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Hello Met,

Dis ol bat need fi deh pon front street. (Literally she deh pon front street)

Dis yah OLD gal ah gwan like she ah hot gyal. She luv yung bwoy n ah eva trick pon dem. She ah tek har likkle hair dresser money n a try ketch di likkle bwoy dem. Unno fi watch har and watch unno pickney. She find one new yung bwoy after di ol one she did ah dead ova dash har wey fi one yung gal.

Fight all ah bruk out inna party cause she get ketch wid di yung bwoy.

All fi har fren dem…dem no good. Dem si har wid di yung bwoy and duh even tell har.. fi leave di likkle bwoy alone. The likkle bwoy hav him likkle yung gal…..n she deh deh a nite time a spread out har old stretch out granny crotches a gi him. Mi cya bodda!….Met…mek it wus him nah nuthin fi gi har!

Message fi har: Yuh P000y deh pon time out, time fi clock out my girl. Dem will eva lef u fi yung gal. Memba mi tell yuh dat!

Met…Mi use to hav likkle respect fi har but she ah clown har self now. She ah big ooman now wid gran pickney…har pickney dem older dan di likkle bwoy. Some big ooman fi gwan betta. Dem cya inna party a wine up pon di likkle bwoy dem so n a bruk fight. Leggo dat!

Yuh need fi mek yuh pickney and gran pickney dem respect yuh. Set a example fi dem. Big ooman fi gwan betta!

Watch ya friend dem weh u ah party wid an laff wid dem same one ah spread ya business.


  • Observer says:

    Funnily, dis big ooman yah luk gud to mi she pass nuff a dem tuff yung gyal weh mi c a dance n weh featured ere….chu chu

  • Ohhhhhhhh please the sender is one jealous Bitch dis big ooman look good badddddd. If man want to fight over er is What…. u madd cause no man nuh fight over your runny insipid dun out lean up ole it ah mad yuh go bruk yuh neck unda yuh granny big ole n leave deh pretty look good oooman alone. Big up mi look good fren she will never see this because she doesn’t come on this site but I will defend her. She might be old but yuh mad cause young bowwy want er n none nuh want yuh cause yuh ole dun. I mean really wats the hating for. GET A LIFE SHE LOOKS 100% BETTER THAN HALF AH UNNO YOUNG DUN USED OUT BITCHES. leave mi good up hair dress str8888888888888 I really don’t get your point n why unno love ppl kids n grand kids on JMG. Coward asses love hide behind computer screens. She not begging fi take date of hers so why the fuck you so concerns.GO FIND A MOTEL ROOM N HUNG YUH SELF SEEN IT AH KILL YUH YOUNG ZARRRRRR

  • So what leave the girl alone she live her life how she want sender do the same only god can judge her thank u

  • Met says:

    she looks very pretty…nice looking lady

  • Observer says:

    EYN 9:23 I can attest to your anger and it’s well validated but nobaddi cyah sen een no kids ere at JMG! THE KIDS WILL NEVER BE FEATURED!!! Truss…

  • talkehtruth says:

    Look like di big woman borrow di senda pussy n a run it red pon young bwoy cause short of that one question mi have “how is it ur fucking problem unnu too much man”

  • @ observer you are right met is very good wen it comes to kids but the sender juss piss mi offffffff cho. Jealousy is a very bad disease

  • sweet says:


  • HAPPY PEOPLE says:


  • stranga says:

    She definitely a seh one. So can see why young bwoys would waan be wid har!

  • LadyWoW says:

    Senda stop watch di young bwoy dem. go look a old man suga daddy fi mine u and step up ur ting so u can look like dis big ooman. U seh u look up to har, well sit back and take notes

  • Nice looking lady. #thatisall

  • Lipstick says:

    then nuh di lady puppppy, if she waan tek young boy leave har, yu too nuff

  • loyalpeepa says:

    Metty a wonda a wha age dem call ole cah mi nuh c nuh “ole” oman in dat pic I c a nice looking lady senda abayyyy go use some moisturizer drink plenty o water n get sum rest n hopefully u will look somewhat close to her

  • Anonymous says:

