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Mom charged with murder in Mississauga toddler’s death
Published on Wednesday January 02, 2013
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Teresa Williams, 24, shown with her daughter Evadne. Williams has been charged with second-degree murder after Evadne was found dead inside the family’s home on Tuesday.
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Jessica McDiarmid, Peter Edwards and Niamh Scallan
Staff Reporters

Ian Collins stood on his porch late Tuesday night and watched as the body of a 2-year-old was taken out of a neighbouring townhouse in Mississauga.

Evadne Williams-Scott’s body was in a small, white bag; it was not on a stretcher but carried in someone’s arms.

Inside, his three children slept.

“I’m sad. It hurts to see a little child whose life has been taken,” said Collins, who lives in the social housing complex on Colonial Dr., near Ridgeway Dr. and The Collegeway.

Peel Regional Police charged the toddler’s 24-year-old mother, Teresa Williams, with second-degree murder. She appeared Wednesday afternoon in a Brampton court, where proceedings were adjourned to allow time for a psychiatric evaluation.

Outside the courthouse, the toddler’s grandmother, Julia Williams, huddled in grief with a group of family members, bursting into tears when asked about the child.

One family member described the young girl as “nice, beautiful.” He had last seen her and her mother on New Year’s Eve.

At around 3:45 p.m. on New Year’s Day, police responded to a disturbance call at the housing complex. Williams was on the balcony of her unit, barefoot and hysterical. She then barricaded herself inside.

“We had to use a conducted energy weapon in order to subdue her due to her heightened state of hysteria,” said Insp. Randy Cowan, referring to a Taser.

When police entered the unit, they found the girl, who would have turned 3 in several months, with “obvious signs of trauma,” said Cowan. An autopsy was conducted Wednesday, but the cause of death has not been released.

There were no immediate explanations for what spurred the alleged attack. Neighbours who spoke to the Star said they did not know the woman well, but described her as quiet and pleasant, someone who always said hello and smiled.

Salima Jaffer, who lives with Collins, said Williams and her daughter seemed happy and the little girl always looked cared for and well-dressed. Shortly before Christmas, Collins recalled the pair emerging from their car with bags laden with toys.

“From what I could see, she was a good mother,” Jaffer said.

A high school friend also described Williams as a good mother, but added that she had gone through a difficult period during their time together at Toronto’s Downsview Secondary School.

Once she left Downsview, however, the friend said Williams made changes and became religious — “She was trying to live a positive life.”

In a 2007 Facebook note, Williams described herself as a “woman of Rastafari” and said she planned to read the Bible every day, become healthier and focus on “artistic skills, hairstyling, decorating, and love for fashion” to “keep me out of trouble.”

“I wish more (people) would stop lookin (sic) at my past and see me is dis (sic) new light im (sic) entering,” Williams wrote. “I wish to guide people into the right direction.”

Less than two years later, Williams gave birth to Evadne. According to the friend, the baby’s father, Wendell Scott, soon left the picture.

Scott, at the Brampton courthouse for Williams’ appearance Wednesday, told a Star reporter that he had not seen the child in about two years.

Last summer, the friend spent a day with Williams and Evadne and said Williams seemed to be doing well, dating a “Rasta” man and planning to record music. The toddler was quiet and well-behaved, the friend said.

Throughout the day Wednesday, Williams’ apartment remained cordoned off as officers continued their probe. The complex’s management declined to comment, saying the matter is under police investigation.

A bundle of red plastic roses with a card addressed to “Little Angel” was tucked into the snow by the home’s front stairs. Later on Wednesday, a woman brought a teddy bear; another woman, a rose.

The death, Peel’s first homicide of 2013, has left the neighbourhood reeling.

“I have to explain to my children what happened, but how do you explain that to a 4-year-old or a 7-year-old?” said Jaffer. “It’s too close to home.”

26 Responses to SO SAD

  • Real says:

    YES …this is sad ….very sad …many of these girls take on things they cannot manage …..I know of one occasion where a girl starved the child because of religous purposes…I feel really sorry

  • F. Cookie says:

    I pray for a deeper understanding when things like this occur..
    Cause I cannot understand how you could hurt ur owna child or anyone else;s for that matter. Kids are so precious.

    Its sounds like she was mentally unstable. I’ll pray for her as well.
    Dis pretty close to me people dem wonder if them kno har or hear the story.

  • me says:

    Dear God, I will not judge this lady……stress is not a good thing and everyone handles it differently. Also, a lot of people have mental issues and does function in society and interact with people and until something drastic happens you will never know.

  • LadyWoW says:

    This is real sad. She dont sound like she was in her right state of mind at the time of the incident, I pray for this family. This poor child.

