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In a strange incident that has sent tongues wagging in Budiriro 4, a 34-year-old man died with his body parts peeling off for allegedly stealing water pipes from his land lady.

John Makuyanga who was a trader allegedly stole water pipes and taps from his land lady who threatened to ‘sort’ the thief. The land lady, Chikatyamadzo Macheza (Mai Masango) of House No 12102 Tabudirira Housing Cooperative in Budiriro 4 Extension reportedly visited a famous mirror sangoma in Mufakose where John was allegedly ‘sorted’ and his whole body parts started peeling off.

Our news crew had sight of some of the skin peels from the late John’s body. Wife to John, Tendai Guyo narrated the ordeal:

“Sometime in June last year, she lost some of her things and she connived with her friends and visited a traditional healer in Mufakose. She threatened that the thief would either die or have his skin peel off. Hanzi achafa achidonha nyama (Kuthiwa uzafa esiwa inyama). They went with my maid since I could not go due to my religious beliefs. They reportedly saw my husband in the sangoma’s mirror and they confronted him but he refused.

“I offered to pay her back and she charged US$300 which she later reduced to US$285 and we complied and paid the whole amount in full. John later admitted to stealing the things and we settled everything. John started peeling off and we paid the balance in full and we approached her make sure that John gets well. She called a prophet who prayed for him and gave her some concoctions to use but nothing changed. My husband died saying ndiri pakati pa Mai Takudzwa na Mai Denga. Ndikafa musatsvage muroyi uye munondivigira mumba mavo (ngiphakathi kuka naka Takudzwa lo na Denga. Ngingafa lingadingi umthakathi njalo liyengibeka endlini yakhe),” said Tendai.

The land lady and her close friend identified as Mai Denga call themselves the ‘siyoyos’ from the witchcraft related street drama, a name which they confirmed. The land lady and her close confidante Mai Denga confirmed going to the sangoma but denied harming John. She said she did not report the matter to the police as she had no proof, but opted for the sangoma. She claimed that John had died of natural illness but people were just speculating and blaming her for visiting the traditional healer.

“I lost my stuff sometime last year and asked all my tenants but no one admitted. I decided to consult the traditional healer in Mufakose and asked a member from each of the household. John’s family provided their maid. We went to the n’anga and we indeed saw him in the mirror, how he stole the things, his clothes and where he sold the things. I confronted him but he denied stealing the things. His wife resolved to paying back the things and she indeed gave me money.

The n’anga had advised us to return if he had refused but we did not because his wife had agreed to pay. She said the person will either die, will be mentally disturbed or get his skin peeled. The sangoma said if he gets sick he should consult her but we did nothing. I lost the things in June last year and he only admitted in September this year after he got ill. He was naturally ill and his wife is also of ill health,” she said with her friend echoing.

She added that her hands were clean and claimed that two prophets had exonerated her.

“I advised them that if they suspect me they can do whatever they want and they called a prophet who said mweya wemadzinza (umoya wamadlozi) and also another prophet we called also said mweya yemadzinza (ngama dlozi),” she added.

The deceased’s wife said they had to report the matter to the police where the land lady admitted to visiting the traditional healer. John’s father, Langton Makuyana was at lose of words with his child’s death.

“Andiurayira mwana wangu apa akapiwa mari yake. Mwana kufa achiita kunge nyoka (Ungibulalele umntanami yena wanikezwa imali yakhe. Umntwana ukufa esenza njenge nyoka),” said John’s father.

Burial arrangements were not certain yet but the deceased’s relatives indicated that John will be buried at his rural home in Chipinge.

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