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Doctor’s Advice – Shrinking Male Organ
Published: Sunday | March 24, 2013 0 Comments
Q. Hi Doc. I am a 49-year-old male and I have a lot of problems. I am diabetic and currently on metformin, aspirin and water tablets. I have been taking these for 20 years.Doctor, I have noticed that my sex organs have become very small. My penis seems to have shrunk, and this has incapacitated me from having a normal sex life. Is there any medication which I could try?

A. I am sorry to hear about all your problems. It is well known that diabetes sometimes causes difficulties with erection. However, it does not cause shrinking of the male organ.

When a man complains that his organ is getting smaller, there are two main diagnoses to bear in mind. The first is called ‘koro’, and that is a psychological condition in which the man thinks that his organ is shrinking, though it is not. In some parts of the world, notably China and Malaysia, koro is quite common and tends to occur in wild outbreaks of mass hysteria in which large numbers of men become convinced that their penises are disappearing. It doesn’t sound as if the diagnosis of koro applies to you, because I don’t think you are suffering from hysteria.

The other possibility is a lack of male hormone. Some men produce less testosterone as they get older, and that may lead to a certain amount of shortening and thinning of the penis.

I am not saying that you definitely have a lack of male hormone. But I do think that you should see your doctor and ask him to do a blood test to find out what your testosterone level is. If it turns out to be low, or even at the low end of the normal range, I am sure that the doctor would be happy to prescribe some testosterone medication for you to take over the next six months or so. During that time, I hope that you find that you get some bulk in the shaft of your organ.

I had a lot of sex as a young woman and, as a consequence, I have what is described as early cancer of the cervix. My doctor says that the report from the lab states that I have cancer cells, which he calls CIN-2.

So the gynaecologist is going to do what is called a cone biopsy. What is this? Will I survive? Will I be able to have sex again? And will I be able to have children? I can give you good news. You have been told that you have early cancer of the cervix, and most early cancers are curable!

Your CIN-2 or cervical intraepithelial neoplasia-2 is a fairly low rating, so your chances of survival are very good. The operation you are to have is called cone biopsy because the surgeon removes a cone-shaped piece of tissue from your cervix, taking away all the bad cells. You will need a few weeks to fully recover from that, but you will definitely be able to have sex again. Be guided by your gynaecologist as to how soon you can resume. And yes, you will be able to have children if you want. Your womb will be left intact, and you will be perfectly capable of having a child. Good luck.





Teens filmed having sex in class

March 5 2013 at 09:55am
By Megan Baadjies
Cape Town – The Western Cape Education Department is investigating shocking video footage of pupils having sex in the back of a classroom.

The Daily Voice handed over the video clip to the authorities after a concerned parent brought it to our attention.

There are fears that the video – which clearly shows a boy and girl, who look in their early teens, having sexual intercourse – has now gone viral among students in Cape Town.

The whistleblower, who does not want to be identified, found it on her nephew’s cellphone.

He told her it was sent to him from another friend, who attends a different school.

“I don’t know how far this clip has spread because my nephew belongs to another school,” she said. “The moment I saw it I took it from his phone.

“I don’t know what their [children in the video] parents would say if they must see this or what they must be going through if they found out about this.”

The WCED on Monday night vowed to investigate the footage after it was brought to their attention.

“We are deeply concerned about this case and are investigating it as a matter of urgency,” WCED spokeswoman Bronagh Casey explained.

“The video has only come to the department’s attention today. We were not aware of its existence and are trying to ascertain the location of the school.”

The footage – which is more than a minute long – shows the learners having sex inside an empty classroom while a third pupil records the act from above.

The graphic clip clearly shows a teen girl having sex with her classmate while sitting on his lap.

They are both still in their school uniform. The teenagers’ school uniform is identifiable on the video.

In the video, the boy’s pants are pulled down to his knees as he sits in a chair with one hand placed around the girl.

A few seconds into the recording the boy looks into the camera above him and smiles as the girl remains facing down.

