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  • very interesting mumma…. luv u badddd……

  • Met says:


  • dwlll says:

    Cumin like Double cross a gwaan fr dem time yah, di russian Dictator, even thou he ordered the Polish ppl to be killed him have strong character doh an no matter wah u cant come to him wid nuh fuckery.If mi nuh mistaken mi did read ina a book him delay di Nazi dem cause him knw seh winter a come an dem never fully equiped fi di weather a suh comes Hitler never teck over Moscow fr early….Good documentary dis Met thanks fi posting…Bless up

    Btw Met u see di general a seh di wull a him fren dem shoot demself after dem realise di amount a ppl dem kill daily…? (300) smfh..just a shoot ppl ina dem head suh…Now mi knw y dem love drink strong alcohol cause dem cant live wid demself fi knw di mass murder dem gwaan wid…And u see how Karma is a bitch cause wen Russia need help an turn to Poland di general ask him weh di 4000 man dem deh weh unaccounted for an him a gi di man bear run round di man just seh yea man mi ago help u an lowe him rass mek nazi attack him…dwlll

  • dwlll says:

    Hey met u see di russian weh go link roosevelt an bring sausage an him gun…? dwlll…like him a seh if anyting him a shootout him way an munch pon di sausage till help arrive…dwlll…dem ppl yah nuh easy eno, dem not even trust dem close Allys dem cause dem knw weh dem a chat an a plan behind Mericka bck…dwlll…like him conscience a kill him suh him walk wid him gun…lmaooo dwlll

  • Met says:

    night night dwll :thumbup

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