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  • Brightlight says:

    This serious. It serious bad because of the killer. He was just too cool. Too nonchalant. The authorities wouldn’t even stress this had it been late in the night in Queens or Brooklyn. That killer is cold as fuck. :mewek

  • PPL busineSS says:

    MET a who fa voice dem ya ???

  • Met says:

    ppl business mi nuh know oo

  • I hate when a minority gets killed who had a criminal background in the pass and all the media focuses on it that pass history. Just find who killed the person instead of try bring light to what he did in his past. He was a law student attending college. Really.

  • Met put the link in the comment plz, even thou u cuss me off di other day good good lol

  • PPL busineSS says: see it den a so dat de killa de brave, is like dem did haffi get rid a him no matter what

  • Met says:

    me cuss u?? doe seh dat mon

  • Met says:
  • honeybee says:

    A “well to do family” Wow! I wonder what happen in his life why he chose to took the path he take while he was alive? So many unansered questions. All I know is the hitman is one brazen mother fuwker…in broad daylight..

  • Tawkchuet says:

    Honeybee the well to do family is not so squeaky clean a dat the reports a say.

  • honeybee says:


    I know. But when u see a case such as this young man with a privilege upbrining, and then he got involved with drugs and other criminal activities, it make me pick ma brain and wonder “what went wrong”? did he get involved in drugs because his parents didn’t help him out financially? Was he the good kid from the rich zip code who want to run with the bad guys to rebel againest his family? Or it was in his nature to be a criminal and a professional at the same time? I dunno….I’m just thinking out loud.

  • Tawkchuet says:

    I know @ honey very puzzling smh

  • COCO KRISPIE says:

    wow… I really hope they find this killer. cause even if his past was grimmie he didnt deserve to die.

  • ISpy (With my two big black eyes) says:

    A lot a times is just for the attention Honey Bee..these uptown kids do it for attention from their parents, who are way too busy working and passing them off to boarding schools and sad.

  • ISpy (With my two big black eyes) says:

    Then them get addicted to the power which them have over them so-called lower class frens who often time them just a use …

  • Thanx met

  • Observer says:

    di nypd nuh like feel shame n dis brazen murderer did juss dat rite inna dem face suh u noe dem well ignahrant a caw ait fi ketch em JUSTICE MUSS B SERVED unnuh an unnuh family muss not enjoy chrismuss wile a ooman mourns di loss of har chile unnuh muss pay ole eden

  • Anonymous says:

    From what I read elsewhere, the victim is the ONLY child of the mother. The mother owns a once successful Mortgage business and was under investigate for Mortgage related fraud that so many Mortgage Companies was caught up with leading up to the 2008 Housing Market crash. She recently lost who license to do mortgage related work.

    I don’t think this killing had anything to do with the shady things the mother did. The victim in my opinion just got way over his head with the wrong types and thought he was too smart for his own good. The police have a good idea who the players are and they just need to lean on the weak link for the entire thing to blow up.

  • Observer says:

    knowin di players is fine but wat di game abt caw so much game a play all ova NY, LA all Vegas at one point who di hell know weh a gwaan

  • Anonymous says:

    they keep bringing up this guys pass because there are 2 america 1fi dem and 1 fi you guys think if he was white they would be doing this they would be saying how he was changing his life around. i’ve work with alot of rich white ppl and dem pickney dem just as mess up as dis young man but yu naw hear bout it….look at lindsey lohan that gal need fi deh a jail but no she get 2nd, 3rd, 4thand 5th chances while lil kim only lie to prosecutors and she get fed time.look pon charlie sheen wid fi him antics dem and domestic abuse charges but a pure plea deal him get while floyd maywheater get jail time fi di same think, and the list goes on.

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