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The Orgasmic Jamaican Circus

The events of the past two days have some what reflected the nature of
our Prime Minister, Bruce Golding, an ardent ”Flip Flopper” who seems to
suffer from indecisiveness and over- active nerves.
I use the term orgasmic to decribe the events because at one point,
we were caressed by this Mr Bruce Golding so much so that we forgot
about his ” Flip flopping” and allowed him the pleasure/power of
serving us the Jamaican people. Being a ”Flip Flopper” isnt such a
bad thing when at the end of the day one switches sides because they
have held strongly to a belief that is no longer shared by the clique
or somehow has honestly seen that a better ” belief ” is shared by
the opposite side. So yes we disregarded the ”Flip Flopping, Flip
Flopper” and the comedy surrounding his actions. It caressess,
strokes and as the French say ”we die the little death”.

Niccolo Machivelli said: ” As Prince , especially a new one

cannot observe all those things for which men are esteemed, being

often forced in order to mantain the state, to act contrary to faith,

friendship, humanity and religion…But A prince ought to care he

never lets anything slip from his lips that is not replete with the

above-named five qualities that he may appear to him who sees and

hears him altogether merciful, faithtful,humane , upright and


When one examines these words in terms of Prime Minister Bruce
Golding’s actions a few words seem to echo more loudly than others
”But A Prince ought to care he never lets anything slip from his
– The admission of using ”party funds” to finance ”Minatt” who
were hired in defence of Mr Coke
– Apologising for his ”involvement/ relationship” with Mr Coke
This makes me shake and at the end of my ”shaking” I end with a
”hmmm” ,because there are no words to describe our Prime Minister’s
actions. Mr Coke whom he Mr Bruce Golding our Prime Minister defended or tried to defend a few months ago
,he has seemed to have pulled out all the stops for his capture and
extraditment, almost over night. Is it fitting to say ”Flip Flopper”
or unfit leader? Jamaica doesn’t need and indecisive Leader, we need
a Leader who stands up for laws that have governed our country, at
least. And in standing up for the laws of Jamaica, Mr Coke has done
lawless things and justice has to prevail. Mr Prime Minister there
wasn’t anything to ”Flip Flop” about.
The residents of Tivoli Garden however they may appear are
subjected to the laws of Jamaica which somehow states their right to
be treated as Human Beings. The shady somewhat comical press release
that was release to the Media on Sunday gave  hint to the series of
the events that have taken place post the press release:
– The ”bus” that would be provided for the residents at the
intersection of Marcus Garvey Drive for the ”lawful civilians of
Tivoli Gardens. To date there has been no such bus.
-Citizens of Tivoli Gardens being victimized by ”lawmen” sent to
recover Mr Cooke who has yet to be recoverd.
-The disallowance of the Media to enter the ”war zone”
-The constant repetition of the ”law men” who have been injured or killed.
-The blantant disregard for the loss of lives of the civilians
– Lastly the inability of the Governor General or the Prime Minister
to address the Nation.
For the Law men who should be commended for their heroic efforts I
leave them a bit of  W.B Yeats:

I know that I shall meet my fate
Somewhere among the clouds above;
Those that I fight I do not hate,
Those that I guard I do not love;
My country is Kiltartan Cross,
My countrymen Kiltartan’s poor,
No likely end could bring them loss
Or leave them happier than before.
Nor law, nor duty bade me fight,
Nor public men, nor cheering crowds,
A lonely impulse of delight….


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