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Once upon a time a girl was talking to this dude but never went on a date. The day finally came for a date. He picked her up from her job at around 2pm, everything seemed exciting for both. He said to the girl I gotta make a stop and she said no prob. When he got to his stop he said to the girl come with me cause it may take a little minute and she said cool. They walked up 2 flights of stairs before they came to an apartment. He went in first and as the girl made her way behind her date she noticed it was a lot of dudes in there. They look gritty, they were smoking weed and sniffing coke but the girl didn’t feel any fear. A few minutes in the girl was attacked at gunpoint. the girl was raped by every dude in there which was about 7 of them including her “date”. The girl was forced to sniff coke and smoke laced weed. There was a window in the tiny bedroom where she was locked in and she contemplated jumping from it but to where. The ordeal happens till dawn the next day. Another dude came and was told to take me home cause my “date” left me there. When the girl was close to her home she was happy but realized the van was going else where. The immediate thought was he was going to kill her but instead he had to get some too and raped her. This girl survived this and she so strong that she sometimes forgets about this ordeal.


  • sweet says:


  • Berry says:

    Wow! Something that you think is so innocent turns out so detrimental. I pray for healing and guidance for this young lady. May brimstone and fire deal with those animals. It could happen to anyone, no matter how much you say it cannot happen to you.

    Women are taken advantage of because BOYS see us as weaklings. Such cowards.

  • milikeit says:

    You started this story talking about “the girl” but you are talking about your ordeal hence: “Another dude came and was told to take me home cause my “date” left me there” I hope you told the police about this, your so called date and all of these fuckers need to be in prison or dead. You may have survived this but what about the unsuspecting women they will do this to. It seems that this is a regular thing fi dem. Death or prison nothing less for these animals.

  • Anonymous says:

    Omg I’m so sorry sweetie but still give thanks you were not murdered and hopefully you did not contract any disease or get pregnant. The lord will help you get by.

  • Yep! says:

    Young lady, pray to The Almighty Father every single night, for He shall ease your pain and wipe your tears. You are still…a very beautiful young lady ( smile sweetheart) :kiss

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