    Apparently the sender that took the time to belittle someone and send that has no life
    Is it so important for you to pick on someone that does not even know who you are
    I can bet you you have no life you sit in your house on your phone worrying about other people business who is way ahead of you in life….. I know this woman she is a good “woman with a Great heart!!!! She respects herself she respects her kids her kids is her life ,,, how dare you say stuff that is on true!!! If I know who you are I can bet you this I will be in front of your house busting your ass for her cause you are a liar and a f…ing joke…because nobody young wants you you are jealous and I know that you must be younger than her for you to call her a old woman, either that are you want her man and he doesn’t want you the next time you want to pick on someone pick on your own sorry self

  • Annadiva says:

    Senderrrrr dah one yah backfire pon you man! hahahahah!! What a pretty lady!! You go yaw girl! If di young man dem a love up di goods and di young gal dem head a hat dem it mean you a gi dem good competition! Raaaayyyyy!

  • Ms. Biz says:

    di two ah dem deh pon di pink wall ah cuss, met it’s toooo earlyyyyyyyy lol

  • HAPPY PEOPLE says:


  • southy says:

    Why dem say she old. Old compare to who? She look good to me. Anybody know if she deh inna de Brooklyn ,Queens, LI area? . mi woulda link her

  • That what it is jealousy

  • keeva says:

    This woman nuh look ole atall, she could be in her upper 30’s the most and she looks good, I dont see what the sender a yap yap about, so what if she like man younger dan her its not crime dats a common assault, young guys love older woman cau dem can teach dem responsibility young gal like uno weh stay hating on good ppl cant teach a man nothing but how to suck dick good, suh stop grudge di woman an go practice sucking dick on a cucumber and choke bitch

  • Amywhino says:

    Aftanoooon. Wha duh sum gyal? Wha duh sum stay bad unda privilege gyal. Ah becaw di hole ole an sweet why yuh mon ah stretch it out. Over and over! Yuh bloodclaat lucky. Di ooman have up har tings an nah look pon yuh. Yuh pussy mussi runny like egg why shi fuck weh yuh mon. @Southy yuh cudden hangle da ride deh.

  • southy says:

    @Amywhinio why yuh tink mi couldnt hangle dat ride? If yuh did know mi yuh wouldnt say dat. A one ting wid me mi stay fit fi anything. 3 mile mi run dis morning den lift de old iron dem ,do mi sit up and now mi out fi bathe a drive go brooklyn. Mi stay sharp baby..weh she deh ,Brooklyn?

  • Amywhino says:

    Shi nuh bleach an nah teef. Suh is what? guh learn a trade or duh some kegal.

  • W.E says:

    Paula big up yuh self straight fi a woman weh soon buss 50 yuh stay good you work hard and you take very good cars of yourself sender you mad go hang yuh self lmfao.

  • Old gal paula a time fi u stop fuck and suck off the yung bwoy dem u friend dem and u a di same Nickcole juney julie sadie a whore all dem a 40 +

  • Why are Yall watching who people fuck and suck..go and worry about yourself, ur man and ur money….

  • @ Eyn 1:54 go suck you madda n stop call up decent ppl name inna yuh shit up mouth. BIG UP ALL AH MI LOOK GOOD FREN DEM who nuh married have dem man fi long time. It sound like u madd seh dem ah get sort out from young hot bowy no man nuh want yuh caaw yuh ole dry n burn up like desert. Yuh maddd cause she ah f–k n suck learn fi suck n f—k n maybe one hot bowwy will want yuh. F—g bright go slit yuh wrist.

  • WHAT 50 says:

    wait dis ya woman a turn 50 miss lady gwan ya UUU LOOK GOOOD. Senda you mussi fart dust out ya batty when you turning 50

  • Senda don’t worry about who I fpppk I am a pro at what I do so come get a few lesson and I guaranty u get a young man not a young boy ok

  • Mi a big ooman and unno sound real stupid. Mi agree when dem seh big ooman fi gwan betta. Mi a big ooman and have mi tings fi sure and mi look damn good. Dem young bwoy ya cah talk to mi because mi nuh want dem. Mi neva read weh dem seh she nuh look good but dem ya young bwoy a jus look some ooman fi spend pan dem, suck dem, and fuk dem. When dem dun dem laf afta u wid dem fren. Yuh nah find No husband and no respect in dat. Dat is the problem with sum of us big ooman. We wah stay young and a try du it by a fpppk di young bwoy dem. Unno toooo bias

  • She look alright. Juss har makeup and outfit duh make it.

