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From: concerned citizen
Title: And the saga continues

Message Body:
I dunno why samantha aka cybil aka Matterhorns unwanted babymother dont go and sit down.

She sent the following text out on her bbm regarding the whole situation.

Quite frankly I think that she needs to go to school and learn to read and write properly.

”dirty lady bwoy u days dun. Send video am waiting mi nuh suck cacky never dirty blaxx am waiting and the world is waiting pPPPy mouth bwoy.mi good p—y a mad u mi hate u u wish u coulda f—k inna da car deh no never blaxx go dream (sick face) go grow up . U need a life go sort out u jacket baby u is a child mixup bwoy a only duppy bat u can tell dat me n u a story tell u ie pon gal p—y every day dirty blaxx u need a pad go n sort out u perioda tru u know mi man a cum u want start sumthing, but u soon go back a aprison go n sort out u broke life di only thing mi is wid u last night is u barrow £50 n go look hype n get fop blaxx u days dum u cant stress mi out mi life alright mi dont want u”

So if she dont want him why has he got pictures of her black underneath and why does he have bbm messages screen munched from her saying that sge cant sleep without him.
What an illiterate shit. Matterhorn needs to send her to school so she can get to help Rich with his homework gramaitically its the WORST text i have ever seen

32 Responses to IS A WAR A GWAAN?

  • LadyWoW says:

    But a nuh u send di people dem picture a di discolored part of ur body.

  • Anna says:

    translator needed ASAP! :hammer

  • Met says:

    if is not her picture then di man wicked but as di sender seh if u dont want di man why send dem pictures deh..and di man vex because she lef him so di picture a sail out..him is a bitch

  • LadyWoW says:

    Met a nuff man out yah a carry pussy feelings and sit down pan gyal name like dem mouth mek outtta pussy

    but this is really going overboard, even if she send di pic dem and u and di girl dun, delete di pic dem and move on. dont try mash up di ooman by making personal information public. U have to be sooo careful nowadays, u sleeping wd smady one day and you and dem lovey and as di bottom drop out dem run go FB, BBM and twitter.

  • THMF says:

    Am I the only 1 that was more confused after reading that? I did not understand NOT 1 thing she was saying.

  • LadyWoW says:

    dis is not a reall man at all

  • Cindy Royal says:

    I thought she loved her some Blaxxx :ngakak

  • DWRCL says:


  • Met says:


  • Anonymous says:

    I believe her when she says she don’t suck cacky, but cocky is another story. And anyone who knows Joe Camel (aka) your babyfadda knows you do!

  • Met says:

    When di sender send it in mi tink she and matterhorn lef but I am inclined to believe otherwise…if so it sticky

  • concerned citizen says:

    At the end of the day,the guy is very out of order let me stress that point no woman deserves that.

    But my beleif is that if she stopped STALKING the poor boy and left him alone when she knows that shes already in a relationship, and that he walks and f—k like dawg he would not have passed his place, also he is a likkle bwoy so really and truly she should know who and who shes been laying down with.

    But girls make sure that if your gonna be sending pictures of ur p—sy its gotta be fat and fluffy not flat and picky LMAO.

    For anyone that saw the picture before it go it taken down you will note that the conversation between them was blaxx asking her why she has to have 2 man,and she said she dont want to but she really still loves him ,, so she fi gweh,

    and that did come from her bb you can see the screen munch with her display name and picture,

    so this poorly written text of hers is just a ploy to make peole think that she wasnt inna him but im sorry the picture speaks volumes

  • OBSERVER says:

    fox caw get di grape em seh____________________________________________________________________she 2 nasty dats all mi noe

  • OBSERVER says:

    anonymous______________________________________________ :tkp

  • MURASAKI says:

    picha fi picha mi seh. If he has an album of my dark part, I have pics of his thing when the time cold….

  • LadyWoW says:


  • south londoner says:

    Samantha aka (miss matterhorne) realy f—k up her own self this time. A long time she and blacks a f000k and a just now it a come to light, my girl when yuh man famous yuh f—k dem cant hide yuh fi know dat. She a try mek a come back a send out bb text a try diss di youth but dat weak cause everybody done know di youth is a ole dogg / gyalis suh dat cant hurt him, MISS MATTERHORNE yuh need fi come again. Blaxx munch yuh conversation of you begging like a love sick puppy and that text cant change and a you it a come from suh what yuh saying now. SOME GIRL A REAL COCKY CLOWN to rahhtid, yuh just let yuh man down my girl and a hope all a unuh gyal out there weh have unuh bonefied man and a f000k pon him tek a page out a Samantha book cause it nuh worth it. Seet deh yuh relationship mash up now fi wah?, fi a fuck blaxx weh done a f000k down dance already and is not like seh yuh never did know seh a suh di youth stay from morning suh get ready fi reap what yuh sow my girl