The boy can be heard talking to the girl, but it is not clear what he is saying to her.

He’s also seen showing gang signs into the camera at the start and near the end of the recording.

The girl, who is dressed in a skirt and school jersey, leans over a desk as they began to have sex.

It is not clear if the kids used any protection.

Towards the end of the video, the girl suddenly looks up, as if noticing the camera for the first time.

She quickly tries to hide her face in embarrassment, indicating that she did not know she was being filmed.

While she seems shocked after discovering they were being watched, her male friend simply looks into the camera and smiles.

Educators on Monday night expressed their shock at the video.

Teachers Union Provincial Secretary Joavon said the footage was “a serious matter for concern”.

He added: “It is important that the boy and girl involved must seek counselling – and we must educate them.

“These children must also be made aware of the sexual viruses that could spread. And if the girl did not know she was being filmed, the boy must be expelled.”

Vice Chairperson of the Mount View High School governing body Anthony Corolus – himself a father of five – said parents should also be held responsible.

“This issue is rife at certain high schools,” he told the Daily Voice.

“Parents expect teachers to look after their kids when they forget educators are there to educate.

“Parents play a vital role in our children’s upbringing. We should stand up and take responsibility.”


Cape Town – The two pupils caught on camera having sex in the back of a classroom have been booted out of their school.

And the teenager who filmed the shocking incident has also been expelled.

The footage – details of which were published for the first time on Tuesday – has sparked outrage among concerned parents.

The Daily Voice has helped the Western Cape Education Department (WCED) identify the school at the centre of the scandal.

On Tuesday the WCED confirmed that the sex act actually took place last year, but the school did not tell the department about the disturbing footage.

“The video evidence was never handed to the department as the police took possession of the evidence,” WCED spokeswoman Bronagh Casey said.

“The Department can confirm that the incident did happen at a school in the Western Cape.

“The incident occurred last year. Three learners were involved.

“Once it was brought to the school’s attention, a disciplinary meeting was held and a recommendation for expulsion was made, which was upheld by the department.”

“We would like to thank you [Daily Voice] for your assistance and for not identifying the school. We and the school appreciate it.”

The teenagers at the centre of the sex film scandal attended a Cape Flats high school.

They were all in Grade 11 at the time of the recording.

We are not naming the school in order to protect the teenagers’ identities.

The graphic sex clip went viral among students attending various high schools across the Cape.

The video clearly shows the pupils – both in school uniforms – having sex at the back of an empty classroom.

The boy is seen smiling and showing gang hand signs to the camera above him.

The girl appears unaware that the incident is being recorded until the last moment.

A concerned mother of a child who attends the school at the centre of the sex scandal claims the boy openly boasted about the incident with his fellow pupils.

And she claimed the school tried to “sweep the incident under the rug”.

The woman said: “All the parents were told about an unfortunate incident that happened at school but that was it. We heard nothing else.

“My daughter [who was not involved in the scandal] was in Grade 8.

“She came home traumatised, but to other children whose parents allow them to have their phones at school this is like normal behaviour.

“This video spread like hot fire.”

* Meanwhile, Mountview High School in Hanover Park would like the Daily Voice to confirm that it is not the school at the centre of the scandal following unsubstantiated rumours on Tuesday.


School sex video teens may face porn charge

March 8 2013 at 11:27am
By Megan Baadjies
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Teens in school sex video expelled
Teens filmed having sex in class
Cape Town – Two boys and a girl involved in the high school sex video scandal could still find themselves in court facing criminal charges.

On Thursday, police confirmed the case was opened against the three youngsters.

“We can confirm a case was reported,” police spokesperson Captain Frederick van Wyk said.

“This is a very sensitive case and no further comment will be made on the matter.”

The Grade 11 learners were expelled from school last year after they were recorded having sex in an empty classroom.

A week after the illicit clip went viral at their school and across the Cape, a teacher notified the school principal and the matter was reported to police.

