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“Woe Be unto You Who Scatter my Sheep”
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By creativeone59

“Woe Be Unto Who Scatter My Sheep”

Woe be unto you, who sactter my sheep.
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“Woe Be Unto You, Who Scatter My Sheep”
Jeremiah chapter 23 -1 & 2 :Woe be unto the pastors that destroy and scatter the sheep of my pasture, saith the Lord.

2: Therefore thus saith the Lord God of Israel against the pastors that feed my flock and driven them away, and have not visited them: behold, I will visit upon you the evil of your doings, said the Lord.

When God made the statement above, I’m sure he used pastors as an example,but I’m sure he meant for everyone that’s out in the world teaching false doctrine or doctrines of men.I think that there are have been many people professing to be true believers and doers of the word of God, when in actuality; they are wolves in sheep clothing trying to lead God children astray. We need to make sure we search our hearts and minds to make sure we’re teachings and spreading the bread of life, Gods way. We are people that suppose to be in the God business, of saving sinners, but their are some that are misleading them and teaching the wrong doctrine. If you are a minister and you’re telling lies to sinners or people that want to know the truth about the word of God. If you are blaspheming the word of God. if you ‘re a bishop or a pope, and you’re sexually misusing and abusing his sheep; God says woe unto you. If you’re professing the goodness of God and you doing everything that’s not of God, then woe be unto you, because your actions has cursed you, your life and your existence. We have catholic priest committing atrocious sexual sins against young boys; people this is unacceptable to us, but most of all to God.

We are doing all manner of evil and wickedness to fulfill the lust of the flesh. We Have taken natural emotions of a man and women and going after other strange flesh. We have become lovers of ourselves. This warning from God applies to anyone misleading the children of God. The words, woe unto you, are so profound until you know you’re in big trouble; if we don ‘t adhere to the message. Gods word is talking to us; those that are proclaiming to be godly and telling Gods truth, but lying in their words and actions. You ministers, pastors, preachers, bishops,priest and evangelist, woe be unto you, if you aren’t telling and living Gods truth. God doesn’t want us misleading his sheep. if we are doing it, then there is a hefty penalty if we do so. Beware of scattering God’s sheep, which mean, if you doing things that running people way from the congregation or from the churches because you have did something unacceptable to the members, then you’re scattering Gods sheep. Check yourselves and make sure you correct your actions.

Benny Faye Douglass


Claudia Mcbean > Samar X Boss
All the X girls dem a lesbian dem a sleep with dem one another duty samar any weh mi see yuh mi a go shit yuh duty rass
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Ahahahahahahahaha loneliness is not a crime boo I feel u. Bitch u need a hug.
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Claudia Mcbean
Bitch wait till mi see yug
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Claudia Mcbean
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Ok hun make it easier where r u
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Bitch you know where i work at
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The one thing I cant stand is those who love to use facebook and judge ppl how can you really judge one from social sites dwl lol ppl can say do act put on a show prays god a billon times and in reality thats not them get to no a person one on one befor you run off and misjudge a person. Or if you don’t get to no that person dont be the one that watch there foolishness on fb and be the one ready to throw your stone without knowing half of the things ppl say or do is just for the entertainment
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Esther Anderson is indirectly cited in one of Bob’s songs. The lovers’ favorite hideaway was a fishing village past Negril. And on one evening, the two encountered a roadblock while crossing the island. This was the impetus behind “Rebel Music.” Rita…..Esther Anderson gets the brunt of her ire when she explained how the publicist, hired by Chris Blackwell moved in to Kingston to become more like a mattress for Marley, than a buttress to his music and message.

Diane Jobson was Bob’s attorney but that is not how her role in Bob’s life initially began. She “was a fairly typical example of an upper class woman completely under his control. She was a real uptown girl, whom Bob had taken and bred into the Rasta faith in the early seventies and, after he got bored with her, gave the day-to-day task of being his lawyer,” says Don Taylor.

Yvette Morris can be listed as another girlfriend. Don Taylor credited her and Allen Cole as aiding Bob in several important business decisions (Taylor).
Bob openly dated, and had sexual relations with, three of Cindy Breakespeare’s friends during the time he was with Cindy. Though sisters, Virginia and Nancy Burke did not seem to mind sharing their lover. Sandra Kong, another friend of Cindy’s, also was linked romantically with Bob.

Rita said this about Cindy…..unuh did dash it out on de site already…..ohhh la la…The wife of Bob Marley also spews poison on the pageant princess Cindy Breakspeare who was crowned Miss World. The queen of reggae takes no hostages in defining the beauty as raised to pimp men with money. In explaining the nurturing of some women raised in perceived “affluent communities” of Jamaica, Rita made no bones in explaining how Breakspeare moved in as a tenant of Island Records founder Chris Blackwell to position herself as closeasthis to the reggae star. Actually, Rita’s account parallels Don Taylor’s chapter in a book the manager penned called “Marley & Me.” Taylor wrote that Cindy’s family had fallen on hard times when she was a young girl. Perhaps it was the need for security that the beauty exploited her gift.
“Cindy closed her eyes”… when Bob slept with her friends Virginia Burke and her sister Nancy, Taylor wrote. As a matter of fact, Taylor said he lost all respect for Cindy when he realized she tolerated the disrespectful behaviour from her Rastafarian lover.
But Rita’s said her name defined her with sin (Cin-dy).


Hi Met…

I was at fiction two weeks ago and I swore I spotted Taniesh Lava Simpson with the French Ambassador for Hennessy as his date as we were at a Hennesey Anniversary party. Bounty Killer was also there and I didn’t see them exchange no words, she was all cozy with the Ambassordor and by the next day it was in the second page of the Jamaica Observer so my question is who dump who? Killa dump Lava or a Lava get drop cause that was very quick! I see her put up pictures with she and the man in his private jet on facebook! Wha you see Lava? STEP UP PON THE MONEY MAN!



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