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  • met you nuh easy enuh lmao..

  • babysham says:

    bday boy was looking clean!

  • armmmmmmmmmmmmm i do like their make-up,its on point

  • SERENITY says:

    Not a proud yute at all,some kind of shame or guilt eating away at him. Him cyaa even hold him head up…tsk,tsk,tsk

    Onu see rotten puzzy inna di white dress dung deh so a bend ova while irritation & frustration a kill har front :tkp

  • Ah wha dis says:

    is a suck pussy and battyman party diss? DWL

  • status says:

    Hobo looks very danty eeh….but the suit clean fi true.

  • SERENITY says:

    metty how you inbox miss a pitcha of di queen?

    You know mi did a search fl party pitcha sites last night fi find a pitcha wid nikki wid da same chiney bump hairstyle deh whey dat bwoy popeye hab in? Look like di italian bredda a spend pon him property doh…..i r left

  • Original Goodas says:

    florida no have no good clothes store or a decent dress mekka…di man dem out do the gal them to rasss

  • front row seat says:

    Hubo look clean. The ladies look alright. No make up madness. Overall dem nuh look bad at all. One point fi Florida peeps. lol

  • Original Goodas says:

    u know me would a gi hobo piece wid triple strap up plus a female condom and mek him suck me twat with 2 dental dam….

  • Met says:


  • those nasty bitches don’t have no shoes on Standing on that dirty floor.

  • Anonymous says:

    Hugo is sexy but him need fi stop dance wit all dem man and look ah gal

  • LadyWoW says:

    @ Goodas is because some a dem refuse to keep it simple. dem add 2 much make up acessories.and bleach a try out to each otha…………….

  • Original Goodas says:

    met nuff a us (bloggers) are thinking it, dem jus no waa say it….. dutty rantis (gucci) weh jr deh? di time u a galang so in a dance u go set up u family a standpipe.. look like battyism run in a u family cause u cousin bolo a big batty man ans weh day dem wop u bredda ass and call some man man name weh a fuck him… u need fi send some a ur wear and lef go gi u bredda so him can stop borrow di mandem pon di gully clothes..

  • prayer says:

    Fr Mi c dem man yah Mi smell shit…same how dem drop a Same way dem slide n drop bam inna shit!

  • Di yute clean clean yes but how comes him stiff like him inna coffin suh ?

  • lol…atru,a jus di odda day mi see wan standing corspe pon FB

  • so mi seh says:

    met iz you seh so r a send dem send dis?
    but since it deh ya mi put mi 2 cents hubo n da crew ting eva sort out as fi di gyal dem picha 8 10 15 17 18 dem ting seh paris

  • Met says:

    a nuh me seh suh________________________________________________________

  • Dwl original goodas a which bolo dat? From anah town?? Dwl yaso really nice ! N a true hubo look like him in a coffin lmfaooo it sweet me how unu a call gucci gf all kinda names hudo hugo hulio dwbl di girl name hubo (HUHBUH) dwwlllll cho


  • Silly Faggots Dicks Are For Chicks

  • Zolanski says:

    bwoi hubbo look like is shatt. flossing really reach anda level thoe.hope dem hav money in d bank for that rainy day.

  • Ohhh I forgot the other girls somehowww hubo woman looks like da likkle bug from di cartoon “a bug’s life” or ms spideers sunny patch .. And then da dolly lookin girl wid da fake batty blonde bangs she shuda bleach ar hands a lil more I mean the rest r OK look like a party filled with kids ! .. Unu don’t memba hubo from dutty fridaze n passa passa 35 36 15 lmfaooo hubo alwaysssssss a mix wid bare mannnn its in her nature she’s such a sluttt smh


  • loyal peeper says:

    Dead @ prayer and eyn 12:53pm comment_____________________

  • LadyWoW says:

    Juxxi look good. Alisha dont treat u good enough. Anytime mi see u again mi just a guh bounce u and u know seh a mi…ok Juxxi wid ur big eyes..I would not do dat to u weh she do,…memba

  • deadmentz @ ladywow …yuh 2 bad but mi tink a paris dem seh a bout 3 ooman look paris worthy inna dis an a weh shi a guh inna red shorts ah di man good good affairs some ah dem nuffi get let een wen dem dress code off woiiiiiee flash out wig out party naaaaahhh sahhhhh

  • the girls look very bad the boys look better i cant say one of these bitches look good they look very poor

  • Hahahaha one the gal inna the white dress I thought it was so how har dress long enough and the video reach under it..
    Popeye look like him get new tatts…sexxy but leggo the chiney bumps yute it look too feminine.. Juxxy could get as long as him nuh stare pon me with him big eye dem jahjajaja

  • popeye have all right fi bawl out ”AS LONG AS ITS NT THE QUEEN” unuh no c a tax time but unuh is very rudeeeeeeeee d mon haffi defend fi him share a tax return..