  • Enter your name... says:

    @ ENY 5:46 shut the f—k up you sound like A TRUE hater. She don’t need clown make up naturally pretty.

  • @run 6:06 if it was natural beauty she would ah neva ah wear di wrong color powda. She fava dracula

  • Seriously!!!!you still watching the woman
    Leave her alone find something else to do
    Because you have nothing over her
    If you did stay in your mother one more day
    You would of be a man you look like one
    This is why you’re jealous Over the woman
    You need to stop it

  • @lookgoodbigooman mi agree. Mi know har an she eva ah run down young bwoy, dem nah run har down mi know dat fi ah fact. Dem eva ah play har like puppet, every turn she ah turn ah bun she ah get. She ah idiot. She love too much hype unda fi quiet. Mi know har fi years di sender nah lie. Mi see seh har frien dem run in fi defend it but ah whole dem ah whore an dem same one ah chat har.

  • Sender…You have a personal beef with this lady
    And it is obvious that you know her
    it is so sad to see that one lady is so important
    In your life…she does not have your mam so what is your problem
    You sound stupid and you makes no sense
    Big up pretty lady stay good

  • U know wha mi look like??? She fava dracula. Eva ah chat otha people but when Unno frien reach pink wall it ah mad unno. Go siddung unno whoring bitch

  • You know are for years so that means you are one of her haters
    Go and wash off your cobweb pussy crawl back in your closet where you been hiding for years: you the same one who chat the girl don’t worry about her
    Cause your man a fuck you good friend that’s what you need to look into
    Instead of worrying about this woman

  • Everybody ah state fi dem opinion even if dem har frien. All unno cyan say ah hate an stay good but fi har ways dutty. Keep on ah chat an see if mi don’t dash out har file.

  • Observer says:

    Yuh c y she affi tek di man caz washin pussy nuh rid it of cobweb onliii a hood can duh dat soh di man still needed. IJS woieeeeeeee wat a nite!

  • Ratha have cob web pOOOy dan ah SUCK an FppK an di lickle bwoy dem cyan do nuthin fi mi but chat mi. She only ah gi an nah get nuthin. Please har name stick ah road from long time. Stop gwan like u is ah goodas

  • The ENY that said she know for years u sound so dumb bout she always ah run down young bowy but didn’t the sender say the 2 young bowy bruk fight ah dance over her or almost fight ova er. It sound to me like she have dem head ah run red. It’s clear to see is one of er fren enemy dem do this n the rest of the fren enemy dem a run in. Why sponge bob n er fren dem nuh stop watch ppl front. N go dip fi dem salt ole in a mineral n clean up dem property so dem can hot n hype to. A bunch ah coward bitches love call ppl whore like unno a virgin. Unno walk n clean up bk bx Li n don’t have nuttin to show for it but a long stretch out pu—-y tongue. Drop asleep bitches n don’t wake up.

  • Ent @7:26 go suck out u madda bitch file don’t mean nothing come chuck through me I identify ya bloodclot self Bitch ! Stop run ya mouth like you got diarrhea in’ya mouth . Nastiness Germ box

  • @ ENY 7:36 sucking n fooog is freeeeeee you can do it tooooooo. So don’t cry you soon catch a man that wants to stay with u despite the hairy chin lip n chest u have. I know who u are hating ass Bitch don’t let me tell jmg bout yuh mule ole can u breed. Cause she can n did n Still shape better than u that don’t have no kids. All the try yuh try fi bleach n lose weight it nah help u need a new face. Yuh stop Fuk married man right. I sense a read file coming on ENY 7:36 don’t mek mi dun yuh but then again yuh use to it cause everything pon yuh DUN..

