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Met please post this. We are trying to get the message across.
The principal and teachers of K++++ Primary School need to find innovative ways to teach and motivate their students and move away from flogging our dear children to get 100% only! It is because of their short comings that they find the need to be flogging innocents children like race horses, that needs to be whipped into better performance! Animal lovers are crying out for the horses being whipped, why should we sit quietly while our children are being flogged for getting grades of 38/40!! When we have our children, especially girls, accept being slapped for these menial things, we are communicating to them an acceptance of this kind of treatment throughout their lives!


  • Taliban says:

    I think or should I say Its Kensington Primary.

  • Taliban says:

    Mi have three relatives attend di school and dem parents is having the same problem. all when di pickney dem get 99% dem get flogging or cussing. (but my family a hot head so dem nor go try it again). If anuh dis a school dat mean seh a school yah a follow suit.

  • MiNuhCareEnuh says:

    My children goes to school in Jamaica and I was under the impression (giving by the principal) that inflicting pain upon children were a thing of the past. Also, if such action should took place, legal actions will be enforce. SO AH WHICH SCHOOL AH GO ROUN DE TING?? Dats why when mi hear say some parents buss de teacha dem rass, mi nuh feel sorry fe dem enuh, caws dem ah beat pickney dem like ah dem did push dem out. Dem teacha de fe gwaan betta man, tingz and time change oh… :travel

  • Taliban says:

    Met if a di school mi can gi u di full hundred

  • No Joke says:

    Report the school to Ministry of Education and Jamaica child protective services

  • good girl gone bad says:

    maybe dem need fi start tek dem pickney outta dat school. You send your kids to school to learn not to take beating from teacher. I dont believe children benefit from flogging especially from their teacher. yuh ah get lick fi 99% or 38/40?? That is a bit ridiculous. Dem need fi change wid di times and stop tek out dem frustration pon di pickney dem.

  • Anonymous says:

    That is a damn lie. No school would do such a thing. Plus, schools admin/teachers are afraid of the parents these days. A lot of parents nowadays won’t tolerate that shit!

  • Got to say I hav mixed emotion about this topic, while I wouldn’t condone a child getting hit for grades I still think in some case they need a little touch up now and then, cause they way how some of these kids behaviour I don’t think the pay is enough! I guess it all depends on time, place and overall situation

  • Met says:

    Is regular kids get beating in school for grades mi nuh think a nothing new it just depends on the extent of the slaps

  • Well dat ain’t a good enough reason, wat if the child is dyslectic

  • Met says:

    There are provisions made for children with learning disabilities in Jamaica for eg Mico has a program for them..remember dyslexia is a diagnosed learning disability and children who have are taught how to deal with the disability and do not learn like others

  • Taliban says:

    @10:31 if u don’t know nothin shut ur damn beak. As mi seh before, mi have relatives attend di school and I know of a FACT dat dis shit happen, cuz one of the students was my relative and wi set di ting str888 and lef it dat it won’t happen again to anyone of dem. so shut di hell up if u don’t know nothin. Di principle defends str888 100% she get 99% passes in the grade 4 literacy and dat principle was upset about it. There is a Prep school who top the GSAT passes this year in St. Catherine and dat woman was so flipping mad…a mi fi tell u.

  • Taliban says:

    Anodda ting if u go di school, class time, lunch time watever time, if u drop a pin u hear it, di way how di school run like a boot camp. Mi wonda nuff time y mi relative still have their children there.

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