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MARCH 24, 2008

Investigators are still trying to ascertain the motive behind the shooting death of a man and injuries to seven others at a British Link Up dance held at the popular La Roose nightclub in Portmore, St Catherine, yesterday morning. The dead man has been identified as 41-year-old Clifton Reid of Anthony Road, Kingston 5. Six persons, including a female, received gunshot wounds during the incident, while two others were injured in an ensuing stampede. The event attracted hundreds of patrons. Senior Superintendent of Police Calvin Benjamin said it was unclear what triggered the altercation. “It happened in the morning. Many persons have left the venue, some gone home, some at hospital. So it will take some time to interview the relevant persons to find out what caused the shooting,” said Benjamin.Sergeant Troy Anderson of the Constabulary Communication Network, the police information arm, said a gunfight erupted between patrons about 7:45 a.m. “During the mêlée, six persons, including Reid, were shot. He died on the spot,” said Anderson.


Ricardo ‘Bully’ Thomas, the man who made Jamaica’s top 10 most wanted list earlier this year, was slapped with a million-dollar fine and put on three years’ probation when he appeared in the High Court Division of the Gun Court yesterday. Police said Thomas, 37, was held on Charlemont Avenue, Barbican, St Andrew on October 18, 2008 with two 9 mm pistols along with 49 rounds of 9 mm ammunition. He was subsequently charged and later pleaded guilty to two counts of illegal possession of firearm and ammunition.
According to the police, Thomas is the leader of a gang in Cockburn Pen, a tough community in Kingston 11 where ongoing warfare with a rival area gang has resulted in the murders of approximately 60 persons. Yesterday, sources said the police were extremely worried that Thomas had to go to court seven times after pleading guilty before being sentenced. The police are also worried that his release will spark a fresh round of violence in the war-torn community.

MAY 2009

The owners of La Roose have opted for a new image and name. Now known as the Live Wire Sports Bar and Grill, owner of the establishment, RicardoThomas, says, “We just thought it was time to move away from a certain image. A lot of things have happened in the past where the name became associated with some bad incidents, and we are trying to move away from that.” Thomas also said though the company had been registered as the Live Wire Sports Bar and Grill, they had changed the name to La Roose, but not that of the company. “So right now we are using the name that was originally registered,” he said. Live Wire, which is located on Port Henderson Road in Portmore, St Catherine, has hosted events like Black Scorpio’s 37th anniversary, Vybz Kartel’s Birthday Bash, Black and White Affair, British Link Up and, more recently, Fancy Thursdays. The owners say although they have revamped the name, they will not be excluding their previous target audience – a young crowd with a great love for dancehall music, and have even added a few events just for them. “Some of the things people can look out for is a theme night at Fancy Thursdays starting next week. Every week it will be a different theme with things like foam night, Hawaiian night, Lingerie Night, High-Roller night and that sort of thing. Another event we will also be launching is something called ‘MisMatch’, where people just come out in anything! Red dress with green shoes, yellow scarf and things like that. The worst, the better. The person with the ‘best’ mismatched outfit will win a prize,” said Thomas.

JULY 1, 2009

The identities of four persons shot and killed at Live Wire Enterprise, formerly La Roose, in Portmore St. Catherine on Wednesday night have been established. Police sources are indicating that all four have had brushes with the law. Among the dead are the owner of the Club and his brother. When our News team visited the Port Henderson Road based club in the aftermath of the shooting, the area was awash with blood, abandoned shoes other articles of clothing, telltale signs of the terror which had unfolded hours before. Senior investigators attached to the Area Five Police were busy combing for clues. Those killed are the club’s owner Ricardo Thomas, his brother Kirk Thomas, both of Charlemont Drive, Kingston 6; David Wisdom also known as Biggs of Lyndale Avenue, Kingston 20 and Andrew Walker, whose alias is Mampy Zeeks of August Town in Kingston 7. A fifth man was also seriously injured in the shooting. The police believe the incident may be linked to a shooting which occurred in Olympic Gardens last weekend. According to a source close to the investigation, eight men armed with M16 rifles entered the club in two vehicles, posing as policemen. They then approached the men who were sitting at the bar. The men are believed to have been working with three women who were already inside the club as the women are said to have embraced the men just before the shooting started. The men and the three women fled during the ensuing confusion. When the shooting subsided it was discovered that five persons had been shot, four fatally. During a subsequent search a nine millimetre Smith and Wesson pistol with 11 rounds of ammunition was found on the outside of the perimeter fencing. The Thomas brothers are said to have missed a flight out of the island on Wednesday. A year ago Ricardo Thomas was on the country’s most wanted list. He was nabbed by the police at a house in Barbican, St. Andrew on October 18 reportedly in possession of two nine millimetre pistols and 49 rounds of ammunition. Thomas was given three years probation and fined one million dollars in the Gun Court in December. He was also linked to an 18 month upsurge in violence in Cockburn Gardens in which 60 persons were killed. He was also wanted for the 2004 murder of Devonde Lawla on White Walk, Kingston 11. Mampy Zeeks is reputed to be an August Town area leader.