  • Wha gwan Paula @eyn 7:41. Ya pPPPy ah di germ box stop share man wid ya frien woiiieee. How much std ya catch already? :bingung :bingung :bingung :bingung :

  • Go learn fi suck an fppk an stop worry about Paula and her friend dem cause see u a call up dem name since u know so much go paid dem a visit cause the add is the same

  • U know who mi is dutty bitch so call mi name mek ah dash it out.

  • SMH

  • Yes 7:51 stop chat come suck the germ out a mi pPPPy and the std bitch meet a the shop if u a bad gal suck an fPPk day all u can say mi say u fi come chuck through mi

  • Come ah di shop fi wha? Oh yuh work today mi did think set yuh off pin Monday dwl

  • 8:03 ok say no more u fpppa u u just bust u self lmaf

  • No comment pon di std bitch cyah ah nuff yuh get dutty crotches

  • Omg

  • Anonymous says:

    Smh….Dre need fi find him a nice girl. This is not for him. Him seh him a get tired….mi nuh blame him.

  • :mewek

  • Just came from work someone just call me to tell
    Me that they put my friend on the pink wall
    It is so funny how people take the time to upset
    Someone life ,the person to send this is not really her friend
    She is oblivious to this she does not even know that she is on the pink wall

  • Met says:

    but u comment two time already so u jus a realise or what?

  • Yuh too lie. Stop gwan like seh she neva de pon it n a comment. She did a comment earlier. She nuh decent. Unno fi stop it

  • All of dem gal weh did a comment a fi har fren dem. Dem fi gwan bout dem business. Dem tooo lie. Dem stop talk when di girl did a talk di truth

  • Met u see when mi talk di truth everybody get quiet. Fi di whole day har fren dem ah comment and when mi start talk dem ah gwan wid mi ah hate an look good dis. But mi nah lie har file dutty.

  • simplicity says:


  • No she wasn’t commenting her clients n frenzy were why don’t you waste ppl stop assuming shit.

  • Yuh tooo lie! The other [email protected] 7:52 said “Wha Gwan Paula” n she start go hard

  • Just came from work someone just call me to tell
    Me that they put my friend on the pink wall
    It is so funny how people take the time to upset
    Someone life ,the person to send this is not really her friend
    She is oblivious to this she does not even know that she is on the pink wall
    So who are you really hurting cause in life what goes around comes around
    Sender, this must be a revenge but your day will come one day and believe me you’re going to get it back doubletime,,, what did this woman do to you why you are bitter in her life,everyone is calling each other saying you see her on the pink yet
    No one has the courage to call her and tell her , A lesson in learning we as woman always try to break down the next sister that’s doing good. it does not make me feel good because I’m a woman and I know her. if half of us could have the heart like her maybe then we would be better in your life. You are unhappy with your life so you pick on someone I hope this make you feel good and you accomplish what you start I personally do not have the time to converse on small trashy talks

  • N your file good up not at all so stop try read file n go n live your life cause my hair dresser sure not worry about u or this site. I have been the one talking the tings why you don’t tell Jmg the truth about why u going so hard. Hop off ah er n go sleep wid yuh pillow lonely Bitch.

  • Dont sound like no assumption to me. EYN @ 8:00 seh – “Yes 7:51 stop chat come suck the germ out a mi pupppy and the std bitch meet a the shop if u a bad gal suck an –k day all u can say mi say u fi come chuck through mi”

  • @ ENY 11:36 its been me commenting all day I was the 2 entry n I been going hard I have been her client for yearssss n I mi ah dun unno nasty bloodclat not her unno just love call name n run in n don’t know dry shit again bitches go hang yuh self.

  • Observer says:

    Mi tink di Phillians dem did bad but no braaa unnuh…..

  • Met I thought your metters had common sense if she owns her shop she should know wen it close so why would she tell dutty ppl fi come meet har ah den lock shop. Boy oh boy unno dark bad.

  • First off yuh nuh jus come home from no work yuh did ah comment from earlier as met said. An she did deh pon it earlier to ah tell mi fi meet har ah shop so stop tell lie.

