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Two fugitive women were captured in Memphis, TN, one of which was wanted in connection with a bizarre murder by lethal b**t injections. Arrested “Pebbelz Da Model” whose real name is Natasha Stewart and another woman, Shannetria Newberry, 21 is also being held in connection with the death.

Pebbelz Da Model, was questioned for the death of a Mississippi woman who was murdered by way of an injection of concrete into her buttocks. Pebbelz allegedly referred several people, to the “doctor” giving the illegal b**t enhancements.
ALSO:SEPTEMBER 2012:-A Mississippi man who dresses and lives as a woman has been charged with depraved-heart murder after performing an illegal buttocks implant that killed a Georgia woman, authorities said. Morris Garner, who also goes by the name Tracey Lynn Garner, is charged with doing the procedure in March at his house in Jackson, Miss. Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood said during a news conference that Garner had no training or license to perform such a procedure. Authorities said they are testing the substance that was injected into the victim and believe it may turn out to be some kind of counterfeit silicone. Hood said more people may have had breast or buttock implants performed by Garner, and he hopes those people come forward. Morris is charged with depraved-heart murder in the death of Karima Gordon, 37, of Atlanta. Depraved-heart murder is a legal term for an action that demonstrates a “callous disregard for human life” and results in death. It carries a life sentence. Hinds County Judge Melvin Priester denied bond after a hearing. Garner was arrested Sept. 6, 2012, according to jail records. “Based on the seriousness of the charge, the court does find that you are a danger to yourself, and more importantly, a danger to the community,” the judge said. After the hearing, Garner’s lawyer, John Colette, said he was “shocked” by the seriousness of the charge and the fact that his client was held without bond. He denied his client is guilty of depraved-heart murder. Garner said during court that he is 53-years-old and worked as a floral and interior designer. He wore a yellow prison jumpsuit and shackles, and his hair was in a short ponytail. Colette said Garner had undergone operations to change gender. Hood referred to Garner as a man, and Garner was booked into the Hinds County jail as a man. Hood said that Gordon, who had served in the military and wanted to become a model, found Garner after meeting someone on the Internet known to authorities only as “Pebbles.” Gordon met Pebbles in person in New York City and paid her $200 for the referral to Garner, according to Hood. Gordon was an adult entertainer in Atlanta and had undergone other cosmetic procedures, Colette said, though he didn’t elaborate. He said he had only recently taken the case and was still trying to find out more about it. Gordon drove to Mississippi with a friend to have the procedure, but became ill a few hours later. Her friend called Garner and asked what to do, and he told them to buy some cough medicine, Hood said. Gordon died at a Georgia hospital a few days later. “We’ve had people practicing medicine without a license, but nothing like this,” Hood said.Deaths from illegal cosmetic procedures have happened sporadically around the country as people seek cheaper alternatives to plastic surgeons.

JANUARY 2013:- The woman known as Pebblez da Model was captured in Memphis and charged with illegally brokering a butt shot procedure that resulted in the death of an Atlanta woman. Karima Gordon, 37, died after undergoing the illegal procedure at the Mississippi home of street practitioner Morris Garner, 52, who is not legally licensed to perform such procedures. Police arrested Garner on April 6, 2012 and charged him with depraved-heart murder, after Gordon’s autopsy revealed she had been injected with cement and other industrial substances. A depraved-heart murder, also known as depraved-indifference murder, is a legal term for a crime that demonstrates a “callous disregard for human life” and results in death. The charge carries a life sentence. After Garner was arrested, he named Pebblez da Model as his go-between for women who sought his illegal services. Pebblez, real name Natasha Stewart, was arrested on January 3, 2013 and charged with being a fugitive from justice in connection with Gordon’s death. Police also took Shannetria Newberry into custody. It is not clear what role she played in Gordon’s death. Both women are being held at the Shelby County jail without bond. According to the Associated Press, Gordon met Pebbles in New York and paid her $200 for the referral to Garner. The Associated Press located a Twitter page maintained by Karima Gordon with only 1 tweet sent out to a Twitter user named @PebbelzDaModel. Pebbelz Da Model’s Twitter page featured photos advertising Garner’s work. The photos showed Pebblez with grossly deformed buttocks and hips, consistent with butt shots or butt implants. Pebblez’s massive 48-inch buttocks made her a hot commodity in rap videos. She was highly favored by rappers who were too dumb to know the difference between a real butt and a fake one.






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