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Jody Chromaz updated her profile picture.

54 minutes ago


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Sherika Knight beautiful boobie

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Dre Kool We married agin yes !!!!!

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Jody Chromaz Lol always babe

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Jamaican Khutiee :(

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Mz-Millie Chromeskin Campbell Sissypoo!!! Where the hell have you been lady? Khyra born n a 3 months old next week inuh…. Its been a while boo hope u good stillz

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wow…what did you do to urself?u looked perfectly fine before..ppl fi stop tell lie u fava one big head alien/ monster now and nuff ppl a chat right now…unnu to wicked to unnu self yo..this pic better than the rest still





28 Responses to OUCH

  • Anonymous says:

    DWFL!!!! I love the last comment…. deading______________

    *Chocolate Dream*

  • OBSERVER says:

    Good morning Metty and Metty-ers :peluk That’s one honest friend a hope she keep that friend :)

  • Anonymous says:

    i need a story ? cah mi dont know the history

  • kia NUNYABIZNIZ bubblez says:

    morning met choco obs metters wallas :)

    :capedes tru fren indeed…but di commenter cudden indox har #shame _________________________________________big head alien is right

  • OBSERVER says:

    mi seh di ppl dem pon fb lie n wikkid sah dem hit like n den lie mor by sayin “yuh tun up mi fren” “rayyyy yuh luk gud” jesam pezam i caw tek it oooo :cd

  • Brightlight says:

    She looks very scary and I can’t exactly pinpoint if it’s the bleach job, dramatic eyelashes, or the forehead/hairline. Is her forehead big or did her hairline recede? Mi jus a ask :nohope :hoax2

  • SERENITY says:

    Anywhey she go transform inna da sumting dere she need fi go right back & bury herself under di building….a wha do dem people ya mahhhhhhhhhhhnnnn?!? Chromaz leggo di name,a authentic look good, hotties hold dem title dere mi dear….& u aint fit di description….what a gal fava e.t. fambily?!?

  • Met says:

    serenity no oooooooo after chrome a nuh natural metal …a di best name she pic oo

  • Brightlight says:

    METSY!!!________________________________________________________ Chrome ano real metal________________________________________________


  • Tawkchuet says:

    Is who dash whey a drum pan a ugly pon da B here? Unnu fix n fix till unnu fucks up unnu self gwhey man u too ugly fi gwaan so cho

  • Bipolar says:

    A she shoulda wear bang every thing with me i dont lie to my friend dem,mi jus no seh nothing….or mi seh ohhhh yuh change up ur stlye and keep it moving…ET COME HOME….LOL

  • good girl gone bad says:

    Di fren good in terms of telling her the truth seh she nuh look good and di ppl dem ah lie to har. But she go too far wid di alien head comment lol…Thats and insult! Did she get some kinda of surgery why ppl are are acting like she transformed or something?

  • ms crimson n cream says:

    no jody ca afford plastic surgery

  • SERENITY says:

    Metty mi friend u
    see how u mek mi go draw fi mi dick-shon ary….

    Chrome is made from chromium, an extremely hard and durable metal. When polished it reflects light like a mirror. (Inna dissa case,jody cyaa use di name awoh,lol)

    Chrome is tougher than silver, reflects a lot of light and does not tarnish like silver.

    So again mi a say chromaz fi leggo di name yah nung :tkp

  • Met says:

    but she seh chromaz mi nuh think she know whey name chrome but yes chrome is number 4 pan di periodic table di chromaz she talking is di spray :nohope

  • Anna says:

    AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA ME CAN’T STOP LAUGH, it ah de chrute she ah talk, what de fuck is dat she favor when predator rape alien and bring forth dis here :takut

  • SERENITY says:

    metty u too badddddddddd______________________________________________________________–

  • She looks retarded. She fava Redgal from DC a little bit, but Redgal have enough sense fi cova di fivehead.

  • LadyWoW says:



  • LadyWoW says:

    metty u know wah :ngacir2

  • Running fool says:

    Jody stay badddd that style nuh fit haar one bit from she run way go Florida she’s gone down hill Coombs home Jody Buju might tek u back Dwl u ain’t about that life.. U say u move gone fi money man but it nah show p

  • Anonymous says:

    Bwoy you can tell when a girl have no hair left on here head!

  • Bakkle says:

    (Tyra Banks voice) Smize!

  • MzBee says:

    mi say Dre Kool ina everything..him come een like cheap pad..every weh him deh..cho… di last comment beating me bad..atleast di person never front or lie..keeping it real…a mussi har farrin a di chrome

  • yoko says:

    dwrclllllllllllll @ metty an renity…… how unnu stay suh yow :ngakak

  • Dwrl says:


  • Dwrl says:

    She also have a bald spot the weave naw reach

  • don't give a fuck says:

    Jody a weh cocky duh yu suh mek yu wan how every size feel girl? Gurl yu deh wid buju now dm seh mi kw seh a new york empire yu name yu walk wide da ocean pussy of urs pon da forehead yah yu a bare cheap clothes yu wear bare rainbow &prettygirl yu wear yu a 21& yu pussy nuh av nu use &cyaa show weh you pussy gi yu wen mi.know yu you jean wash right out Jody no joke now you fuck buju cuz & yu inna dance now & it full yu point out almost di jwhole dance seh dem fuck & a nuh lie cuz do whole dance a point yu out to seh sii di free pussy deh deadments

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