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Entertainer killed in Old Harbour

Entertainer “Risto Benjie” was shot and killed in Old Harbour, St. Catherine Monday night.

The 36-year artiste, whose given name is Michael Benjamin of Unity in St. Andrew was shot dead by a gunman in an area known as “Vietnam” in Church Pen about 10:00 p.m.

It’s reported that Mr. Benjamin was sitting outside a house when the man walked up.

He opened fire hitting Mr. Benjamin several times.

He later died at hospital.


35 Responses to RISTO BENJI KILLED

  • Kulongi says:

    RIP mi dupes Marl road days….yoh fadda mikey ago tek care a yoh, Kingston 11 we say….nuff people ago have bad tings fi say, but a life, you mek nuff man get gal, and nuff gal get man with yoh big tune….

  • simplicity says:

    nuh de passport buddy fe de visa pussy singa dis r mi hab it wrong?

  • Danhai Skeng says:


  • my condolences to the family of the deceased.

  • Cindy Royal says:

    Raaaaeeeee Simplicity! Mi did luv dem slack song deh wen mi likkle enuh. lol

  • Danhai Skeng says:

    him neva did use 2 spar wid SHABBA RANX why shaba neva try help him

    mi hear seh him did mash up how true is dat

  • skinny blak says:


  • Cindy Royal says:

    But Shabba mash up tuh Danhai. Shabba mash up from him maddah did mek him pay dung ova $30million tuh Pulse fi buy Villa Ronai as dem house. All teefin Louise Fraser Bennett (as terrible as shi was) did try tell di fool fool ooman seh nuh pick dat house cuz it was too much money, di ooman mek shabba mek di 30mil down payment cuz shi seh si wah lounge by di pool wen shi a talk pan har circular. lol Suh afta him cudden find di odda how much in million, di deal fell thru, but not b4 di legal aspect bite him in di ass – dere’s usually a clause in big real estate deals dat seh yuh foreit yuh money or most of it afta a certain time, cuz is like yuh mek di smaddy hold up dem property fi yuh wen dem cudda sell to smaddy else.

    Den dere was di theft of his grammies, plus wen di gays dem did tek him on bout him statements bout dem, plus all di teefin managers him did have. Nuh mount a gold suit an shoes weh Shabba wear fi prove seh him good nah guh bring back all di money. Dat’s y him stay a farin.

  • Danhai Skeng says:

    mi hear one a mi aunty wid d argument seh him bruk

    mi did want bring it inna d thread wid him n kartel

    but mi neva wah him fas dem kick mi up

    n dem tek back him mada house etc.. a true ting UP A STONY HILL I THINK

  • Cindy Royal says:

    Yes Villa Ronai uppa Stony Hill, but dem neva own it dem did jus pay dung pan it & they lost most of that money, which was most of his overall wealth. Louise did tell har fi buy a cheaper house inna cherry gardens cuz it had more dan enuff space fi mek di pool she so desired, but both she an har son wudden listen.

  • Danhai Skeng says:

    dem people nuh know who or what is a financial advisor SMH

  • jaded says:

    Danhai is better he be broke than bleach up him skin and take fuck in batty like kartel

  • Danhai Skeng says:
  • SERENITY says:

    R.I.P. Risto Benji,condolences to the friends & family.
    As a child artist he was good

  • Cindy Royal says:

    Him nuh dat brite enuh Danhai, mi nuh know bout now, but den he was semi-illiterate & the mother who was leading him was fully illiterate. I hope he is now fully literate, cuz he’ll need to be sharpe to stay in the game today. May of these older artists were like that, Ninja is full illiterate, neva put a pen to paper fi write a song. Dat’s y ppl tek advantage a dem.

