them. But you right it seems they trying to do them work. :nerd

  • Met says:

    eyn 1’01 u know di bunna man name?

  • Jamaican police women are normally sluts.from training school they all have to f000 their superior officers or they will not pass out.the instructors will not pass them until they f000.all police people know that.only idiots marry female Jamaican police officer

  • Foxy Lady says:

    I hope more people come put Jezebel on blast and name the killer! Good to see them ruling out suicide and I hope the guy had enough friends in the force that will push it on his behalf.
    Since the wicked boy so trigger happy him might kill har fi shut har up!!

  • Anonymous says:

    bitch!!! go confess so you can sleep better tonight

  • splashNdash says:

    What always get me is that is always these hoes end up with the good guy. A real woman who woulda love n tek care a dem man – pure fart dem end up wid. Smdh

  • Str8 says:

    The f*ckry matress gyal a protect the other man at her own peril. The two a dem fi get lockup and sodomized in prison. If somebody knows it, lego di name a di bwoy.

  • Str8 says:

    or gi wi a facebook profile ID

  • fashiondoll says:

    :( My heart is so heavy knowing that this young guy did not get chance to live his life. How can these two whoring police sweethearts continue as if nothing happens and believe God a sleep. I can just imagine how dem a call de youth fool and all these things but venjohns is mine said the Lord God…… I will repay

  • Thetruth says:

    Some gyal juss salt n whoring….poor guy neva know weh him did a get himself inna….dem fi scorn r rass….kmt..this b!tch ugly as hell too….shi cudda neva b a mattress a klawt..a door mat dat….dirty ass low life no conscience gyal..

  • I agree this ugly BLOODCLATH gal yah tuh….fi man loose life Orr dis????? Send this hoe to prison…just for been a ugly wicked whore

  • PhantomPhoenix says:

    Dah cum bucket yah fi go gas an bun har self…Stars and Crown soon catch yu an yu man. Outta a ada. I hope is not a peaceful surrenda when onu time come…lololol

  • Unknown says:

    Look pan da bitch yah to come and a tell lie…and is like seh fi har lie dem enless… A jus tru shi did want im money and im things dem mek shi did wah marry im and wen im decide seh im nuh wah ntn fi do wid she and har f000ery im did aguh lef har and di SLUT guh kill im… mi hope supm bad happn to har yuh si God NAH SLEEP

  • anonymous says:

    His caregiver/aunt was buried this past weekend. There were many sad faces and broken hearts. Everyone hopes his name will officially be cleared before his funeral.

  • Met says:

    u want to send me an update? I will post no problem

  • anonymous says:
  • Akeem Henry says:

    we need justic for this MURDER!

  • C says:

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