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  • The set-up up was easy like 1,2,3 and the Jamaican guys fell for it. This is sad and truly a disgrace.

  • J.C. says:

    I cried when I watch this…the depravity of it!
    My friend is a white male and every time he goes out on the streets of Jamaica, some low-life approaches him to offer to sell him sex with underaged girls. One man even claimed he could sell him his 12 year old daughter!! When my friend tries to lecture them about the evil of their ways, they laugh and tell him, essentially, that ‘a suh de ting set, man!’. Disgusting!!1

  • LikeForReals says:

    Why the uncle neva guh sell fi himself?! Poor little girl doesn’t even know what she’s getting into. It’s one thing when a young girl is fully aware and can make her own decisions. But in this case the child is being forced into prostitution. May God have mercy pon unu weh ah do dem sumting ere.

    Jamaica land we love. Smh.

  • simplicity says: tings dese jamaican ppl doing for money nd him ava hawt a talk bout him sista trust him,him can carru har out anytime,may his asshole drain out while de tuff back man dem in jail a ram it out fucking wicked nd hawtless johncrow dem,bout she is 13+ like the plus mek a different a disgrace to human race.

  • LikeForReals says:

    Fi real simpli.

  • why unno eva a seh jamaica like a jamaca alone dem fuckery a gwan? it a happen inna haiti(the mother dem a sell off dem young daughters to slavery also for money, i happen all over but as soon as a jamaican everybody a act like a only jamaica only. not saying its right but its a world wide problem!

  • omg…thats right inna mi community, bc she say she go clan clathy jesas peas…mi feel it, him no have nothing bout him, his own niece.

  • shame an disgace!!!!!!!!!!!!!am fucking speachlessssssssssss…the uncle is a pice a shit useless prick ..

  • simplicity says:

    LFR dem fe glad dat God isn’t like man nuff a wi wuden deh yah nd as wi tink wi dead,but cum on now mi knw him hab pickney why him neva carry fe him own(not saying that its rite to even carry any) but luk how him fucking wicked smaddy else pickney nd him niece at dat can just imagine how dem a bad har up inna de car pon dem way,notice de pickney body language wen de man sey how old har u,she all talk unda har breath,why jamaica dnt carry back de hang dem? so haad out de already nd ppl a pay tax fe dese germs still bloodclaat eat nd sleep.

  • Tekki Telli says:

    That fucker should get 1000 years with hard labour and di mother fi get 15 for been an irresponsible parent, sick fuckers.

  • LikeForReals says:

    Good point simpli. At the end of the day the laws aren’t harsh enough and he will back in the community to terrorize di poor chile. Probably her mother not even around or she get bad up too. Nuff careless muma put dem pickney out fi money. JA always have some mixup wid family, so who knows whose child she really is…

  • @ eyn 11:05 we are talking about JA, because this particular topic was about JA. Noone denies the fact the problem is world wide.

  • LikeForReals says:

    Forgot to log in. I made the comment about the topic being about JA.

  • Yute says:

    mi wah see the clip sen bac the link

  • NR says:


  • Anonymous says:

    wow! this nigga pimpin out his own niece!! nasty mudda cunt!!!!!! this is a sick sad world


  • unknown says:

    this is so sicking to see what this world come to and y har moda trust har brother so muc tht him can tek har pickney n carry weh anytime fukaa

  • bigbutt (small waist) says:

    This is so sad and I feel di uncle a sex har off long time and is him bruk har out. This is obviously a world wide problem. Those men involved should be beaten, tortured and kill. This is sad and truely a disgrace.. Why can’t they let our children be children and enjoy their childhood?

  • sickening is an understatement!!! bout the mother trust him..smh ..all she fi get some fucklick caus she nu andycapp!! she well an knw waa gwaan…disgusting

  • Dem gwine barter off him batty a prison!!!

  • TickyLikeNike- BURGS >hey ticky baby (smiling) says:


  • memememem says:

    That so sad… them man them need to stop and thing about what they are doing… they have mother sister,grandmother ,ext and i know they would not anybody doing that to there love one…

  • David Smixx says:

    country stay a way

  • Cindy Royal - wooiiii laff afta dem! says:

    Wat di fucking fuck?! God know, mi nah trust nobady wid my pickney! Yuh can bet seh a di uncle a di 1st man guh to har. An yuh know di terrible ting bout di situation, shi a lef an guh duh di sed ting all ova again enuh – cuz a dat shi know.

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