  • Danhai Skeng says:

    ninja man

    neva know dem use 2 clown out him LOL

  • Danhai Skeng says:

    CUZ MI HEAR MI AUNTY A SEH HIM NUH KNOW or understand pan mortgage n neva did a pay DUNG PAN IT

    COME 2 think of it him nuh have a song bout pay dung pan it DWL

    d irony LOL


  • SERENITY says:

    R.I.P Risto Benji,he was a good artist when he was a tot.
    Him ded just like him dad,crazy
    Ninja,risto & nuff a dem use to hang a mall road & inna di same ting. A wha day yah,dem have funeral fi one young,young one down tehre who was a dads,smh


  • Palace says:

    R.I.P Risto… Listen him chune dem growing up..

  • cc says:

    r.i.p benji..another fallen childstar, him gain fame as a kid, an then drugs plague him as an adult,he was on top idk exactly what went wrong in his career, but som1 shud hav help him b4 it get to dis, di last couple of yrs he was livin terrible to di point where i actually saw dis comin

  • SWEET says:


  • This is about Risto not Shabba,RIP Risto my sympathy to the family and for the mixup people Shabba can read very well he past nine grade achievement and to a technical high so get the fact before you guy comments

  • alex says:

    a outa respect fi di dead mek unu naw talk the negatives ? cause lord knows risto was far from an angel

  • GrandyNanny Version 2.0.11 says:

    Risto RIP.. Condolences and strength to the family, friends, and fans.

  • Kunta says:

    RIP Risto. My condolences to his family, friends and the music fraternity.

    Indeed it is sad, and I hate to say this BUT I saw this coming a few years ago.


  • Anont says:

    wow! RIP big chune me bubble tuh as a yout

  • NANA~PROPPA says:

    yo mi baby fada juss tell mi

  • stranger says:

    Unno stop shit bout how him write tune fi nex artist and rae rae, weh do unno? After him ah run round and ah teef people tings, all ah bust gun shot pun nex man and threaten people, him ah rob shop and rum bar, all ah hold up ooman wid knife and one bag ah fuckry him ah gwarn wid, him never write no tune fi nobody, ah a yute jammy’s man use to give di lyrics fi sing and build di riddim fi him too, ah a yute him did entertaining but him never did cute ah a man, him move like jancro fi feed him drugs habbit, why shabba fi help him when hi$ never waan help himself, ah years now me ah play sound and voice dubs and we noh bodda wid him, from firehouse drop him, him fall flat pun face because him never have tallent fi keep pace wid beenie man, di ending sad fi him man andd jah know mi feel fi him mother but that’s the path him chose, live by di gun and di gun tek wey him life, poetic justice dat name, mi hope seh find peace inna di next life

  • like father, like son, waterhouse ppl unno know

  • Cindy Royal says:

    @ Stranger & Alex – unnu hold it man, unnu nuh know seh ppl nuh like hear di truth. Mi seh it ova a next topic already bout wen him did hold up di ooman, but him dead an gawn suh mek wi jus hold it an mek di delusionist dem gwan live inna dem delusion.

  • Danhai Skeng says:

    all beenie man him did a bring war to

    him grudge beenie cuz him did able to keep up with d changes OVA time while him couldnt

    MET dis if proof that beenie man is d age he say he is, cuz d two a dem use 2 spar n record tune as yung yute roun d same age

    check d 1st tune u post N u c a true

    beenie really born 1973 n him RISTO 1974

  • PABLO D says:


  • castiron says:

    R.I.P Beenie Man & Shabba Ranking

  • ppl,if unnu nuh know de whole truth say nothing.wey beenie-man&shabba have fe do wid risto benji,from him did side wid de ppl dem wey a sey SHABBA a battyman.shabba ask him outta villa if him eva beg him batty yet,fr dem time deh shabba drop him.SHABBA a de only 1 wey mek risto benji know foreign.WHEN risto decide fe tun rasta or “my-lord” inna de nineties it look like a it mad him,him & & a next mad one name iraine used to run dung de ppl dem inna de neighbourhood shouting “FIRE”all inna church dem used to go when it a gwaan chanting.a de same reason y him & beenie did go @ it,fe bout a week a pure gunshot fire,beenie did all get some man trim him feel bad fe lorna sad cauz wid all de shot dem wey fire pon de banks & inna waterhouse & nutten neva happen to him,him go so far go dead.

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