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I caught my Wife Sleeping with another Man in her Parents House0 Comments
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Posted on 29 Apr 2012 at 4:16am

A security man, Mr. Ojo Joseph, has told an Oshodi Grade ‘B’ Customary Court, Lagos, how he caught his wife, Bola, sleeping with another man in her parents’ house.

“I do not want her anymore as my wife. I caught my wife sleeping with another man in her parents’ house,”Joseph had said.Joseph asked the court to dissolve their 19-year-old marriage on account of the wife’s alleged adulterous act and other irreconcilable differences.

Bola, 38, owned up to a relationship with another man She said, “I do not feel loved and cared for again and that is why I decided to date another man who has accepted to take care of me.

“I, therefore, want the marriage dissolved so that I can re-marry someone who loves me and I also want the custody of my children.

“Since my husband joined a violent socio-cultural group sometimes in 2008, he had abandoned me and devoted much of his time to the activities of the group.

“He hardly comes home to perform his duties as a father and a husband as he was virtually living at the group’s office. At a time I started taking his meals to him over there.”

Man accuses Wife of Cheating because She Passes Gas and Mourns loudly during Intercourse
She added that his membership of the group also posed a lot of danger to her.

“There are times the group would clash and a rival group would come to our house to threaten us and even damage our property,” Bola said.

The estranged couple got married in 1993 according to traditional customs and the union was blessed with three children.

The court’s acting President, Mrs. R.I. Adetola, ruled that Ojo and his estranged wife were free to go their separate ways.

“Since both parties have agreed to the dissolution, coupled with the fact that they have been separated for over one year and the appeal for settlement has fell on deaf ears, the court hereby dissolves the marriage,” Adetola said.


by Ron Carlson

Christianity begins and ends with a spirit of intentionality. “In the beginning, God….” signals that an intelligent force acting on purpose sponsors all that we can see and know. Design, balance, and order witness to our logic that things hold together by a power greater than us.

Our inherent concept of beginnings testifies that our something didn’t come from nothing. Striving to gain the upper hand in an age of electronic disobedience persuades us that the One who keeps the stars in the air and our feet on the ground must know more about celestial engineering than the local scientists down the hall in research and design.

We know enough to know it’s a good thing that we are not in charge of the universe. We can thank more than our lucky stars that the Master Planner is not A.D.D., directionally challenged, or addicted to chocolate. Where would we be if The One who made it all forgot where He laid His keys or left the oven on? What if the sun forgot its morning appointment? What if the tides forgot to roll? What if the rains forgot to come? What if they forgot to go – again?

What if rhyme got crossways with reason? What if north met south without permission? What if the hummingbird couldn’t get a VISA and had to winter in Ontario? What if you were really lost in the cosmos and no One cared? What if your days weren’t numbered?

What if you had crawled from the slime pit without eyes to see, ears to hear, tongue to taste, nose to smell, and skin and hearts to feel? What would your world be like then? What if you were ill equipped to laugh, learn and love? What if you happened to happen before evolution got the bugs worked out? What if you were a bug, an ugly bug, with cockroaches as cousins and fire ants for neighbors? What if the universe decided to squish you?

What if you were anything but God’s kind intention?

From before the beginning until after the end, anything that is anything is solely dependent on God. There is but a single source. There is really no debate about the meaning of is, now is there? It is what it is and we are what we are because life is grounded in the Great I AM. God Is.

God is intentional, and since we are “made in His image,” we are the ultimate manifestation of His intention, and thus the objects of His intentional love. “God is love,” declares His Spirit, “and He first loved us!”

Love, by all accounts the universe’s premium expression, is intentional, and by design a verb. Love acts intentionally, without failure.
Perfect love became perfect intentionally when “God became flesh and dwelt among us.” He “acted on our behalf.”

Jesus is no accidental Savior. “Before the foundation of the world,” God purposed our salvation and completion in the missionary love of His eternal son. God didn’t make us for nothing.

Jesus willingly surrendered the power and glory of heaven and entered space and time as a space and time bound man on purpose and with purpose. Love demands God’s all and nothing less. Thank God that His loving will can’t be deterred!

We need the constant reminder that heaven and earth run on schedule and that life is anything and everything but random. God doesn’t make mistakes. He can’t err. Our Creator and Sustainer never bumbles, bungles, or blunders.