  • Paula yuh know wha gwan stop lie like yuh nuh know. Now u and ya fren dem wha gwan like sey yuh decent. Wooiiieee mi cyan tek it unno to lie

  • U bitches are so dumb n bored Paula mi good up hair dresser yuh greatttt. N sponge bob n er frens can stop run in now. Omg wen darkness did ah gi weh unno join deh line 10 times. Gn my work start at 8 n mi need mi rest fi dun deh sender n har fren dem again ah marwning.

  • Observer says:

    Clearly EYN ^^^ it luk like yu is a mine readah caz allllllllllllll a unnuh cum pon dis frahm mawnin wid dis 1 bag a “EYN’S” soh how ppl muss differentiate between unnuh mi luv stop it unnuh a :matabelo mi yei dem

  • dwl observer

  • [email protected]:47—–Go to yuh bed! Ah who a stop yuh?! Good Night

  • Unno come off ah deh
    ooman name and get ah life
    Enought is enought now
    Cho bloodclot

  • [email protected]:47 de only ting a go dead ah marwning a Paula hole. It dun already cause she cyah breed….good night. Unno nuh wah mi dun it tonight

  • This is a bloodclot wast ah time

  • U good ah worry over the ooman
    Hole SMH

  • Wen mi nuh like sumin mi jus nuh read it [email protected]:08. A di only ting u cyan do. Met state inna di rules “If you dont like this forum, please do not whine and wear us out, do yourself the favor of closing the screen- Thanks!”

  • Uneducated ppl make me laugh @ ENY 12:03 your ah sad individual only wen ooooman can’t breed dem dun so Wat should we say about u. Look at the time a night n yuh still ah beat up yuh fungus germ dem. Wah happen yuh man nuh come home n yuh bored. Mi really would like fi know if yuh would still have so much to say if we were face to face. Cause all this badness mi don’t believe only a weak ass punk ass Bitch talk shit on jmg wen yuh knuh weh the person shop deh. Damn sad as ever. @ observer you right too much ENY n none a dem have any balls mi ago sign up ah marwning. Cause nuh gal caawn beat mi especially over nuh screen. Pussy bitches Lmafo

  • :repost: Sorry fi interupt. Mi a go a mi bed but mi did tink seh she seh Paula breed….

  • Paula cannot breed

  • Goodnight all…

  • Observer says:

    Yuh c weh mi tel unnuh 11 a unnuh since i comment unnuh n unnuh baddddddddddd :hoax2 mi a guh sleep tomorrow. GN EYN’S :moon: I gwaan mek up sum name fi unnuh yes man I’ll be back (SWARTZENEGGAR VOICE)

  • Young bwoy says:

    Paula is a Ooman that hav har own business !!! Sender ah wha u hav? Not even ya man ya have Cha wha paula tek em away Eeeeee lmao you sound like a sore loser , even with dirty file as you can see she still ah gawn wit ah tinG and u wit an clean file ah gawn and hide behind computer , ya better go ah di and let her learns you ah tinG she no chase man fi money she hav har own UNO to blood clot shine eye that’s y she will always Win

  • Aright Paula son. Mi glad u muma sen yuh pan yah. Dem dun dun har lastnite young bway. It ova…..wooiieeee

  • Mi cum back fi tek a peak. Mi si unnoo still a talk. Mi a go seh one ting and dun. A di 21th Century @Young bwoy women a do betta dan man des dayz. Mi a big ooman an mi nah suck nuh likkle bwoy hood fi feel like seh mi young. Too much young gal out deh fi do dat. Mi a big ooman and mi wah mi respect as a big a sucessful big ooman. Mi a duh mi ting and mi nuh wah nobody a clown mi. A suh she fi tink. This hype mi see ppl a run dung des dayz duh make no sense. Dis sad bad….


  • Anonymous says:

    Big up all a di germs! Ooman who CANNOT breed cyah gi OLD or Yung no run fi NO MONEY. Ah Mule dem call dat…only obyah man cyah help dat! Big up di mule dem! Dem DUN….man a go Eva lef! Mi luv di frenenemy dem! :recsel Woieeee.:bigo: :bigo:

  • LEF HAR says:


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