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One of the primary problems facing Jamaica’s Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller is the cult of fanatical followers she has inspired. While this is understandable given her tremendous popular appeal, the negative side is that every criticism is perceived as a personal attack on Jamaica’s first woman Prime Minister by elitists who turn up their noses at her humble background and are determined to bring her down. As a result, many of her followers seem incapable of objective analysis of her pros and cons. One can only hope that there is at least one person in the room with her who will stick up a hand to say when she is going wrong, but I’m starting to seriously doubt it. A perfect example is the Prime Minister’s recent national broadcast. At a time of great uncertainty for the Jamaican economy, at a time when the whispers in the corridors of finance and business are that the year ahead will be very difficult for the country, at a time when Jamaicans are unsure what to expect from an IMF agreement, or what to expect if there is no agreement, the Prime Minister steered clear of actually talking about any of the real problems facing the country. Sometimes it takes an outsider to point out what should be obvious to us all, and the Chicago Tribune for some reason, has now chosen to hold up Jamaica to the world as an example of failed policies and a dismal economic outlook, saying Jamaica provides an object lesson in“the catastrophic effects of borrowing way too much, and the painful choices that follow. This saga, less familiar than Greece’s, is a lesson for lawmakers in the U.S. and elsewhere.” “The Caribbean nation actually is in worse financial shape than Greece: Jamaica has more debt in relation to the size of its economy than any other country. It pays more in interest than any other country. It has tried to restructure its loans to stretch them out over more years, at lower interest rates, with no success. Such a move would be risky for its already nervous lenders. So Jamaica is trying to wangle a bailout from a skeptical International Monetary Fund. Another deadline for a potential deal just came and went last week, though negotiations continue,” it goes on.

That’s the reality the Prime Minister seems determined to ignore. What Jamaica needs is not Pollyanna-type platitudes, and an exhortation that“Our ancestors did not fight so gallantly; did not shed their blood for us to now capitulate to gloom and doom. No. We know, as Jimmy Cliff assured us, that we can get it if we really want. All we have to do is to try, try and try, and we will succeed at last.” No, what Jamaica needs now is a hard, realistic look at our current situation, and a courageous start to the necessary conversation the country needs to have. Maybe someone in the room could point that out to the Prime Minister the next time she and her people are crafting a national broadcast.


  • Cindy Royal says:

    Good morning everyone!

    The bougainvilleas are blooming again!!!
    Just this morning realization hit me that the bougainvilleas are blooming like crazy again – it was like the bright, beautiful, vibrant colours just jump out at me. Given that the various storms of 2012, the worst being Sandy, had battered, blown down, & even uprooted them, it is was expected that they would eventually die or it would take many months b4 they could even look like they have life, but here they are all bright & beautiful again.

    I took this as a sign that like the bougainvilleas, Jamaica & Jamaicans will be alright.

  • Met says:

    morning cindyyyy :kiss

  • Belly Bang says:

    When my Prime Minister stand up & say she dont watch news, her husband watch it, cause there is too much negativity on, mi know seh di ship was renamed TITANIC

  • Cindy Royal says:

    Morning Metty :peluk

  • Met says:

    belly why u tink mi put it up satdeh and laugh…when mi hear har a chat mi haffi smh…bout nuh watch news har husband tell har…chuh [email protected]#$%^^ :travel

  • Tawkchuet says:

    Good morning everyone blessings I think Portia has really misunderstood her role in the country she seems to think of her self as a celebrity not someone who carries the weight n decision making responsibility of the country. I think of her as Jamaica’s equivalent to Bush dumb as f000 n dense as a rock.

  • Cindy Royal says:

    Portia is a tried an proven idiot Belly. Memba wen George Bush did seh di same ting? There is now empirical evidence that leaders who don’t watch news r not only idiots, but r bad leader. Mi naw look pan Portia, cuz if shi did watch news shi wudden be suh out of touch wid har ppl.

    But a whole heap a time & ppl predict wi (Jamaica’s) fall/doom & like a phoenix out of the ashes we rise & do it well like no other nationality. WE WILL BE ALRIGHT.

  • Belly Bang says:

    Met, mi hustle pon the bus & made my way to SAV yesterday and all mi can hear ah di people dem ah grumble how di country naw run rite and hard times deh pon wi & di Government ah tek people fi ah joyride.

