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Wife Catches Husband With Son’s Wife on a Farm

People in Muzarabani under Chief Hwata in Warambwa village were left tongue tied when a woman caught her husband being intimate with his son’s wife in a field on Tuesday last week.

The father was apparently having one hell of a ‘Field Day’ people have said! Promise Chapwanya was caught doing the father-in-law duties but not in the normal way, he was bonking Tendai Mugariri his daughter-in-law from the rear, the so-called doggy-style, while they were in the fields.

The two were taken to Sabhuku (headman) Alexio Mhasvi for the customary law court to answer for their misdeeds as it is taboo. Promise was caught by his wife Abigail Gumbo, who tracked them to the fields after seeing that the two were getting too close for comfort for a relationship between a father-in-law and a daughter-in-law. She is said to have hatched a plan after she suspected that something was happening between the two. Tendai was said to be wearing shorts that were too revealing in front of her father-in-law, raising her mother-in-law’s suspicion.

Sabhuku Alexio also confirmed that Abigail was also suspicious because the two always went to the garden and fields together. On the fateful day Abigail is said to have followed the two from a distance and caught them in the middle of the juicy act and doing the doggy style in the fields. H-Metro caught up with Promise at his home but he ran away before he said anything; he went behind his house and vanished into the bush.

Probably the SAME bush that protected him as he enjoyed the fruits of his son’s courtship skills as he ‘did’ his daughter-in-law. Promise’s lovebird Tendai said, “Zvamakanzwa ndizvozvo but I cannot say anything about that issue (What you heard is true but I cannot say anything about the issue).” Abigail the mother in-law said, “Nyaya iyoyo ine makuva pasi and handisati ndaona zvakadaro. (That story is deadly, but I have never seen anything like that).”

But she could not be drawn to saying much as she was afraid of her husband as she kept saying, “You should talk to my husband. After all he is the HEAD of the house.” Apparently he was giving more HEAD than he was expected to . . . giving his ‘services’ even to the daughters-in-law! Abigail also wanted to say much but she just said; “the matter is under chief Hwata tomorrow”, (Yesterday), “so I cannot say more and if you want more details you can come and listen to the story yourselves at the chiefs court tomorrow.”

However Abigail wanted to tell H-Metro more details and she said, “Let’s meet somewhere not here since ndingazomuka ndakafa zvikazivikanwa kuti ndakuudzai zvimwe (I might end up dead if it’s found out that I gave you more details).” She later changed her mind and did not turn up at the rendezvous, fearing for her life from her husband Promise. Simbarashe, Tendai’s husband and the man whose wife was playing hide-the-sausage with his father could only just shake his head and refused to comment on the issue.

He professed to be devastated. Tendai’s hesitation at the house was so tense that the four seemed not to be in talking terms as witnessed by H-Metro when Abigail refused to call Tendai so that she could be interviewed, Abigail kept saying, “Vadaidzei mega ambuya vangu (call my mother-in-law yourselves),” lamenting that she was now the muroora and not Tendai.

Village head Alexio Mhasvi said, “At my level I handle such cases but later refer them to the Chief.” Village head Mhasvi also said when they were at his court, Promise and Tendai denied that they were caught having sex in the bush, but that she was merely fabricating the whole story. The denial was short-lived as Promise’s brother is said to have also stood up and testified that he caught the two having sex in bush behind a baobab tree.

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