God is ultimately reasonable, though to us capricious characters, He is frequently misunderstood, misrepresented and misquoted. We often misdefine our own weaknesses and character faults as manufacturing defects, somehow trying to cover the tracks of our sin. We tumble deeper into denial with every round of the blame game. To realign ourselves with truth, we must first recognize and admit that we are the ones out of kilter. We offend God and His perfect creation with our rebellious unintentionality.

Words can only partially explain the attributes and ways of God. The best description that human tongues can produce regarding the nature of God is “perfect.” And since the human mind interprets reality in terms of comparison, our fallen understanding of “perfect” is warped. We simply can’ t grasp “God-perfect.”

When the opening lines of the Bible tell us that God surveyed His creation and pronounced it “good,” it is declaring all things “God-perfect.” And a major component of “God-perfect” is pure intentionality. God waited until the sixth day to forge His ultimate creation, and it was by divine design that humans are crafted in “the image of God.”
Make no mistake, we are no mistake. “Perfect” prevents miscues.

How you view your world and how you understand your origins dramatically affects the way you think and live. If you accept the false notion that you are without design and purpose, life is ultimately futile, and despair will surface as your only alternative. Conversely, if you embrace the great Biblical truth of creation, life finds meaning and you discover your true identity as a child of God constructed with eternity in mind.

The choice boils down to random selection or intelligent, intentional design. Which alternative best represents truth, reason and love?


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1. Our habits and routines are set in stone. Please don’t even think of changing what we like to wear, do and eat. Tossing out those grimy sneakers will result in civil war.

2. Our health is not our problem, but yours (and please make it so). If we fall sick from eating or imbibing too much of the wrong things, we expect you to baby us, and to make us well.
3. If you want to be loved for more than your anatomy, don’t listen to the lady newscaster reporting on the imminent collapse of half of Europe’s economies, only to chirp, “She should’ve parted her hair on the other side.”
4. The best way to a man’s heart is through his ego. Often, it’s the only thing bigger than our stomachs.
5. Men lose about five words a day from their memory. Somewhere between saying “I love you” for the first time and celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary, they’ve lost a whole dictionary. But don’t worry — that grunt does mean “You’re the most wonderful person I’ve been blessed to know, and thank you for bearing up with me, sweetie.”
6. Men were once babies, too, and a little cuddling, massage and a hug after a long day is always welcomed.
7. Unless it is a life or death situation, please do not bother us during a sports match on TV.
8. We rarely share our thoughts and feelings so during the few occasions when we do get out of our cave and open up to you, genuine attention and acknowledgement would be much appreciated.
9. Yes we like looking at pretty women, on the street or in movies and magazines. But please do not say that we are the only ones who do this as we have only two words to say in response: Brad Pitt.
10. We love cars. The way they look, feel and ride turn us on. Please do not complain about it. Men can obsess about worst things, right?
11. Women use an average of 25,000 words a day. Men use only about 10,000. Please do not expect us to keep up. This is a contest we would gladly lose.
12. We love our hair more than you do because we may have to say goodbye to it sooner.
13. Men who honor their mothers make better husbands.
14. When we have problems, we do not want to get sidelined by analyzing our feelings about it. We just want a definite solution to rid ourselves of it.
15. If you need something from us, say it! We are lousy at picking up hints.
16. If we ask you what is wrong and you answer, “Nothing,” we are surprised why you get angry. Aren’t we supposed to believe you?
17. We are not blessed with multi-tasking abilities like you. So please do not disturb us at work unless it is an emergency.
18. If you are going through a hormonal phase, please do us the courtesy of a verbal announcement. We do not want to realize it the hard way.
19. We have the attention span of fleas so when relating a story, please opt for the Cliff Notes version.
20. Please do not nag. Our romantic partners should not resemble our mothers.
21. If you think we drive too fast, you should see us when you are not in the car.
22. Even if it isn’t true, we would appreciate it if you act as though we are in charge. Our egos depend on this illusion.
23. Yes, the skimpy outfit looks hot on you but no way are you wearing it outside our dressing room.
24. Our jobs define who we are so those long hours at the office are just that. Long hours.
25. We love sex. We think about s*x. Life without s*x isn’t worth living. We think about s*x all the time. It doesn’t mean that we are pigs and it does not mean that we will fool around. It’s just that… did we tell you how much we love s*x?

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