    Met, ah me seh support progress and mi Government cause ah dm ah wi representatives. But now, mi ah get that familiar feeling like wah mi did get when di JLP was there, which is “WHO THE CABINET REALLY CARE FOR OR RESPECT??? THE PEOPLE OR THE PARTY?”

  • Cindy Royal says:

    An anodda question mi haffi ask, shi have dis habit a talking bout har “husband dis” or har “husband dat”, specific example “my husband gave me a credit card” an now dis latest. A who shi a try prove to seh shi have a husband? We (Jamaicans) or harself? kmt

  • Met says:

    Belly there is none…when mi hear dat ole pazaat a chat mi seh no man Portia nuh real.Not that you are immune to feeling a certain way but turning your back on the news as an ordinary person says a lot..much more the big prime minister…mi waa know what message she a try convey? Dem disgusting and shameless a rob poor people blind and den a go beg like blind after robbing..sick a dem

  • Belly Bang says:


    “While this is understandable given her tremendous popular appeal, the negative side is that every criticism is perceived as a personal attack on Jamaica’s first woman Prime Minister….”


  • Tawkchuet says:

    The woman just uncouth, unprofessional, untidy with har speech n behavior anytime I here she was or is somewhere representing the country I cringe at the thought of the level of TACKINESS that will be displayed

  • No Joke says:

    Portia ……Portia …..from mi hear yuh acceptance speech when yuh win election ….mi seh …Jamaica is in for it.

  • Belly Bang says:

    The news wah mi ah watch ah mention:-

    1. Police ah kill man like ah bird season
    2. Gunman ah shoot children, man inna hosiptal, people pon road
    3. Police ah pressure people bout traffic ticket, a system that dem acknowledge was flawed in the first place
    4. Government ah talk bout high taxes & hardship to come
    5. Nothing naw gwaan fi Jamaica

    By the way, yuh notice that is the same Government weh Portia ahlead ah callprss conference and ah gi press release bout hardship and despair.

  • Cindy Royal says:

    A swear to God Belly a feel like if a hear dat “love poor ppl” crap from har 1 more time a going snap! Women like her give the phrase ‘women in power’ bad meaning, cuz everyting shi tek personal. Is har inability to decipher constructive critique vs a personal attack that mek har such a lousy leader. An so wat if she’s a woman? Mi neva know wen women tek up powerful role wi fi pet an powder dem. kmft. Mek shi gwan, wi deh yah fi vote dem out come nex election if dem nuh shape up.

  • Tawkchuet says:

    Thank u Belly :thanks2 Portia find shelter under the misogyny umbrella n all when no rain naw fall she naw come out

  • Belly Bang says:

    Yuh see how the ting set. Di man dem in the PNP realise dat dem cant beat Portia cause she has that mass appeal to the poor, the vulnerable and uneducated. Suuh guess wat, if dem cant shub her aside and loot & capture, dem just put her pon di high seat and dem stay below and do di looting and capturing.

    Dem use her own weaknesses and insecurities and work against her.

    Ironically, is the same people who she claim she love ah stew inna di pot like crab & she nuh want accept that is wat is happening

  • LUNDUN says:

    how portia fi seh she no watch news????
    what kinda f000ery is dat???
    how u fi a live uptown life far far from di stuggles, and starvation of di poor, den tun round seh u are for the poor? when one a di ways fi truly hear dem plight and feel dem pain, is by watching di f000ing news???

    when mi watch di news and every story weh read a death after robbery,after company a close dung, after people a lose dem wuk, after scamming a get outta control etc, a dem time deh mi si how bad things are or are getting and feel fi spring inna action.

    no wonda di leading bitch inna di contry naah do shit fi wi ppl, cuz she naah si dem conditions and dem emotions, nuttin naah pull at har heart strings!!

    miss bombo ole can u stop using dat phrase please? can u an u f000ed up party stop hike up di price for an education so di ppl dem can stop being dunce and will be able to see through u an ur bullshit.

    can u free my ppl miss bombo ole?

  • Obama say him nuh watch news niether imagine that, I’m pretty sure portia and him both get briefing before any story hit the news so that is no meter to judge anybody. As for the greece comparison to Jamaica that’s B.S. apples and oranges and should never ever been compared. Everybody innah a shambles in the world, type 1 if you see more money out you check fi ss and fed tax since the fiscal cliff bill. I don’t feel anybody put into office under these hard times could do any better even under jlp.

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