  • Belly Bang says:


  • Cindy Royal says:

    An him a change di name a di place like a di name a bring di trouble an crosses. A him an him bad living was di problem, not di place or di name a di place.

  • Lou-lou says:

    You nah hear wha di man did name BULLY

    What a saltness fi miss di flight eh….

  • Oh Dear says:

    I remember this, a fren of mine used to go over deh a di Fancy Thursday Party, he came to my house and told me him a go over Laroose a Bully ting and i told him dont go because something bad gonna happen just out of intuition (i always get bad feelings when people ago dead that i know), anyhoo, him call me 12 am the same night and say you is a f000ing obeah woman, dem just kill Bully and Mampy Zeeks and 2 other men. But funny enough Bully and Waldie was in war and it was a known war allegedly over woman i’m not sure how true that cause of the war is, its said Waldie mek man kill one of bully’s followers / cousin, bully did a reprisal killing but got too personal and killed Waldie father who is alleged to be a beloved, friendly man, and thats how it turned in one big mess and dem murder Bully. Waldie was later held by police i think and i havent heard anything about waldie since then. Bully Have a big house up barbican, a big peach colour house and when him dead his parents was trying to sell the house, and his mother used to bawl and i think his father lost either his hearing or speech due to the trauma, they were veru torn up that his brother ricky died in the messy situation. my brain kinda ole and a couple years ago it happen, so if everything nuh right who have di right info run een!

  • LUNDUN says:

    well the streets are an inch more safer without him.

    sadyl, he’s not missed

  • ISpy (With my two big black eyes) says:

    If my memory serves me correct, I think a teacher lady was arrested in connection to these murders.

  • ja says:

    Bad indian

  • Espute says:

    Pence setup bully death waldo gi him two house and two bike fi kill him best friend. Watch u friends wey u smoke wid and run joke wid a dem quick fi cut u throat quick the only friend wey mi love a the one up above. Penco get touch up in a the shooting get send to a small island and come back and claim him a run the place setup thirteen fi dead. I don’t trust none a dem.

  • Cindy Royal says:

    There’s no honour amoung theives/criminals Espute. It’s a myth that there’s loyalty in criminality.

  • Espute says:

    Bully mother Tek to heart over kirk death,she seh she kno bully a go dead but she never expect kirk fi dead so.Bully kno waldo never did a go stop till him get him and a who fa money larger., The teacher woman still a go a court,the police did invovle in a it to.

  • Espute says:

    Bully did a gwan bad him did have to go.

  • Espute says:

    @Cindy royal mi understand that.

  • @ Oh Dear ur right about them warring over ooman Bully whoring wife go f000 Waldie although she know Waldie was Bully enemy a dat cause di war fi start
    Mi caann believe a Penco set up Bully but Penco did licky licky so come to think of it licky licky people wi duh anyting

  • ja says:

    A nuff f000ery a gwan a pen from long time. A one place that inna Jamaica that a done don’t lost long

  • ISpy (With my two big black eyes) says:

    i will never understand why a don weh claim him a gyaliss always wanna start war ova him loose pussy…and mek innocent people always lose them lives..smh

  • Talkditings says:

    What complete rubbish! None of these 2 guys needed to war over pussy. So stop speculating and come with the real shit. I hate when people make up bullshit jus to see an outcome. If u don’t know the full story don’t comment lies. #IJS

  • Anonymous says:

    If you guys are going to give out info, you need to enlighten the rest of us as to who these individuals are, how they came by their money, etc. Who is Waldo/Waldie? Penco/Pence? Who is Bully? Are they somehow associated with the British Link Up crew? We need background information to make sense of these killings.

