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Internationally acclaimed Dancehall/Reggae superstar, I-Octane is recuperating in a Kingston-based hospital after falling ill last week.

A member of I-Octane’s team revealed on Monday that the prominent singjay suffered an asthmaattack on Thursday night. According to reports, he was taken to hospitalwhere he’s currently being treated by his physician.

Doctors expect I-Octane to make a full recovery from this attack but have advised him to rest until further reassessments are made.

Giver his current health situation, I-Octane will be unable to honor some of his upcoming commitments but hopes to recover as soon as possible so that he can perform for his fans once more.


  • simplicity says:

    bwoy sum ova nite journalist deh a road i tell yuh a hope wen hhim have bloodclaat tooth ace him mek de headlines tuh a mean gud gad dem mek it seem like a de man did a gasp fe him last breath r a sumtin worse not dat asthma cyaan kill yuh but tuh how ppl a sey octane hospitalize boy i tell yuh….him cum dip up unda mi comment mek a mud unno back tuh

  • simplicity says:

    mi all av in extra vowel weh nuh needed but dem fe stop cry wolf not even wen beenie sickle cell tek him dem gwaan suh kmt.

  • toni ann says:

    @simplicity :ngakak

    omg! beenie have sickle cell? i didnt know zat.

  • toni ann says:

    “super star”

  • My yute tek care a urself.

  • simplicity says:

    yuh seet a dem sey conjoined words all day

  • SERENITY says:

    rassclaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat….a guess dem neva hab nutting mucical fi write bout. Anyway,I hope u asthma ease up pon u…start a small exercise regime deh rostah & buy the ventolin inhaler,tek 2 puffs before u start exercise…..

  • SERENITY says:

    wait deh,did i miss sumting?….a which show lieoctane wah get out of doing? smady spokes to mi deh

  • simplicity says:

    all giver for gievn why dem wont re-read before dem publish weh dem a teef frm outta people mouth or ppl site kmft……

    renity a dat mi waan knw yah nung tuh which upcoming show him have weh aguh get cancel,fe sum reason i feel him all a use (mek a stop write rite yah suh)

  • honeybee says:

    :ngakak You know what……….I just want to blame this on a intern.

    Bennie have sickle cell?

  • Tho I don’t wish illness on no man but “Badmind” is a ting weh can kill yuh so u need fi stop & just live good wid people

  • sickness is not something anyone should rejoice over get a grip of unno wicked self. Who the cap fit let them wear it.

  • Not so sure what’s so funny about having an asthma attack really. Then again, maybe it’s just me & the other person @3.30pm.

  • Well since I know someone who actually died from an asthma attack I just wish I-Octane a speedy recovery.

  • apple says:

    Really ignorant to laugh miss met, im sure you never had a asthma attack. God wouldnt like you for that BADMIND

  • Met says:

    I have had MANY asthma attacks and as an asthmatic it is stupid of you to assume that I am laughing at his ”asthma” attack…if you dont know why i put lol you could have asked…….I had to laugh because this news is shady …mi neva si no musician from ja put up seh dem have asthma attack yet or what their ailment is so mi laugh …n seh sorry fi lol because maybe I am wrong in my judgement of this excuse…thats all

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