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Met u nuh c miss setgud lef benzman fi oniel frm Sherlock… I guess she naw play she clean up di dancehall industry
It seems like she cum fi f++ off all a di man dem inna dancehall no mon a she fi get f++ head fi year caw she nuh stop f++ frm mawin till nite.. It cumin like she a walk wid r pussy pon r forehead she need fi stop it knw di gal a jus 20 and she f++ off (Edited) met if I was fi r Madda I wud glu up r hole….

14 Responses to ???

  • setgood says:

    Senda mek yu a deal wid r such wicked?? :ngakak :ngakak

  • Fyahwife says:


  • ADILAH says:


  • f000 head says:

    teacher babymada why yuh send in miss setgud? true she use to give yuh headache when she use to f000 yuhbabyfada but setgud is a nobody she f000 all who she no see

  • Riches says:

    u knw seh mi died @glue up har hole :ngacir2 mi gone, good day Ms. Met and Metters

  • Met says:


  • Bubbles says:

    f000 while you young and have gum my girl lmao sender you jealous cause setgud a tek all di man dem and u nah get none

  • Mrs boss says:

    Lawd Gud hw much time mi aguh c dis gal pon di site she nuh shame and tired fi cum pon here… But wait nuh nage man dat oniel miss setgud yuh bad yuh tek weh Flossin teacha frm him baby madda and yuh tek weh benzman frm him wife now u tek weh oniel frm nage a u run things a ur pumpum tun up dwl.. Yuh need fi stop now by time u reach 30 nuh man naw guh want yuh caw yuh hole dun out…

  • DWRL says:

    Too bad you NOT the gal a 20 p—- feh get f000 , so let she f000 a your pussy or mouth she a use?? If you can’t get before the f000 tek the left overs and stfu

  • DWRL says:

    @mrs boss she never bring HAR self yah so who cares?? Is a jealous bitch keep putting her here and she still naw go stop get f000 by the man dem WEH sender want , so maybe sender should send in her file to and she might get a bly

  • Mrs boss says:

    @ dwl it seems like u is a Fuka gal like she weh jus walk and fuk every man weh unnu cum across unnu need sum pussy principle

  • fashiondoll says:

    foots lets go :ngacir:

  • TAP BITCH!!!!!!!! says:

    me woulda really n truly wah kno y oono a worry bout d gyal pussy!!!! pussy fi f— if a man a f— him self , on to d next one > maybe she just nuh tek bullshit n it adds up to nuff man but a fi ar life , wul a oono need fi come aaaf a d gyal name n go f— some cocky cause nuh man nuh want oono pussy n dem want d girl good up good up oono a excite creatment! lol

  • Smfh says:

    f— head of the year ? Neacy Barbie everybody know you are the one that keep putting Monique setgud on here , look at the spelling , we all know you can’t spell .. Met one thing you should know about this girl , she doesn’t take any f—ry from no man .. If you don’t treat her the way she want to be treated she will move on and don’t care what nobody think about her ..

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