  • Anonymous says:

    @Talkditings, give us the truth or the real tings…

  • ja says:

    What about German from “walk a knight” aka wak? Him

  • Anonymous says:

    Ricardo ‘Bully’ Thomas, was fined $1 million and given three years probation when he appeared in the Corporate Area Gun Court.

    Ricardo ‘Bully’ Thomas, was fined $1 million and given three years probation when he appeared in the Corporate Area Gun Court. Bully had pleaded guilty to charges of illegal possession of two firearms and 49 rounds of ammunition. News emerged last week that before his sentencing, a senior cop gave character evidence claiming that Bully had helped the police to solve crimes and find illegal guns. The executive director of Jamaican’s for Justice, Dr Carolyn Gomes, said there are clear questions that must be answered. The public is not allowed to observe the proceedings in the Gun Court. The police are raising concern that Bully’s return to his community could result in more violence there. The police said Bully’s gang in Cockburn Pen has been in constant war with another gang led by a man identified as ‘Waldie’. According to the police, the conflict between the gangs has resulted in the murders of 60 persons in the past 18 months. Bully’s case was called up seven times since he pleaded guilty, before he was finally sentenced on Wednesday.

  • @ Talkditings how u know is rubbish u muss b di whoring ex-wife it too late fi u change the past u dun f000 di man enemy aready and now di man dead an gone sake a u FYI i know the full story cuz im related to Bully #IJS

  • Talkditings says:

    @EYN, u sound like u mad about something ….

  • Met says:


  • Talkditings says:

    If u ‘related’ u supposed to know the truth, clearly u not….

  • No hun not mad about a thing and u i and everyone close to him know the truth

  • No Joke says:


  • Lipstick says:

    is miss lena lastname reid

  • Lipstick says:

    di boy weh live on anthony road nickname a tink a chukuto

  • Oh Dear says:

    since the story nuh talk right as mi said, oonu run een mek we hear how it guh nuh!……

  • Oh Dear says:

    a who police did hol a england a dance and instantly deported?, it was rumored he was sent on the next flight out of england inna him same dance clothes, was it waldie?

  • BK BOUND says:

    on numerous occassions ive seen this post been pressed to be on here but finally i guess it is wish it shouldnt be but going back to read but y dig it up from 09 till now r.i.p to mampy kirk n bully n pencko ur time a come!!!!!!

  • BK BOUND says:

    @ talk di things yuh soun like a big pussyhole what dnt concern u leave it alone

  • Anonymous says:

    yh talk di tings sound like a big pussyhole for real
    eyn 10.48 mentioned what they were fighting for but talk di tings dont want the rest of the public to know the truth
    shame because eyn let it out now

  • Anonymous says:

    yeah its true talk di things sound like a pussyhole. eyn 10.48 explained what took place between the two men but talk di things dont want you guys to know the truth. the cat is out of the bag

  • Anonymous says:

    Ratty first dead & frass, slap out him brain. White wing (not white wing walk) tek it up kill bubble-oh (errol walker) & lots more deaths. Killing continued. On the eve of a well respected don death (from flintch crescent) they ( from flintch crescent killed, pulluh.) pulluh was a sacrifice to get bully (ricardo thomas) since there was somewhat a cease fire, not peace, there is never peace in cickburn pen. With bully out if the pic (so is most of his money) & all the kingfish corrollas he bought, the war kinda subside. I know, jus from where i saw the war, over 100 people, mostly men, lost their lives. News of bully death was met with gun salute. “Everything a guh dung innahole” .

  • Anonymous says:

    There is alot of speculation as to what caused the war, IT WAS THE DEATH OF SHAUN IAN “sligo” MALCOMB. Then ratty $ frass. Then whole heap of other. smh, too much info. Sglad those days are over & done with. Cockburn pen, di glock clap & burn dem

  • Anonymous says:

    waldie is the trouble maker, bully said nuh man beat them baby mother no rapping love the youths an dont work for fame bully an wadie was best friend but waldie nah tell him boys them to stop there foolish ness like don, ricardo, rayman, rick smh kmt a the same police them whey round waldie now whey did deh round bully longside penco sell him out but a life the police them down a hunts bay love sweets smh bully a the best don ever smh cockburnpen people dont split justice make them gawn cause a waldie and bitty soon at it all phantom whey a keep wappings thursday whey a link with waldie now when waldie want kill him a bully say treat to him a bully if 1 make him own self dead when him if use him bwoys them to kill ricardo and rick as waldie cousin from willow drive address bully beg for them cause him and them did deh a england.