  • Tawkchuet says:

    Boy I tell u stress and mental illness is a terrible something if she was seen as a good mom I the past I’m inclined to believe this woman is mentally disturbed and will now have to live with the fact that she killed her child oh God the pain. All we can do is pray for her n hope in time she can recover n forgive herself smh

  • LUNDUN says:

    i don’t know what to say because the article makes her sound like a nice person so i don’t know.

    i’m assuming she snapped, but at the child!!! so much so she caused the child’s death!!

    i pray fro the little angel’s soul and i also pray for the mother cuz she seemed like a good mom, except for this tragic incident.

  • Cindy Royal says:

    I feel sad for both her (the mother), the baby. It truly is a sad situation.

  • mother kills child (allegedly) and everyone is sorry for mother and blaming stress and mental illness and not in right mind..even though there is no information that mother was stressed or had any mental illness..I wonder if the reaction would have been the same if it was the father that was accused of killing his child.would it be stress? would everybody be sorry for him?

  • SERENITY says:

    Very sad…such a tragedy… in peace little angel

  • bev says:

    now if she is know to have mental isssuse cause from the news it took them a while to get her under control why was she follow by children aid plus why now that the baby dead the father showing up at the court house a now the judge would know wat madness is what happen to him over the last two years when he was missing in action

  • MURASAKI says:

    maybe if the father was around he could have seen that mum was stressed. maybe all she needed was a weekend off or some sort of support…RIP little one…

  • Ms.B says:

    This is so sad! I. Think it takes a lot for a mother to kill her child so for now best to wait and see. Likle girl fava her eeeh! Soun

  • Foxy Lady says:

    Quite sad indeed. We have somehow stigmatized mental illness in the black community, writing off and labeling unwell individuals as “mad” which has a negative connotation to it. By all accounts “she was a good mother and they child was well taken care of”. Oftentimes women suffer from postpartum depression and other underlying mental issues that are never addressed. There is nothing wrong with seeking therapy instead of suppressing these issues.
    While some people possess an intrinsic ability to cope with stress, others might not. People must seek medical help when stress kicks in and they feel overwhelmed instead of attempting to carry the world on their backs, afterall we’re only humans- a rather fragile species.

  • cocomix says:

    mental issue is a hell of a of thing. RIP little Angel, may your soul RIP. To the mother, i wish you all the best and hopefully you will be able to forgive yourself.

  • toni ann says:

    morning everyone

    why havnt the father see his child in 2 years?

  • ... says:

    I could not finish this article. MENTAL HEALTH IS SO IMPORTANT!!! It is so sad that we all notice things about each other but disregard it. So Sad!!

  • knowthetruth says:

    Mental health is an issue most ppl try to ignore
    So sad that the child had to die

  • NUFFY says:

    I’ll wait for more info before I put in my 2cents…..RIP Child.

  • Jules says:

    Stories like this just compel me to believe even more that not all of us are cut out to be parents. Sometimes when we see someone who is childless we should not wonder or encourage them to go out and have a child, but to take heart that they know what is best for them.

  • Uh huh says:

    How the father didnt see the child in 2 years??? See this is a problem too. People quick to judge the mother and believe me what she did was wrong but it took 2 people to have that child! He should be held responsible too. That poor baby. She must have snapped!

  • ... says:

    wow, sistah ya neva firm in her faith at all it sound like she let the demons from her past control her now & future. Poor likkle baby mi heart hurt. I wish the Rastafarian community/Caribbean/Global community would acknowledge that mental health is a serious thing. There are alot of rastas running around still bound by their past & can’t release it because dem shame fi talk or dem get shunned when they reach out. Or they use rasta as a crutch/mask for their mental health issues. This is always the issue I have the community at times has antiquated views on things that should evolve. Balance is key & if we as a community promote balance & help to balance each other without judgement the freer we would be & would be much stronger

  • Scarborough says:

    Why everybady a blame mental health? No one reported any HISTORY of mental illness. She start react histerical after she realize say she kill the child.

  • Scarborough says:

    Why everybady a blame mental health? No one reported any HISTORY of mental illness. She start react hysterical after she realize say she kill the child.

  • ... says:

    Scarborough really? So she did inna her right mind then fi kill her pickney? I not following you please expound on that comment

  • REAL says:

    It is funny how Jaffer & Collins big up inna di things all a go pan TV a gi interview when dem unda investigation fi dem own pickney. Dem just a steal di moment — damn opportunist.

  • ignorantisabliss says:

    First I want to say my sincerest condolences to the family and everyone affected by the tragic incident. It really hurts my heart whenever I read or hear of any child getting hurt. @10:06am you sound very ignorant and illiterate. It does not matter which parent was responsible for the killing of this innocent child. The fact is that the young inexperience mother had underlying issues whether past or present that unfortunately may have become unbearable and overwhelming and she lost and her child suffered the fatal blow. Clearly you can see this young woman based on the evidence at hand that she had a lot going on in her life and may had not known how to reach out for help. I hope this unfortunate tragic can be a wake call for those who may be experincing this same situation and for them to know that their is help available and their. Is nothing wrong with asking for help. Nothing to be ashamed of.

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