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Bready Beckham

All a u wea a call n bring rass news to Shacky bring it the right fooog news n stop bring wrong news. Mi alive n free so no1 can’t rass treat Biscuit no way u so cum off her rass name because she naw beg no1 shit n she well fine n happy. When mi need a hand with her wea the o===ck whonu dea n when mi want a mother to go to her school n so wea the fpppk u all dea wea a bring wrong news? Wea dew to her give to her n all when me n her no friend mi naw back dem rass lie dea because Pinky never rass mistreat Biscuit no f—g way so all a u f==koff n Shacky lucky bout she no rass want tell me a who because mi no rass play that n rader dead before no play with my Biscuit. Mi never left her a rass Jamaica, she cum right behind me n all when mi a struggle with her she naw rass go no where at all

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Kizzy Goodie y d rass u falla up shen pple fr she is like dem dats y sheer wat dem hav to say she need fi run dem if she wnt toer somethjng she come ask u dnt u kno long time pple like ur life dnt wen u er stuff qwl n mek dem gwaan mi fren

Bready Beckham

For my 3 great kids they all give me n the good they all did for me in the pass, so f—k what any bitch or gal want to think or say. Its there for my kids

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Stacy Mention Toohotfidem i got both my babyfathers too if it wasnt for them i wouldnt have my girls i atleast love em a lil bit lol’
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Bready Beckham They my pass but they all did some part of good for me in the pass n no bitch or gal can make me for get dem. Iam a free n single man n dad so fppk u all n talk what u want because no of u no my pass n all when iam not with dem i will always respect dem for some kind of good they did n for my kids sake. So u all can send it to every bitch or gal u all think i fppk or f—g
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Euzel Plummer That’s really nice…. baby mamas RULE!!!!!!!!…
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Ale A Love I told you Mr Beckham Mek people say and feel what they want me know how far you come from and you beat the rest that thought they where the best know Mek them go suck there muma dry cause them can’t face you me friend you are the man that Mek some boy and guy look like idiot so don’t worry me friend we.are blessed through it all enjoy your day and your blessing!
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Kimmona Asphall lol cuz i think u miss out one name
June 20 at 9:26am · Like.

Dimepiece Goulbourne Mamaaaaaaaa no sah this hot
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Aisha Hyde And u gotta respect da fucc outta dat!….they indeed blessed u with three beautiful Children
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