  • Anonymous says:

    so the boy hubo really gay are wat cause a rockfort him come from him and the one weh dem call next la and chubby mad dem all him to is a big fish cause keno find out say him a batty man and run him weh him a the one weh drop inna the black shirt

  • all hubo him look sad like him did know say the man dem a batty man but him just want to par wid dem same way fi the clothes dat bad youth wait yuh turn rome never bill inna one day

  • KMRT says:


  • mi naw lie di fuss pic me see mi tink di boy ina one casket laydung di way di eye closed..OMG..cuz me a say wooiiee dem bury him fresh nuh rass..den me realize a living smaddy smh.. di one popeye him..him figa out if him gay or str8 yet?

  • Anonymous says:

    When you say Best Dress , it should be just that. Don’t put up pics of your friends, or men that you want. It should really be about Best Dress. You only make Florida look lame and stupid. Delete 3,6,9,13,14,17,21, and than maybe you would’ve been saying something. Why is it must of the people that can dress in that state, are transplants from some where else??????

  • a so mi seh says:

    @ 7:25 mi waan cum shake yuh hand!!!

  • Name says:

    Jamaican dancehall gone to nothing but bleachers and fags. It’s like these people could not wait to exhale. I can’t believe the amount of batty man that’s coming out of this straight man culture. WOW!!!!! and we wonder why reggae dying. de ting switch up from real party hearts to bleach out, fagget, poser hearts.WTF

  • 7:25 mi agree. Di camera man barely show nuhbaddy else sake a dem battyman ya a dance inna circle an dem crawny front gyal ya. 21 beat bitches!!

  • Anonymous says:

    best dress me rass the gyal dem a were close from swap shop number 1 3 4 6 9 13 14 17 21 need to go asap…hubo did look well nice tho

  • so why so much man on the floor together like that seems like ah batty man dance to me the gyal them look like drag queens also smh now to the clothes BEST DRESS!!! please dnt insult fashion N style its CLEAR these drags dnt have any!!!


    Popeye and di chini bump..STA88888 FAGG…GOSH..U NOT CUTE MY YUTE…Hubo=homo..I R GONE..

  • gf says:

    My gaydar sense dat d yute in the black suit and d one in the brown wid yellow pants are fudge packers. The Hubo guy looks like he is def hiding something there was never a time that he looked in d camera while dem a video d boring ass party or even look inna d camera when the snap him. Seriously though ppl it nuh mek nuh sense dress up like is a cocktail party unuh a guh certain kind of attire nuh fit fi dancehall. Jeesseee Hubo suit was well tailored and fit him well but not appropriate for dis party. These are all youngns acting a fool inna d party. Reality so give dem a check

  • JC says:

    Will someone please tell these new coons that when a two button jacket is worn, the bottom button should NOT be fastened?! Yes, new money poppyshows, it is true: you fasten the top button only… when you sit, you unfasten the top button as well, then refasten when you stand. Or, is that ghetto chic (which, perhaps, means conventional rules do not apply)? Smh

  • gf mi dont agree wid yuh ah time fi tek out tank top n batty rider outta dancehall no more 5 dolla leggings and stretchy jeans time fi class n fashion
    some o dem get it rite n some didnt but dem try

  • Bliss says:

    The guys are well dressed.

    They did well with their budget.

    @JC I think it is Ghetto Chic De Jour…which is fine for Dancehall Patrons.

    LOLOL But I think they are well dressed nonetheless.

  • so sick says:

    gucci a fuck hubo them stay in a one bed room apartment. watch the video then u can really see for your self

  • Hmmmm says:

    Met, who knew that so many connoisseurs of fashion and dancehall etiquette visited your website? DWL. What I’d like to know is when did parties become an event for ppl to go out and watch and criticize each other. I was under the impression that ppl go to parties to have fun. Ppl in different states and even other country have the world to say bout ppl looks and lifestyle. To each his own. Stop waste u time worrying about ppl who aren’t worrying about you and live YOUR OWN LIFE

    Mi cyaan believe someone actually have the audacity fi a talk bout buttoning one verses two….who gives a shit…SERIOUSLY! You had nothing better to do with your time?

    Ok, getting off my soap box. Lol

  • Met says:

    u know mi nuh know… but u should know dat a nuh my cup a tea..people jus a talk doe pay dat no mind…lol u a mek mi ded yah u know mi neva ketch dat drama..doe pay we no mind

  • Hmmmm says:

    Lol…a suh it go Met. Maybe because ppl refer to opinions as your “two cents” ppl think it has value. Mi cyaan badda. LMFAO

  • Met says:

    das bad cause i neva even comment here nor a check di comment fi know wha did fi button or not loll but i gwine browse di comments n read dem too bad

  • PEPPA says:


  • SexyHUBO says:

    How me can get fi meet HUBO him sexy, are he have ah gal???????????

  • Yoyo says:

    Big up mi cousin Peye yuh look clean as usual,mad dem same way

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