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met this little girl name Camille , (Edited) n party 7days a week move from man to man now she claim she deh with TINA from bronx husband name Dwayne Office lord my god look wha dwayne tek up from w+++ sheena to this old dutty gyal…. TINA have up her nice man lando rite now but she n this dutty gyal did a war the other day on instagram real hard bout who can do more for dwayne reguarding to his (Edited) lol whoooieee a cyah badda…. met there is more to the story so plz ask di people dem fi dash it out


  • MURASAKI says:

    sender suh Tina one want 2 man…mi naaw understand what is the problem. why are you c##k blocking this chic?

  • Talk facts says:

    Tina write something a the ugly gal pick it up Tina don’t want back Dwayne this bitch stay bad Tina love lando bad Dwayne only put up that girl pic on ig cause him want prove a point which Dwayne is still f000ing venessa bling Dwayne u can do better….smfh

  • xhale says:

    From the look.of the pic it seems as if she keeps him well entertained in and out of public…..go deh my girl so Di whoringggyal Tina seh yu freaky too…dwl

  • Anonymous says:

    The title beat me bad to rasss I just dies

  • luuu says:

    Bwoy him gawn to the dogs….why dat gal thou ..mi have har file. Mi a wait fi the ppl dem wake up

  • luuu says:

    It look really bad pan dem thou….suh who a lead a who him a war ova … ppl wake up and dash it pa. Met

  • Talk facts says:

    Nasty Dwayne

  • Tawkchuet says:

    Boy di bredda look like say him a try him best fi no fart, holdddddddddddddd it holdddddddddddd it

  • oh lord says:

    Nah sah what a sight why would u want to entertain ur man that way @ a party smh ..deh nasty gal yah desperate fi some attention :alay :alay

  • dem gal yah says:

    Tina a war fi the man and she have har man thou a wah do she……and deh gal deh …..if a fi har man why the rass she affi a try so hard….. it sad she nuh sure of herself..worst dwayne a whore cause him a par wid a shorty a bx ……but why the war thou kmt…can somebody tell me

  • dem gal yah says:

    Dwayne mi lose off a yuh a diss yuh gawn to…dem gal yah a garbage a queens…mi soon dash out har file…even thou Tina a more garbage yuh need a life thou and get a real girl settle with big ppl ting

  • news says:

    Mek mi dash it out dwayne a f000 Camille and Tina want him back..cause a must want him back mek she a argue fi him smh dwayne a luuu thou cause him shouldn’t Tek up diss bitch… why yuh dont stay wid the short girl ppl see u wid

  • mi have put down says:

    Sadamite camille yuh walk and f000 like stop act like yah saint yuh deh a queen a f000 down the place a clown tina husband…tina yuh have lando why yah argue wid the gal like yuh wah back dwayne yuh confuse unuh life sad…. Dwayne yuh really need a life

  • lol says:

    Met a wah mek yuh nah send out mi comments dem yuh nuh wah mi read out deh file yah

  • ms fxx u says:

    sadamite camille yah clown dwayne (tina husband) yah f000 down the whole a queens and a walk agwan like yuh nice yuh tek f000 all weh hole nuh deh tina u a the next one why argue ova dwayne and yuh have yuh man all ur man a real clown smh it sad dwayne yuh gal gone to the dogs

  • Yo says:

    She stay bad !!

  • MURASAKI says:


  • Anonymous says:

    mek dutty nasty tina move bout her good good man lando , lando a dog so she soon get the bomb drop on her ……………………..tina you stop f000 money train yet

  • oh oh like st lunatics says:

    Well all who neva kno Dwayne love freak n tina is the biggests oneeeeeee unnu stop mek she look good nutten name class the sender a muss tina or her fren lawd n lando weh nuh value ooman …………

  • Met says:

    no more name switching thanks

  • di bitch says:

    Camille yuh Tek f000 all weh ole Nuh deh that’s why dwayne did even a f000 yuh poor u yuh think him did really want yuh …poor u

  • xhale says:

    Di whole a Unnu sad! Tina will mek Di residents uppa rye feel up har breast fi a meal.mi neva see nobody market demself like dis gyal.

  • Anonymous says:

    Stop hating on Camille, cause Dwayne nah hide had..And she’s far from a dutty gyal..Stop fatigue she young and the man enjoy har pussy to the max…keep freak out Yuh man cause the same ones that talking ah the biggest freak on this universe..Camille continue to hold up your head mamma…

  • Talk facts says:

    Dwayne love him wife it’s just cause Tina start doing the things them Dwayne trying to Do the same Camille get use she drive to get Dwayne every time she want him .

  • Talk facts says:

    Dwayne don’t hide any of his girls Camille just get a hype cause him put up her pic I didn’t know Tina would wise up the black boy have no respect smfh …

  • Talk facts says:

    Tina one more thing left mama u is in charge don’t do the thing for him careless buoy

  • Anonymous says:

    Unnu a get the story wrong enuh Tina Nuh have no class because Dwayne and lando was best fren and Tina guh fuck him that’s why them break up but now lando Nuh want Tina him only did a use r fi the money and the 3 sums them she be giving him she fuck man and gal plus she fucking money train fi red bottom

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