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19 Responses to MACKA PAN ONSTAGE

  • LUNDUN says:

    mi seh everytime mi si mass joe a opin di donkey mouth fi show di dentures mi affi buss a big dutty laff

    unno help mi!!!!!

    poor donkey gum suppose to soar ya now.

  • sweet says:


  • Anonymous says:

    Makka let me down…Laing seh makka get paid fi clash..but den agen I can’t be so gullible..ah three side to this now:makka side,Laing side n d truth…smh..mi confuse yaa man caz nobody gonna know d fxxking truth..kmt!!! Makka ah still my artist ..

  • Real says:

    liad laing a try buss him artist…she did inna di office….wid ninja di time wid JoeB…demppl ya a joker….big up maka lol

  • Met says:

    macka seh she waa know if ministry of agriculture see di donkey *tears*

  • Libra says:

    There needs to be a clash between these two so the feud can end. I still think that if Macka clashed she would have won. It all go back to money and I don’t blame her for leaving and going to her other event. If Spice was so ready to clash why she ain’t clash the girl that ran out? The donkey thing was lame as hell. Putting weave on donkey and open its mouth like seriously wtf?

  • LUNDUN says:

    den u neva hear when macka seh speices can bring di donkey an every odda animal she ave inna har zoo fi har

    :ngakak :ngakak

  • Observer says:

    Ryno seh em cum fi clash…war bruk!
    Spice seh she cum fi clash…..macka run!
    I caw ovastan di liars fram di truth tellers smh

  • LUNDUN says:

    met mek macka gwaan, she or timry well itch up ova ya a tek dung all a wi talk dem.

    a nuffy she hear a bawl out animal rights fi mass joe donkey dats why she run wid di ministry of agriculture ting. macka gwaan yah :cool

  • Observer says:

    she did alwayz a talk bout no money fi clash, weh she deh fram weh she neva deh fi sting an all dese tings up to yessideh she seh di donkey represent har well caw donkey a hawd worka now she change har chune bout donkey n ministry a agriculture yuh mek jmg gi yuh influence a same way yuh shudda did tek wi influence a duh di clash yuh luuuuuuuuuu i doah wah ere shit fram yuh bout war (wedda lyrical r donkey wise) duss mek gud music n gwaan a church puhleeze big ooman n cahliss nuh raas wid dis bag a nize n nutten else

  • good good says:

    macka you a big waste a time nobody no believe you ….. donkey!!!!

  • Missy says:

    If the sting performance was schedule for 5:04am so y didn’t she go and do the other performance in Clarendon be fore he went 2 sting… She’s lying I don’t believe that shit she knows every one was looking 4 ward 2 that and she even said it that wit sting no one performance on time plus if he didn’t pay u 4 a clash u really didn’t think here would be one ppl pick sense out of non sense Macka is trying 2 fool us…

  • LUNDUN says:

    missy macka cyaah fool not soul, she only fooling harself.

    macka need fi undastan seh she a explain harself to jamaicans, who are a set of ppl who give it raw an no watch no face,.

    macka u run from di confrontation, i think u run cuz u si weh go dung wid popcaan an rhino, an neva want it reach dat level wid u an spice, which is ok, but don’t act like u want fool wi.

    mi luv u still macka, but stop gwaan like seh u want go round wi

  • Observer says:

    miss y yu hav time caw all google macka wah sen wi fi guh map out har lie mnl :maho

  • realthing says:

    when u google images for macka diamond donkey…. nuyten but the donkey. D donkey buss him fi charge more fi follow d arrow.

  • Met says:


  • JA GIRL says:

    macka just tun bad gal over night so but then again dem say silent river runs deep

  • macka look decent in dis interview..keep it up macka.and mi believe yuh.nuff time artiste perform a sting and Laing owe dem so most people weh know de ting know a true yuh a talk.true yuh go say yuh wi clash fi free laing did a try use yuh argument gainst yuh,so him tink him could a get weh wid de cheap ting

  • Cindy Royal says:

    Because Joe was an integral part of Sting I’m compelled to believe Laing’s side of the story. Macka run like a wounded donkey an now come a bray dung di place bout Follow di Arrow. Mi lose offa har cuz a she mi did a carry rite up to Sting nite kmt. Shi fi gweh!

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