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13 Responses to MR I CAN’T RECALL

  • met yuh quick

  • danhai skeng says:

    what type a privacy a man can have fi conspire fi bring illegal AK 47s inna the country
    what him ago do with them

    jlp have the man looking like a clown, him nuh notice say a use them a use him

  • danhai skeng says:

    mi wish unuh could watch the whole thing cuz him all say 3 minus 400,000 equal to 397000

    KD nearly kill him

  • Met says:

    a smaddy sen it in man di ppl dem quick not me

  • dog says:

    Politician,politician,politician, all a dem a liead ,the one wey fe ansa de questions, and de one dem wey a ask de questions,dem nuh mean the people noooooooo gud,we tyad fe see dem face and no progress,dem play any card against each other fe win the hearts of de people,and wen dem win ,we suffa n fe dem pocket full,(run way vagabongs n leaches.

  • danhai skeng says:

    A MAN weh dem interview inna a VOX pox downtown,
    pan either entertainment report or TVJ NEWS last night say him like it becuz him get fi see how STUPID the leaders of the country are lol

  • dog says:

    Poor people cup inna jamaica soon full,we soon sayin dis is it like the people in egypt and poor people in rest of de world, “We tired a de fuckery and fed up fr 1979,and we hungry,mama caaan fine bread nor butta ,look how long some a dem inna power ,WEH DEM A WAIT PON,dem tek this thing fe a dynasty,

  • gazahman says:

    if the leaders of a country are stupid, then those they lead are also stupid, stupid people cyaa lead smart people. new talk ah road “i do not recall”, wen di judge ask latoya spence if she theif di blouse, she fi say ” i do not recall”, NOT GUILTY verdict right thurr, lol

  • dog says:

    @gazaman, reel talk mi breda ,reel talk,it’s like watching Dumb and Dummer,(the movie)

  • danhai skeng says:

    MET yuh fi try get the entertainment report one about the enquiry and add to this, mi watch it last night it wAS funny
    mi a search the internet and cant find it

  • smh.. yheses assholes taking this thing for a joke! das y mi bun out goldings government!

  • just by seeing that five min clip it tells people outside of jamaica why the country is in the state its in because as a siiting minister he is not fit for purpose i cant recall i cant recall on such a sesitive topic that cost so many lives to be lost he cant recall dicussing the matter he should be put onj the lie ditector machine hes lying throuh his teeth blatantly

  • Cindy Royal says:

    #1. He sounds sooo efing dumb with his “I can’t recall” & “I won’t answer bcuz it’s a matter of nat’l security” crap that I wonder fi him.

    #2. Certainly dem tek Jamaicans fi fool

    #3. I’m convinced Dwight Nelson is brain dead, cuz smaddy really can suh stupid an lie?!

    No sah… dem grieve mi.

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