The National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) said the three students, who were 17 and 16 years old at the time of the incident, have not yet been prosecuted.

“There hasn’t been a court case yet. The police have charged the learners under the Films and Publications Act,” said NPA spokesperson Eric Ntabazalila.

“A docket was brought to us and we returned it to the police for further investigation. They [police] have just returned it to us.

“We haven’t made a decision on whether to prosecute yet,” adds Ntabazalila.

This week, the Western Cape Education Department said they were not aware of the sex clip until it was brought to their attention by the Daily Voice.

WCED spokesperson Bronagh Casey confirmed the learners were expelled after the shocking incident.

In May last year, the brazen teens apparently bunked to have sex between classes.

The 17-year-old boy and 16-year-old girl were recorded by a third learner, also 16. In the lengthy video, the girl is seen sitting on the boy’s lap.

The boy has his pants pulled down while the girl’s skirt is hiked up.

While the boy looks into the camera, showing gang hand signs more than once, the girl does not know she is being recorded.

Towards the end of the footage, the girl looks up and quickly covers her face while shouting “yoh!”

Casey said: “The principal followed all the necessary procedures.

“In cases such as this, the incident must be reported to the police.”

She said none of the pupils appealed the expulsion.

“None of the three learners appealed during the required time frame,” she added.

“Therefore the matter is now closed by the education department.

“Any legal prosecutions that take place are separate to the school disciplinary procedure.”

Daily Voice






China loves pork too much
The thousands of pig carcasses dumped in a river are a symptom of the rush to satisfy the demand for meat
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Nicola Davison, Saturday 23 March 2013 11.00 EDT
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A worker moves a dead pig on to a truck in Zhulin village, Jiaxing. Photograph: Stringer/China/Reuters
Over the last fortnight, more than 16,000 dead pigs have been recovered from tributaries of the Huangpu, the river that arcs through Shanghai. Mottled and swollen, adult hogs and piglets were first spotted upstream in Henglaojing creek, their bellies forming pearlescent domes among the river debris. Finding a dead hog in this creek isn’t an anomaly. Farmers have been using the waterways as a dumping ground for deceased stock for decades, residents say. It is the numbers that the locals find shocking.

What worries Shanghai residents is that the waterway supplies more than 20% of the city’s tap water. Early tests revealed the pigs carry porcine circovirus, which isn’t infectious to humans, and the water was ruled safe. Though there has been no official explanation for their appearance, tags in the pigs’ ears trace them to Jiaxing in the neighbouring Zhejiang province. Jiaxing is an area where the pork industry flourishes and where 70,000 pigs died this year because of extreme weather conditions and “crude raising techniques”, according to state media.

Citizens have responded with outrage to the Henglaojing incident. “That thousands of dead pigs were dumped in the Huangpu secretly isn’t news”, said Li Mingsheng, a well-known writer, on his weibo (microblog) account. “It’s also not news that 20 million Shanghai residents have drunk dead pig broth for half a month. What’s news is that the Shanghai water bureau claims the Huangpu’s water meets health standards.” Others responded more humorously. In one joke spread through weibo, a Beijing resident boasts that he just has to open the window to have free cigarettes. A Shanghai resident retorts: “That’s nothing, we turn on our taps and have pork chop soup.”

My reaction is more despondent. I visited Zhejiang late last year to report on the booming factory-farm industry, interviewing a young man whose local eco system has been decimated by the arrival of a factory farm. A dead pig in a river is gripping, sensationalist, macabre. But it hints at a deeper crisis: the impact the burgeoning meat industry in the developing world is having on the planet.

As the world’s population expands, incomes rise – and we eat more meat. In 1999, annual meat production worldwide was around 218m tonnes. By 2030 it is projected to be 376m, according to the World Health Organisation. To accommodate the extra 2 billion people expected to be alive by 2050, we need to eat a quarter of the meat we do now.

