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Dear Taiwo,

Please, help me publish my story,so that I can get pieces of advice from readers because I don’t know what to do. My girlfriend who I gave all my love and trust betrayed me. I don’t know how if I can ever trust her again.

I met my girlfriend, Tayo, when I was in the secondary school, Senior Secondary School (2) to be precise and at that time we were in the same class. She was a very reserved girl and that was probably one of the things that attracted me to her. We used to solve our Mathematical problems together, because I was really good in calculation. We became friends and since then we have been inseparable. Everyone in the school knew about our relationship and most of our friends envied us.

I was so fond of Tayo and vice versa and this helped us a great deal. I loved and trusted her so much that I thought I couldn’t live without her.

Then, we introduced ourselves to our parents. In essence, our families also knew everything about our relationship right from the onset.

When we finished secondary school education and we sat for the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examinations (UTME), we were unable to get admission into the same university.  I got admitted into the school of my first choice, while she got admitted into her second choice. This was how we became separated by destiny; but this did not end our relationship. In fact, our affection became stronger and a weekend would not pass without her visiting me in school.

I never for once doubted her love and sincerity during our university days and I am sure she never did too. Everything went well as we planned until she graduated.

Tayo, graduated before me, because she went  in for a four-year-course. After she graduated, our plan was that she would go for youth service while I continued with schooling.

Her youth service year went smoothly, and there was no cause for alarm; immediately after, she got a job, but away from home where she did her youth service. She decided to rent an apartment and continued with her job. I was happy because things were falling into places as we planned. By this time, I was almost rounding-off my project in my sixth year.

After I graduated, I also went for the youth service and came back to start my Masters degree because I was not lucky to get a job immediately like she did.

I intentionally started my Masters degree at the university in the town where she lived and worked so that we would be close to each other. I went to her place every weekend and every time I went we always had sex. I guess this was the mistake we made or the fact that we had unprotected sex, because, we had made up our minds not to have sex after our first experience during one of her visits to my school when we were both   undergraduates.But because of human nature, we couldn’t stop, as we had sex frequently and, she became pregnant.

I was shocked at this news because I sometimes  used condom; though not always. I was confused and wondered what I would do in this situation. I was not ready for marriage, I had no job yet; we had no choice, but to opt for an abortion. She went through this sadly and I really felt sorry for her.

After this experience, I strictly warned Tayo, that we should be more careful so that this won’t happen again and she agreed. I hardly knew that she had a plan to pull me down. I paid her a visit on one occasion and we had sex unprotected, we did not use condom. Immediately, I realised this, I decided not to ejaculate, I planned to withdraw, but I was surprised when Tayo held me back until I released inside her.

I did not know why she did this until when she confessed later that she wanted to know if she was capable of getting pregnant again after the first abortion. I was so angry with her that I did not visit her for weeks. Before I left her that day, I however warned her never to touch or abort the baby if she became pregnant by her last action. I equally told her that she would deliver the baby if she became pregnant.

I visited Tayo two months after this day and I discovered she actually became pregnant but decided to terminate the pregnancy without telling me and she became seriously ill afterwards. I met her bleeding and vomiting. I couldn’t believe my ears when she told me what she did. She aborted our baby again!

I made up my mind about her there and then! I couldn’t continue with our relationship. But first, I made sure I took her for proper treatment and after she was stable, I packed all my belongings that were in her place and left, even though we had a plan to have our formal introduction before the end of the year.

She had not given me a minute of rest since the day I left her place with all my things. She had called several times asking to know where I was, but I did not tell her. The worst thing now is that her parents are aware that I don’t want to continue with our relationship and they are equally pleading that I should come and see them. I am not sure Tayo told them what happened. I don’t want to be the one to tell them.

They are pleading that I should take her back. My problem is that I no longer trust her. Please, advise me on what to do.


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  • LUNDUN says:

    is he for real???

    di two a dem a two idiot

    diss gal kill di pickney juss true she want know if she coulda breed again afta di first abortion!!!!! some ppl really ave sum fucked up morals and mentality.


  • REDBONE says:


  • Shane007 says:

    Dah yuoth yah nuh have nuh sense, clearly the girl was worried about her ability to conceive and if yu nuh want breed har, why yu nuh use a comdon John?
    Dah yute yah a one big pussy

  • Dwrl says:

    I think the idiots here are the bloggers! Are you people for real?? UNNO can’t comprehend WEH the man just say?? In the first place from WEH me read. He never intended on getting her pregnant from the get go but it happen and sine he wasn’t ready( in some religion in Africa you cannot have a child unless you are married) so because he was not ready to get married due to the fact that ” he weren’t working and still planning his career, they both decided to have an abortion( better than having a bag a youth you won’t be able to feed). NOW THE GAL FORCE TO MAN TO BREED HAR BECAUSE SHE THOUGHT BECAUSE OF THE ” first” ABORTION SHE WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO CONCIEVE AGAIN. WHICH HE TOLD HER IF SHE BREED DIS TIME ” THEY WOULD KEEP THE BABY, IM ASSUMING HE MADE UP HIS MIND NOW TO DO WHAT WAS RIGHT. BUT SHE ABORTION IT SO HE LEFT HAR, I DON’T BLAME IT……THATS WHAT I GOT FROM THE LETTER SMFH

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