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Title: stacious

Message Body:
Stacious come out brand new with lies how she a diet a the promoter man she (Edited) wid a NY pay fi DA body deh an a mine har and hear di met, she tek the man money an mine har carwash likkle bwoy weh she a f++ an freak from Hayley park road and the bwoy have a bag a woman did har.

stacious suck out de whole a har belly and saying is diet the ny man pay 6,000 for it. Stacious you could not hold mavado all when she (Edited)it weh
Every week she advertise car wash and fish fry go look a business fi Yuh self, oh you did an it lock down so how you fi run the likkle bwoy business gal you f+++ out and the ass injection den can’t hole Yuh man u look sick I wonder if is the big A You have

42 Responses to IS DIS STACIOUS MATE?

  • Lundun says:

    now senda, u an me both know stacious baddi a shaat, so plz don’t seh she don’t look good. unless u ave a recent pic showing otherwise, if so…plz to send it to met tonks.

  • Tawkchuet says:

    Den senda is with a [email protected]&k out ting deh she one have two man one all a spend him money pon di body, den a wha woulda gwaan if the ting Neva [email protected]$k out nobody man would be safe then. Unnu to bad man

  • Mama says:

    Bandmind in Active sender ?

  • A nuff money dat if a pussy that fuck out, senda how much u get if ur good hole, oh plz, the girl look nice, so what if she do har body, nuh di in thing ya now, u sound mad.

  • PPL busineSS says:

    sound like 1 a STACIOUS BADMIND FREN dem how unu wikid so n no like wen smaddy uplift dem self so??? 6000 fi suk out fat n a dat a bun u nasty rass cause not even 60 a man a sen fr farin fi u…so SENDER a who fa ole FUKOUT den no must urs??? A BAY MEK NO MONEY NA SPEEN PON U :kr

  • Trin Trini says:

    bwooooy some ppl just doh know wen to stop……. whether she suck out d fat or sweat it out, fact of the matter is she ah tink bout har health hence d transformation! instead dem say bwoy.. good job, dem ah try bad mind d ting! Staciousssss you look good misses!! some ah uno fi gweh seriously!

  • look how di gal sexy what the fuck the sender a talk bout

  • Cindy Royal says:

    Senda move yuh dutty bloodclaat an llow di gyal. Shi neva tell no lie bout shi a diet alone. Shi mek it very clear some weeks back dat shi diet, tek pill, exercise, tek suppliments an duh any raws ting weh wi mek har lose weight cuz shi jus tiad fi guh store an si hot clothes an nutten nuh deh deh fi fi har size. Shi even seh how hard it is an dat is nuff time shi fall of di waggon. Suh llow di fuckin ooman an stop mek it kill yuh choo yuh man luv off di slimaz Stacious an a mind har enuff dat shi can mind any body shi wah. Unuh love tear dung tuh much man! Di gyal body tun up, a baaaaaayyyyyy

  • OBSERVER says:

    Morning Metty and Metters :peluk

    Big up movado ex :nerd

  • Fyahwife says:


  • ... says:

    Oh My! Good Moooorting !!!!

  • SHI SHI says:


  • always peeping says:

    fi real leave the girl alone. she was always a shapely girl just had a high belly. stacious mama u looking damn good. u go girl

  • Very Blessed says:

    Jealousy and badmind is a bitch.. Senda go fine someting else fi do.

  • soap opera says:

    baby girl the ex is gonna want u back.

  • english rose says:

    sender yu sound bitter nuh bloodcloth

  • Jules says:

    Off topic: Metooooo, please save di Shevonne picha deh cawsen mi caan look eena di post chu mi deh pon di man work. Mi caan belive mi dearest Shevonne a behave inappropriately on social media. Shevonne you a disappoint your fans man. How u a gwan suh?

  • staygood says:

    Just like how stacious suck out di fat outa har, dem shuda have a machine fi suck badmind outa some a unnu! Disgusting! go find sinting do and lef di gal! #damn crosses

  • Met says:

    di smaddy nuh badmine..i feel stacious tek ova di man from dem so in dat case di person allowed fi talk up anyting :ngakak

  • Met says:

    unno cudda dislike till unno weak…a so it guh di girl upset stacious tek har man u nuh expect she fi seh nothing nice

  • Cindy Royal says:

    A really Stacious mate sen dis een Met? DWL

    Mate, doe be mad, jus go get ur man. lol

  • Met says:

    cindy a feel it in ma bones di person hurting real bad _______________________________________________________

  • Cindy Royal says:

    Now, mi wudda love si di man.

    Speaking of seeing ppl, did they ever send pics of the food theives from last week Met? lol

  • Met says:

    smaddy jus go comment ina di post :hammer
    mi nah luk pan u :maho :tkp

  • Cindy Royal says:

    Mek a guh find it lol.

  • Met says:
  • NUFFY says:


  • kerrybashment says:

    I think whosever send dis in is badmind. The girl look very good, if a guy wants to pay 2 beautify her dats great. Leave d girl alone, watever she did wid Movado dats her business. She got skills.