  • bambam says:

    Wladie a the boss a the best a pen

  • GANGSTER says:


  • Uncle says:

    Bully never if dead

  • knockis says:

    Waldoe ah money man….di real don ah bitty tr88 den man den ah serial

  • Nut megg says:

    Bully a big time batty man….him fooop nuff man batty

  • T gun says:

    Bully is a bitch him fuck up Cockburn pen I was born and grow in a the pen I when I leave to new York 1990 him couldn’t talk to me I used to beat the fuck outa him and when him come to NY and him see me him a fe chill the fuck out because him know seh me a reel dog anyway pullu andrae champagne a me best friend son tetty goose bully know if tetty goose did see him him would ded long time a him fuck up Cockburn pen him should ded long fucking time bid up walldie rest in peace pullu

  • T gun says:

    Bully is a big pussy a him fuck up Cockburn pen and a him meck the flinch cresent man them kill me friend son pullu if tetty goose did see him him would ded long fucking time big up walldie real don keep the peace till me come

  • T gun says:

    Them a talk bout bully used him money fe kill people him a pussy him nuh do nutu talk bout don ina Cockburn pen was man like honey brown and him brothers Carlos brown Jon Steve super cat Danny beach Pope jugoto yogie Junie a them man deh a don a them defend Cockburn pen back ina the days all me friend bruck back lol a good them man deh defend Cockburn pen ina the 80tis fuck bully when him come a NY him scared like a bitch reel talk him shoulda dead long time me nah teck back me talk

  • Anonymous says:

    Only few people nah get disrespect inna cockburn pen now. like waldie , bitty and penco family. look at sanka whey waldie used to kill nough people for him, just bus up the coach head and him send four man to go kill him and him a real badman so him escape. Popeye, mousie (mother whey ever sit at neggas lane bridge), gungo(tyrone) sean(blood) whey just get deport from england. Wait sanka soon come back inna the place come live and me know for a fact the place ago war again and sanka ago take side and murder some a them.

  • Discipline says:

    Only few people nah get disrespect inna cockburn pen now. like waldie , bitty and penco family. look at sanka whey waldie used to kill nough people for him, just bus up the coach head and him send four man to go kill him and him a real badman so him escape. Popeye, mousie (mother whey ever sit at neggas lane bridge), gungo(tyrone) sean(blood) whey just get deport from england. Wait sanka soon come back inna the place come live and me know for a fact the place ago war again and sanka ago take side and murder some a them. Raymond royfowl nephew flying from foreign and buy him house a guys hill him and his white wife a par and you could see the badmind print in waldie face. Waldie pay police to kill moonie british on molynes road waldie you so evil. A through bitty bruck make the war nuh start back yet.

  • Rickey says:

    Waldie dead last Monday mi glad him dead ahh him set up bully fi dead ahh Uncly this nyc

  • Nite doc says:

    Yow mi nuh care weh nuh one want to seh , the wickedest don fi deh a cock burn pen a mala the (nite time boss..!!!)

  • Nite doc says:

    Yow mi nuh care weh nuh one want to seh , the wickedest don fi deh a cock burn pen a mala the (nite time boss..!!!)

  • Anonymous says:


  • Andrew Davis says:

    Rickey, go suck out your mother and your father batty hole. You are a piece of dog shit. The last person before you, commented from August 12, 2016 and you wait till 2017 November, to come on this site and disrespect Waldie, who maybe never even knew you existed.

    You acting as if you were not afraid of Waldie. You definitely could not say what you typed to him, were he alive. You know for sure, what would have happened to you! Yaw talk bout bullman; You cant compare Bully with Waldie. W’s status was in a whole different class altogether. A just suh life go. You do certain things in life, and certain things come back at you. A just suh life go. You feel W would want you to feel sorry for him? Naaa… Boss did know seh people were coming for him from all angles.

    Leave out di Boss name out a you negative comments!

