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Hello Met,

Dis ol bat need fi deh pon front street. (Literally she deh pon front street)

Dis yah OLD gal ah gwan like she ah hot gyal. She luv yung bwoy n ah eva trick pon dem. She ah tek har likkle hair dresser money n a try ketch di likkle bwoy dem. Unno fi watch har and watch unno pickney. She find one new yung bwoy after di ol one she did ah dead ova dash har wey fi one yung gal.

Fight all ah bruk out inna party cause she get ketch wid di yung bwoy.

All fi har fren dem…dem no good. Dem si har wid di yung bwoy and duh even tell har.. fi leave di likkle bwoy alone. The likkle bwoy hav him likkle yung gal…..n she deh deh a nite time a spread out har old stretch out granny crotches a gi him. Mi cya bodda!….Met…mek it wus him nah nuthin fi gi har!

Message fi har: Yuh P000y deh pon time out, time fi clock out my girl. Dem will eva lef u fi yung gal. Memba mi tell yuh dat!

Met…Mi use to hav likkle respect fi har but she ah clown har self now. She ah big ooman now wid gran pickney…har pickney dem older dan di likkle bwoy. Some big ooman fi gwan betta. Dem cya inna party a wine up pon di likkle bwoy dem so n a bruk fight. Leggo dat!

Yuh need fi mek yuh pickney and gran pickney dem respect yuh. Set a example fi dem. Big ooman fi gwan betta!

Watch ya friend dem weh u ah party wid an laff wid dem same one ah spread ya business.


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