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Babymama Drama
Published: Tuesday | November 20, 2012 2 Comments
Q. I have a dilemma. I have two women pregnant for me at the same time. They do not know about each other as yet. I am not sure which one to marry. The older woman has a child for me already. She also has an adult child, but we do not get along. The younger one is expecting her first child. I am thinking that it might be better to marry the young one because she is more educated. In addition, when I get old, she will be able to take care of me. The older woman would expect me to care for her in her old age. The problem is that I have been in a relationship with the older woman for a while, and my parents know her and like her. She has done many good things for me and took good care of me. She is, however, very jealous and miserable and I do not love her that much anymore. Should I go with my gut and ignore my parents and marry the younger girl?

A. You appear to be a selfish man. You want someone to care for you in your old age but you are not willing to do the same for a woman. Apparently, you do not realise that ill-health can come at any age and based on the marriage vows you would be expected to be loyal, true and faithful in sickness as in health.

In addition, you have not placed much weight on the older woman who cared for you. It appears that you are not only selfish but you are also ungrateful.

Furthermore, you do not appear very responsible in that you have two women pregnant at the same time. Why did you not use contraceptives? You are not engaging in safe sex and you are putting yourself and your multiple partners at risk. You need to control your sexual urges and not run after every skirt.

Jealousy issue

You are complaining that the older woman is jealous, but she has every right to be jealous because you have been unfaithful. Additionally, you are not showing any remorse for impregnating two women. You do not appreciate the enormous responsibility to care for two children with different women at the same time. It might not be long before the younger woman starts to be jealous when she hears about both pregnancies.

Why do you believe that any of these two women would want to marry you? I hope both would send you packing after they have discovered what you have done!

The opinion of your parents should be given respect concerning whom you should marry. However, the final decision is yours. The problem is not so much your parents’ desire but whether you are ready to give unconditional love to either woman.

You need to examine your lifestyle and ascertain whether you are responsible to take on the lifelong, exclusive commitment of marriage. You are not ready as yet, and you need to become mature and start to give love and care.

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  • OBSERVER says:

    di dolly hous soun mash up wait

  • No Joke says:

    Mr Man one han cyaan clap
    An soon enough yuh might not be able to satisfy the young miss and she gone look greener pastures.

  • OBSERVER says:

    a dat fi gwaan yes em too selfish

  • cocomix says:

    you are quite a SELFISH bastard… and ku pon u too bout you no love the older ooman that much no more, just cause u find youngling… you wait, … you need to think about people and not only about your sorry ass self.

  • LadyWoW says:

    di yung gyal a go lef u as she meet something betta – u old fool u

  • Dwrl says:

    Young gal will stick and take care of him when he’s old?? Lmfaoooooooo he better go watch ” mad black woman” that’s a perfect idea of a way your young bitch might left your ass when you can no longer do shit for her. Nigger when the old bitch will stick with your ass because she grown to love you and your nasty ways, a young gal not gonna do it. MI NAW DWEET ESPECIALLY YOU WAS FUCKING ON MI YOU MAD?? straight BACK TO YOU MUMMA MI A SEND YOU RASS……KARMA!!

  • Dwrl says:

    Anno love him love the young gal, a somebody him a look feh mind him when he’s old, no realize the young gal might dead before him or the older woman, a stupid he’s fucking stupid and ignorant

  • Dwrl says:

    Imagine that, you would not want to care for her but you can woman care for you, nigger like you nyam you shit when you old. That’s why Nuff a UNNO end up fucking each other because a only UNNO can stomach UNNO one another. A hope they both see you letter and if I was the young gal I would stick to your ass marry you and TEK every rass you have and wait 10 years divorce you take half you pension pick up a young bwoy give you rass an heart attack, that way you well taken care of fucking asshole

  • OBSERVER says:

    lawd dwrl u ignarant fi dis man ere a wah suh :maho

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