  • Detective Chris Porter says:

    Wow!!! Reading some of these comments shows how the Jamaican people’s mind warped with madness! Why would someone glorified or worshipped someone responsible for killing others in the community and not doing something constructive for the youths?
    I know all of these men that they are writing about and it is sad how they’ve taken the wrong path in life instead of using the money to uplifting things.
    I am not going to comment about the men’s background, and before they migrated and made money, then they returned to Jamaica wanting others to fear and worshipped them. The reason why most people behave like that it is because if low-self-esteem, lacking love, and wanting to be mini-governments without elected.
    If these men and others who want to be like them, look at the result for all of them? DEATH!!! Who in their right mind thinks that living like that is cool and something to glorified?
    Whenever, a gunman or don is killed the illiterate, licky-licky, amoral, unethical, and lacking decency and empathy people revered, celebrate, and lauded these killers.
    I know “Honey and Carlos,” very well. As a young man growing up, I knew Honey’s babymother “Myrna,” his sons, “Paul, Markie, and I can name more.” Honey’s babymother and children used to live along Portland West, Waterford, St. Catherine beside my late uncle and they are friends of my family. Both brothers (Honey and Carlos) when they found out that wanted to be a police officer when I grew up. Carlos told me some pointers and how to deal with gunmen….
    To most ghetto youths, I know that people like me is NOT a role model to them or want to emulate me, is because they would see me as an enemy (informer) of the poor and criminal minded people.
    I used to work at Hunts Bay Police Station as a Detective and I know all of these men, including Bitty’s cousin “GO-WEST or Raymond,” also the late “James Hinds,” and I can go on and on!!!
    If these young boys mothers and fathers do NOT interject, take charge, guide, and let these boys know that crime doesn’t pay and the only sure thing is DEATH at a young age. Then the cycle is going to continue of death, maiming, or jail then prison!
    When you are dead, no ghetto accolades, respect, or lies can bring you back to life, because you’re gone! The stupid, illiterate, and licky-licky people are praising you a “dead man,” for harming the fellow man in your community or neighboring communities. How does that help your life when you are gone?
    Some of these fools who are talking about “Waldie, Bully, Bitty, and others who are dead,” is this kind of don and that do and who is the more prominent don…that is so stupid because at the end of the day, they are all dead, and the reason is because of the life they choose.
    Now, what benefit it is when they killed someone from the community because of a disagreement? Our people are so illiterate that they can disagree to agree? As anything they want blood to run and someone dead? But, these same people who support and cuddles shooters or themselves are gunmen whenever they are staring down the barrel of the gun and realize that they are going to DIED, they always SHIT UP themselves, still!!! I remember back in the ’90s there used to be a don who lived on Maple View Road, Kingston 11 and he and “Bitty,” gang in war. And he was killed by men from Top Waltham Park Road (Tenor Fly) and one thing i give him credit for is that the people never used to kill each other and he used to encourage the youths to go and stay in school.

    I did my years in the police force and resigned, I migrated to America, joined the military, served in Operation Iraqi Freedom, and now I worked with the Department of Defense doing things that I love….One thing that I hate as a Jamaican by birth are “gunmen,” especially the ones who are cowards and are responsible for killing others in the community.
    I do support PRE-EMPTIVE STRIKES against criminals, as the American military does overseas. You don’t have to be a physical threat to us, but you’re considered a threat, and we send in a drone and blow you up. That’s how the gunmen should be treated….Cockburn Pen/Cockburn Gardens was one of the most beautiful places during the ’90s when other communities were at war with each other and this low-self-esteem, lacking love, and seeking attention men created artificial border lines in the communities.
    Indian Peter from Maverly who was involved in the bank robbery I knew him too!!!!!! He used to come to my house in Jungle!!!
    How many are more youths going to waste their lives because of some stupid, short term thinking, and want others to respect and fear them?
    When you are educated like me, with your degrees and have access to rub shoulders with people others only see on TV, which path would you want to choose? My way of being a top man? Or the guys these people calling Don this, don that and how many people they killed and they are all dead?
    EDUCATION!!! Read, read, and free yourself from mental slavery because the late Marcus Garvey did NOT want Jamaicans to live like this!

  • Anonymous says:

    so this is why fowl and Oney dead

  • Soph says:

    I’m trymbg to find my friend Troy from Cockburn Pen, he migrated to England in the 90’s I think. I left for the states before him in the 80’s. He is tall, slender and bald headed. I’m not from Cockburn Pen but knew that’s where he was from. Thanks guys.


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