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  • MAMA says:

    I seen it on someones facebook status but Jmg never confirm so mi just brush it to the side

  • PhantomPhoenix says:

    All when she awake she look like shi asleep…

  • Real says:

    Angel mi nuh put nutten pass mi nuh hear but fi some reason I am not shock …hottest producer right now …no pun intended :travel

  • Peeper says:

    And das why mi doh listen to rumor….mi did hear sey a coco tea….not dat me did believe

  • BabyTee says:


    Raga just seh him talk to Beenie last week and from what and how they spoke, Beenie Angel still deh…

  • Original Goodas says:

    No hear so in a one comment me did hear say a coco tea

  • Dwrl says:

    Me think a lie unless him rich! Plus de angel look like she like older men , little boys wouldn’t do nutten feh har….even though age no have nutten to do with WEH she love GREEN!!

  • sugar says:

    angel seh pan har twitter seh she nah breed

  • OBSERVER says:

    Met she seh she not breeding but dat nuh mean seh she naw breed ooooo :request

  • MiNuhCareEnuh says:

    if ah true CONGRATS caws no pickney neva beg fe cum ya….BUT….AH HOW DEM MAN n OOMAN IN AH DE ENTERTAINMENT FACILITY LUV DEH WID DEM ONE ANNEDA SO!? PUPPA JEEZAS! An ah dem same one ah bawl an say dem ah no whore, slut, pass roun donkey etc etc when de title dash on pon dem. Lawd man, step out ah unno comfort zone likkle bit caws nuff money man n ooman deh ah road weh nuh in ah de limelight :tkp

  • mouth ah massi says:

    so di driver breed angel lmao

  • joey says:

    she looked preggo in the video u posted met wit her and kc jockey hosting the show. so i thought it was confirmed but mi miss di story

  • MURASAKI says:

    mi nuh believe dat, unless dis preggo would benefit her. She seems that shi would stock up on morning after…

  • Fyahwife says:

    Hear raga a tell squeeze bout di met earlier …… Say it tink a Jamdown and if him squeeze hear it

  • Den Mark no just lef High School last year??? I’m sure he’s not 20 yet, more like 19 at most!!! What a whorin wretch. Angel u could be his modda. Lorna plz tell us wht’s up wid ur son n this music industry slut????

  • Goldrush_ says:

    Heard dat about a month ago

  • Diva says:

    Really donot believe that. If she is really prego, then its for Beenie or another money man.

  • Sue says:

    Angel is pretty, but tries too hard to look sexy, which results in her looking constipated.
    If this is true – obviously using your vagina as a vendetta against Bounty Killer hasn’t worked…throw in the towel girl and fuck for REAL money so you can retire.

  • How jamaica ppl so fool everyday unu get up an gi the woman man if the woman was a bitch killa wouldn’t maddd an guh sing love song an it hit after a 8 years relationship an beenie man would run guh married har in less than a year ppl cum on nw unu stop try bring down the woman luk pon tiffy big belly an foot an unu nah try bring down she y unu wah bring down angel tru any man guh deh she madd them a good the woman good she doh deh wid markcos,coco tea,popcaan,I octanenor beenie man unu ere dat ok

  • Ms Talktruth…seems u tellin nuff lie, Killa talk how much man she sleep wid during d time dem did dey. Him even call her ghetto bicycle whe nuh have no brakes. She did still dey wid Scatter when she was wid killa, plus d man a NY whe help har open store. She neva did a bun Beenie wid him fren a NY as well n disguise d man name in har phone like is a girl callin. Whappen 2 she n Lexxuss….mek Tunya tell u bout dat, all 3sum gwaan 2. Plus nuff more

    Mi a say it again Angel ano Goodas, any whe money dey she carry har front go, so come trace mi Talktruth-tellinglies

  • Met says:

    and mi hear seh some a di man dem was killa fren dem…plus 2 baller get some all kartel dem did dash har name wid but mi nuh believe dat

  • OBSERVER says:

    Mawning Metty :)

  • Anonymous says:

    all Kymani Marley dem say skin it over backway dung a Tuff Gong studio.

  • PhantomPhoenix says:

    look like ‘preggo’ on the board *wink, wink*

  • Anonymous says:

    D’angel sex resume look a way yow….not even dancehall Carlene did a move suh mucky back then

  • ppl business says:

    A who say any man go de MADD??? Look at UNU…den d man dem no.must mad if she no left her obeahman!!!she n tunya known fi walk n FUK out d industry n try tie d ppl dem boy PIKNY But a no all d time it work all baller bibi shi gi a piece n d baller did affi move her up when she a run in pon him unexpectedly a every party. .bibi say him na get ketch like KILLA n beenie n dat a likkle afta she have baby… Angel a germs Wat away she waan go mashup buju son head ya now cause Wen she gi him dem 3 sum de him must gi her d ole a buju money

  • Young Markussss runnnn farrrr & fasttttt. If she call u name pon nuh belly strait DNA Test. Nuh mek this ole pass round donkey come try con u. Bout shape good she faava iron donkey, strait n flat like a iron board with a bang belly fi a slim gyal. A try trap d likkle bwoy cuz him a mek some money, dutty dawg Angel

  • Anonymous says:

    woiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, angel why u nuh lef fi ppl dem bwoy pickney alone.. memba sayhim fadda deh a jail, and him a do athin fi help out him sisters and brother angel as the likkle boy start mek somemoney u gwaan fuck him off, good god man spare deh one deh man, have liikle heart nuh go teif weh di bwoy money man :ngakak

  • Joy says:

    Some of you guys just love to write lies, Angel was not with lexxus, nor any of the marleys, etc. She was with Beenie, Bounty, and the man from ny. Thats it mother fuckers!

  • Joy u rite, she was never “with” them…dem just pass thru, tek a slap n gwaan. Dem neva did a own har up, hide n lick

  • OBSERVER says:

    dat mi seh to hide yuh fuk demmmmmmmm ray gwaan angel aka “joy”

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