  • Lipstick says:

    badmind different from bex, when a gal tek weh yu man clean clean an nuh lef not even a once in a while fuk fi yu it mek yu bex, when a gal just get up a hate yu fi no reason or choo yu life good dat is badmind, di gal bex an want back she man fram stacious, stacious body tun up an tek weh di man an nuh response fi di x gal, rayyyyyyyyyyy stacious at dem


    @LIPPY, SAME SUH STR88888888888888888!!! Stacious got skills if thats the case…And if in-fact a suh it guh, then SENDA FI SAY A SUH AND MEK WE KNOW EXACTLY WHY SHE BITTA…

  • Unapologetic says:

    Woooiiii….mi just a hear bout dis and mi run cum look same time. Me personally kno bout dis. Yes a man she use fi pay fi her body fi suck out the fat. And is not fi her car wash or fish fry. The man is not even aware that ahe is doing those things on facebook n her twitter. The man have him good up good up wife a farring wah have dem two daughter. Wah day when di wife cum down she haffi go hold back page n sid dung till the woman lef. The woman did end up find out bout her n it cause one piece a argument n controvesy but them work it out in the end cuz him mek iy be known to she n everybody around seh a him baby mother him luv n she was nuttn but a fuck to him cuz he got lonely cuz him family went away fi mussi two or three years n neva cum bk till inna summer of this year. She a try use her likkle money wah she have and a try teef the gyal man, but him is a user n a oppurtunist so of course him tek it. When u ask him bout her him seh she is just anoda one a di gyal dem wah him a fuck. But him true love deh a farrin wid him yute n they will soon be together again cuz him baby mother a him heartbeat. Mek she gweh n move her nasty rass she favor betty boop n grapefruit pan toothpick. She owns nothing, a di man name alone deh pan the paperwrks fi him business him just a use her fi prob promote it cuz maybe one or two ppl kno her. Dats all she good fa, fi walk n try teef ppl man n mash up ppl house. She try that wid Movado n him fuck her out n lef her nasty bloodclaat n go marry him woman a farrin. She fi shame fi kno seh she is always ppl option n not dem priority. Ole homewrecker like she.

  • Met says:

    yes good morningggggggggggggg mi did know is a matie ting man

  • Cindy Royal says:

    Well shi tell Winford weh day seh shi involved with some1 & wen him ask if it’s serious shi seh shi “working on him”. lol

  • OBSERVER says:

    em love em babymadda r em love em wife which is it??

    is it dat stacious have money r di man hav money? If so how em a tel you seh em nuh want har??

    em nuh c wa happen to barkey weh did love likes??

    how u suh close 2 di stori??

    fuss yuh seh she bruk n a man money suck out fat, then dis man ya a use har, den yuh seh em hav em tings??

    em nuh hav NO RESPECT fi em babymadda/wife suh nuh badda run enn pon di ooman unnuh nuh gang di man n guh bloodclawt sitdung PUHLEEZE!!!

    If em soun cum a farrin 2 em “good good” ooman why worry?????

  • Unapologetic says:

    I dnt kno is who post this up but i wish i coulda shake the person hand cuz a long time mi want somebody fi expose di gyal. A him baby madda mi waah it reach to so she can stay one step ahead a dem. Stacious go do surgery cuz she want to look like the man baby mother. Pretty girl, nice and thick n very shapey. Dutty whoring Stacious nuh have nuttn over she. Stacious mouth big n look like when liver get weh from knife. A tru the sender a talk she look like she have the big A fi tru. But the bwoy a idiot if him waah mek dis ya gyal ya destroy him life cuz a nuh one or two man stacious a tek pan him. But i kno he doesnt care cuz a nuff gyal him out deh a tek. Him only response n care bout him baby mother, so sender u affi go hold a seat to cuz u just a get use to if u a fuck di man. But i am glad that she is being exposed cuz mi nuh like homewreckers. She sick mi bloodclaat stomach every time mi see her. Bout she a walk m a promote car wash n fish fry. She dunce like everything she try she fail at. So she go fix up her body and a try use it dominate the market, but u affi have the full pacakage. Dutty stacious go look a man fi u self n stop try own up the ppl dem man wah a walk n tell everybody seh u r just his little freak.

  • Met says:

    there is a new post gwaan ina it MI BADDIE

  • OBSERVER says:

    yu real urt fi di babymadda doah mine yuh blood pressha mek di wife fite har battles yuh much too kine PUHLEEZE :nohope

  • Unapologetic says:

    Yea she working on him cuz is not fi her man n she a try teef him. So she can stay deh gwaan waste her time. Mussi obeah man she a go get fi “work” pan him n tie her to him.

  • Met says:
  • Cindy Royal says:

    Yeah man, unuh TAR & FEATHER Stacious! Cuz a she jus keep holding gun to di man head fi mek him fuck har, a she a hol him dung an rape him!

    Babymother/wife if a u send dis in YOU R A RAWS FOOL fi a buy dis bwoy lies an a gwan like a di woman alone at fault. Go get a brain!

  • Cindy Royal says:

    Met (in my whiny voice) mi comment gawn.

  • Met says:

    hush cindy :mewek mek mi go luk fah…mi cyaa stop di filter doe because spam wudda kill mi brb

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