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47 Responses to A SET UP DIS?

  • simplicity says:

    yes it is cuz there was no need fro it even the man a itch wid the fuck’n riddim ….killa guh hard doah dwl

  • Met says:

    killa nuh moveeeeeeeee a like it..tommy lease fi gwey

  • Quiet Storm says:

    Metttt, I r is not seeing di video

  • Quiet Storm says:

    Ok, mi try again n it come on

  • simplicity says:

    a tommy less that inna red hat and black bag at wan point on the stage?!?!?…..

  • Met says:

    simply him gwine gwine till him get a fat box ina him face

  • simplicity says:

    cuz a rite afta him walk awf dem start boooooooooo boooooooooooo dat likkle fucka betta stop it cuz not even him teacha play wid killa dem way deh

  • Fyahwife says:

    Peeeeeeople dead
    Killa hold and still kill dem

  • Gully side says:

    Bounty fi get boo if I was there mi a boo him too because him old and don’t any lyrics mi did a look forward fi see weh him ago dj if hm clash tommy lee sprata at sting bt bounty joke it out ,because he don’t av any new bad man lyrics jus chat him chat

  • simplicity says:

    a yuh killa a tawk bout 25 nd unda 20weeks music listener low de old man him money young and green doah..kmft

  • Met says:

    a neva killa mek dem boo tommy lee..he started talking bout di man n dem boo him now him set up man fi disturb di man performance? dem fi ban him from every stage fi a month that is very wrong

  • Observer says:

    Killa di bessssssssss ooooo killa stan up tall like twin towa a weh dem ere bout

  • cc says:

    killa a real warrior pon di bakkle field dis means nuttn to him, a longtime him a guh tru dem ting yah…. all tru di boo him a bunout di fish dem same way lmaoooooooooooo

  • Met says:

    cc like if him did ketch him , him wudda gill him and gut him sed place lol

  • Gully side says:

    Goat head don’t av lyrics jus one bag a chat ,mi say ninja real clash artist . mi rate bounty still bt him time up he boring its a new era !

  • cc says:

    yuh can hear seh is juss few ppl a boo majority cheering

  • simplicity says:

    gully you funny as hell suh tommy have lyrics a dat yah sey,piss inna mi wan drawz nung mi affi guh dash it weh…yuh fe tap be one sided if bob marley music older dan tommy lee nd a live one a ek uh much in money a killa weh tommy cu see nah mek none har av nuh lyrics tuh keep on going on you mad

  • Observer says:

    mi seh killa ignore di fish like ow all a we a ignore dem frog deh weh a beak

  • cc says:

    hoghead nuh hav one song nuh nobody will memba a year from now… him nuh hav one song weh betta dan none a di goathead old song dem

  • Met says:

    dis a big disrespect and mi nuh respect it but whoever tell tommylee do it unno wrong…i know him canot think fi himself

  • simplicity says:

    him dutty foot manager a coach him

  • Anonymous says:

    is a one fish inna di crowd a incite fuckry

  • Met says:

    no a 2 a dem one have a red horn one have a green

  • simplicity says:

    a de bwoy weh come on inna him red hat sey sumting tuh de johncrow inna de crowd nd de battyman start boo if yuh lissen gud a two voice a sey bwoy a it nd a switch


    @Met, u rite, cause tommy is a dunce and have no thought process, so therefore he had no sense to think otherwise…watch it comes back to haunt him.. Nammy-lee u time is very limited so press on, u fukin DUNCE-BAT.

  • Dem a sea shell–shell down di place Killa…

    “Warlord nuh business everybody dread…


    Mi try fi hole di peace but it buss ina mi head…”

    Mi Bass ina him element

    “I are Killa…”

    Once thing mi notice with Killa, he is fully aware of his legacy and he is more confident more than ever–him a go lef dem ina suspense…

  • chin says:

    Killa a di bloothcloth general me love dah performance deh

  • bounty killa to di flipping world…. mek bleach out illiterate tommy lee and him fisherer dem goway and go dive inna man batty . batty fucka dem, dem can’t stop killa nuh day, killa is a progressive youth weh help nuff artist and him nuh look fi pay back, ghetto governor , ground god . luv him badddd.. gully side gully god to the flipping worllllllld

  • ... says:

    dis fkn bwaay wid di fee fee weh a blow! to rass man! mi couldn’t hear shit sake a him. Mi love how killa deal wid it still.

  • ... says:

    is nuff yute killa buss still, an him always a encourage the yute dem I jus pissed wid di damn feefee a blow inna mi ears man

  • =Skillz= says:

    Bounty a di boss!! all di try dem try the man stand up tall!! a so u know real performer….dem mussi feel like fool fi see say them plan a fail…old crosses dem


  • Di man demand di stage like how him demand respect…Tommyflee how yah likes dats :alay

  • Tawkchuet says:

    Mi see mi self a choke di pussy whey have di horn a blow ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh annoying fucker. Nasty evil lee it nah wurk

  • Gully side yuh gih bare problem when it av nuttin fi do wid killa yuh is a sneaking batty man or wha?? Obsession a whey yuh call dis.

  • SIRAMBUSH says:


  • Shhhh... says:

    Only fish throw sand….a weakkkkkk oooooo

  • Munchie British says:

    Killer a real bad man to raass!! Killer stand up strong..HOW UNNU GET SO BRIGHT!! BOM BANG BANG!!! :ngacir2

  • Munchie British says:

    dwbl!!! Killer seh a church him go today fi hold him nerves!! I DEADING!!!

  • SERENITY says:

    No long argument…Bounty Killa to the bludclaaaaaaaaaaat universe & back mi say & all who doan like dat…..go hold a neat drop alseep & mek an uncoming train deal wid oonu case,just like dat :rate A my 5 star General fi music that

  • Bre Bre says:

    Unnu cahh talk to tommy lee.. why him a set up himself inna fire… him no fraid him get burn

  • knowthetruth says:

    @ Bre Bre, dutty tommy flea no fraid ah fire u no see seh ah d devil own self dat. Bounty tek it to dem hard still, I bet dem never expect dat lol

  • knowthetruth says:

    :2thumbup :selamat :2thumbup :beer: :2thumbup :selamat :2thumbup Big up Bounty killer to the world

  • Anonymous says:

    Portmore is just a hand full inna JA…Bounty have fans all over …google Bunty Killa and yu get the full hundred from early 90s to NOW who can say dat… Tommy Beee betta gu float a sea #Bountystillstanding

  • G says:

    mi rate him style but if him ago carry orn wid dem dutty ways; sumuddy good fi jus tek a bokkle, and bus up im bleach out face neatly ah sting if dem nuh alreedi plan fi im. heavy d and laing betta mek sure dem police stan infront ah ah tommylee wen im ah peform
    lol or Brother Desmond fi shout *ninja man voice* hold orn!!

  • chupss says:

    woieeeeeeeeeeee! Bounty ah di bawse!

  • good girl gone bad says:

    Unnu Haffi looooovvveeee Bounty dwl…Mi love how bounty move and nobody cyan seh him nuh give ah good show. Wedda him ah cuss or wid him lyrics him outshine nuff ppl. Him ago mek u love him whether u like it or not lol…Dem bwoy or gyal wid di horn need fi accept dem defeat. That shit was very disrespectful, mi did ah wait fi smaddy box di friggin horn outta dem hand smh

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