  • OBSERVER says:

    met one time mi deh a dance an a man laas em fone an is like em hearseh hell a cum a mawnin ow di man a move mi nuh noe y dem muss hav dese personal tings inna dem fone if she sen it she cayliss an di man nuh at no liberty fi kip har secret afta anuh fieem ooman show di pic yes she too carefree bout u a skin out p000y n sen 2 man briteee

  • Anonymous says:

    is this the same blaxx that went wid dutty wine?

  • south londoner says:



    @Met, clarify this fi me.. Maggy and this babymada deh??? nuh him and toni-ann liv, so how SAMATHA relevant???? dont him ave a few more baby-mumma??? so him and di wholla dem deh den???? i really kaint..

  • Cindy Royal says:

    I was wondering the same thing Highly wen some1 mentioned this being used against him, cuz I just don’t see how this is in any way really of signficant impact to/on Matterhorn. kmt

  • hotsoup says:

    blacks is a pOOOy no matter what happen him shouldnt do that. that is a bwoy ting, you are not a gallist you is batty man

  • Blaxx is nuh gyalis only to careless frighten dancehall gyal coz a 4 yrs now him a look mi an mi not even wudda mek him eat it kmt…. Him nuh look good him hav no money an him well too yung him nuh grow up an a pickpocketing a fi him profession das y him liv a prison…. Plus him dunce like bat…. Sybil cudda neva deh wid matterhorn coz she was stucha liv in woman suh me confuse… Blaxx need a gud scrub wid a toilet brush

  • Met says:


  • The mix up a get little spicy yah now. Wi want more. Like the other people them up a top mi a plea fi hear if she and matterhorn still deh cause we want him come lash him big tongue. Him did deh a England last week, so if him did a jump inna the black box that mean this yah gal yah really careless.

    Bout she no suck cacky- who business with that. Point is you have a youth, so weh you a send man careless picture of you careless looking black box. A no like she a mek money out a it cause she a write how the man a 50 pounds borrower.

    Matterhorn come answer! Cho man!

  • Met says:

    talkditings mnl a so di picture deh bout di place? so how dem a gwaan like a yasso let it guh?

  • Lol Met that deh picture deh globalized. What a front full a ticki ticki roll up roll up pubes, no mine sharp you think a man own. No man Matterhorn have heart. And under deh black ie black ie black. Lawd Gadall mi know in deh look dark and spooky. She shoulda ben release the pic pan halloween.

    Rae all a the selector them weh naw jump inna punny from Tales from the Crip seh Reeeeeeeeeih woooiiiiiiiiiiiiii lawd Goodas fi dem!!!!!!!!

  • DWRL says:

    Wait mi lost like 2 BATTYMAN inna str8 club. So how dis go MATTRESSARON WEH TALK BOUT VEGAS THE OTHER DAY BABYMOTHER A DASH HER PUSSY GIVE OTHER MAN?? Woiiiieeeeeeee so MATTRESSARON while you sit , lap your tail and a chat other man business, YOU BABYMOTHER DEHDEH A GIVE OTHER MAN YOUR BUSINESS?? ME NO SEEIT BUT FROM THE DISCRIPTION OF IT” you couldn’t give har little bleach”??

    VEGAS SPIN IT PON HIM NOW!! :selamat :hoax

  • DWRL says:

    @look dark and spooky” deading to rass” mussi dats why every time you see MATTRESSARON him face look so, like him just see ghost. Damn dat gal crotches sound a way, like MATTRESSARON need to TEK him mouth outta Vegas business and go tend to his own. Hey my youth unlap you tail and go give you babymother front a perm, nappy pussy naw wear :cekpm

  • mi nuh fraid a nobody says:

    cybil nuh watch nuh face……. its just so unfortunate dat you get involve wid a battyman the only person concern in all this is you and rich affta materthorn is no bomboclatt saint, lesson learnt, wat dont break you make you,a nine day talk afta you pussy nuh have dog ears and some gal cant see fi dem………….. bleachin cream cant go inna pussy so yours can look pon it look clean

  • first lady says:

    any gal whey sen p—y pic to man whey have dem woman a fool…..she hype pon ppl an luv talk bout tony dis an tony dat……seet deh now….story cum to bump……she good still…cause did deh pon video wid cocky inna dem mouth….so she good….

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