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Bobbi Kristina Goes Missing After Mom Whitney Houston’s Funeral

Us Weekly – Sun, Feb 19, 2012 3:56 PM PST


Bobbi Kristina Houston Brown had her grandmother, Cissy Houston, at her side during the 3.5-hour long funeral for her mother, Whitney Houston, held in Newark, NJ Saturday.
But once the services ended and her mother’s casket was carried out of the New Hope Baptist Church to “I Will Always Love You,” the 18-year-old alarmed her family and friends when she went missing. Meanwhile, it was being speculated that she was using drugs at that time.
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“There was some confusion about Bobbi Kristina’s whereabouts last night for a short time, but she’s OK,” a Houston family spokesperson told The Daily Beast on Sunday, adding that drugs were not part of the equation. “She needed some time alone.”
No word if Bobbi Kristina (Whitney’s only child with her ex-husband Bobby Brown) attended the repast held for Houston’s family and friends after the funeral.
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On Feb. 11, Bobbi Kristina, who was at the Beverly Hills hotel when her mother’s body was found in a bathroom inside her hotel room, was rushed to the hospital following the tragic news.
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At Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles, the teen was treated for stress while a psychiatric evaluator was brought in to determine if she needed to be placed on a 5150 (an involuntary psychiatric hold).
“Everything [was] stressful,” Billy Watson, an extended family member, explained to Us Weekly. “Her mama died, so she broke down. Nobody expected her to pass as quickly as she did. [Bobbi Kristina] had a nervous breakdown.”
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  • Lundun says:

    so sad

    i can just imagine how she feels. i hope she finds the strength to deal with her loss and not lose it. the media needs to leave her alone because she is weak right now and is so fragile.

  • Quiet Storm says:

    Mawning Met an metters

    Dem fi low di raas pickney!!!!! Gimmie a friggin break now man! di pickney mumma juss dead, so wat if shi decide fi go lock whey harself fi a few? Ah wha? ah stone mek har???? Shi nuh human being wid feelings to?

    Den dem come wid dem fuckery bout ‘it was being speculated that she was using drugs at the time’ kmrt

  • Qpick says:

    morning my met and family….i am giving a strong love for someone, and its not my husband…this person have a great heart. i am not a lesbian, but i just love this person like a sister…i tell her, i swore she is my mother child, because we have many things in common..thanks for everything you have done for me…love you met. (tbc)

  • Met says:

    oh lord pikky u have me tearing up… thank u :peluk :kiss

  • Qpick says:

    (c) now unno come off a the woman child, and go look news somewhere else…shit….

  • Qpick says:

    oh met…a true welcome… :peluk :angel

  • Met says:

    same so…a cyaa stand dem

  • Yeah dem fi lowe di likkle girl now fi real, typical white media wid dem slave mentality. dem nuh stop until dem completely break a black person down. with that being said somebody in that house who came for the funeral is a spy, they are selling every step or move di pickney mek to di media fi money and dem nuh fi dweet.

  • Bliss says:

    Of course, they should leave her alone. She is going through enough. God be with her and strengthen her.

    I can only imagine what she is going through…I am hoping she goes for a long vacation somewhere because being in the US or Europe is no good for her at the moment.

  • Jules says:

    Anyting shi do di vultures going to link to drugs. If shi nuh brush her hair, or put on makeup is not going to be caws shi grieving and nuh care, it’s going to be drugs. If shi nah eat, or a overeat, it going to link to drugs. DI media is full of bull shit, all dem do is bill u up fi tear u back dung and salivate inna u misery. Fucking vultures dem. Leff di ooman one pickney meck shi deal wid har tragedy and nuh call dung nutten pan har. Dirty bitches.

  • dem too fucking wicked dem rass ppl in hollywood will make u and brake u a the drop of hat nasty fuckers dem!!!! y dem nuh go jamaica go paprazzi the dj dem and see how much a dem would mek it out alive dem woulda haffi fend fi d banana boat weh dem cuss bout all d time #dem sick dog stomach!!!!

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