Tell that to the Chinese, who are particularly fond of pork. Mao’s favourite dish was hongshao rou, a fatty braised pork belly. The country produces and consumes half the world’s pork, around 50m tonnes in 2011. The average person eats four times what they ate in 1980, but a third less than the average Briton.

To satiate rising meaty appetites, animal husbandry is in a state of rapid change. Backyard pigpens, the method by which Chinese people raised hogs for centuries, are being replaced with Cafos (concentrated feeding animal operations), copycats of the American versions, which the Chinese government is subsidising heavily. A Cafo is likely to be where the hogs in the Henglaojing waters came from. Jiaxing accounts for a quarter of the pigs raised in Zhejiang province, around 4.5m each year.

A downside of the Cafo system is that it’s inefficient. The amount of grain – usually soy – that it takes to feed so many animals renders the energy ratio from crop to pork at 4:1 (beef is 7:1). They are also breeding grounds for viruses – such as porcine circovirus as seen in the Henglaojing pigs, but also foot-and-mouth disease and hog cholera. More worrying for humans is that the use of antibiotics in Cafos is linked to the development of antibiotic-resistant pathogens. The proper disposal of diseased animals should be a global concern.

From the “hogwash” incident, the Chinese government should take stock. It must move swiftly to regulate Cafos, particularly the smaller holdings that have grown haphazardly and without sufficient checks. The farmers involved in this incident made the unwise decision to dump the carcasses rather than burn them (which is more expensive), but why hadn’t the local government stopped similar behaviour before? At least the hogs weren’t sold. In October, a court in Jiaxing heard a case in which 77,000 tonnes of dead pigs had been illegally processed and sold as meat to locals. The defendants made 8.6m yuan (£900,000) from the deals.

Chinese friends and acquaintances are initially bemused by my vegetarianism. Despite the country’s rich Buddhist tradition, they think it’s a quaint, foreign quirk. Something hardwired into the nation’s psyche is the association of meat with progress. I find it difficult to explain to people who had one of the world’s deadliest famines in living memory that I think people today eat too much meat for the good of the planet and themselves. When I was a child, I ate it every day.


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Housewife In Lagos State Dies After Intercourse With Neighbour

The price for adultery is fatal when one considers what happened recently in Badagry area Lagos State, southwest Nigeria, where a housewife died during sex with her neighbour, who is also married to another woman.

The man, Lawrence Chukwuma, landed in trouble after he had sex with Mrs Lucy Joseph, 24 and the woman died in the process.

The incident happened at 2nd Avenue, Oke-Morosun Magbon area of Badagry.

On the fateful day, the 48-year old Chukwuma from Anambra State, southeast Nigeria, reportedly woke up early and pretended that he was going to pursue his business and later came back when his own wife and Lucy’s husband had gone out.

It was gathered that while Chukwuma and Lucy were having the best of time, she suddenly started breathing heavily and became unconscious. Before Lucy was taken to hospital, she had already died and the doctors merely confirmed her dead.

It was not certain what actually caused her death, but her body has been deposited at the Badagry General Hospital for autopsy.

The matter was reported at the Badagary police division and Chukwuma, who also has three children, was arrested and the matter was transferred to SCID, Panti, Yaba for further investigation.

After investigation, the police charged him to Ebute-meta Magistrate’s court for causing Lucy’s death through unlawful carnal knowledge of her.

His plea was not taken.

The court ordered him to be remanded in prison custody at Ikoyi pending the outcome of the autopsy report and DPP’s advice.

The father of the late Lucy, Joseph Ebieme, who comfirmed the incident, said he was at his work place when he was called on his phone line and told what happened. He said when he rushed home and went to Lawrence’s house, his daughter was already dead.

When P.M.NEWS visited the home of the deseased, the husband was not around to comment on the matter.

The younger sister of the deseased, Blessing Ebieme, said she came from her house in Ikorodu area to Badagry to take care of the children Lucy left behind.

Lucy hailed from Eket in Akwa Ibom State and had three children, Joy, 12, Isaiah 10, and Miracle, 5.

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