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The New Age Movement is growing by leaps and bounds – not only in our country, but throughout the entire world. People are looking for spiritual answers to all of their problems since more and more people are finding out that material wealth and possessions are not bringing true joy, happiness and peace into their lives. This short article will be dealing with the subject of reincarnation and the Bible since reincarnation is one of their many false beliefs.

Some of you may be led by God sometime in the future to witness or to help someone out who may be heavily involved in parts of the New Age Movement. You are going to need the appropriate Scripture verses to properly defend God’s position on some of the different beliefs of the New Age Movement.

One of the major beliefs among many of the New Agers is the belief in reincarnation. Reincarnation is the belief that we have lived previous lives before the ones we are living now. Famous movie actress Shirley McClain is a big proponent of the New Age Movement and believes in the theory of reincarnation.

Some believe that we have either lived once or many other times before this life. They believe that when we die in this life, that we will again be reborn into another body and will continue to evolve until we reach some appropriate form of self-realization or self-actualization.

If any of you are ever called to witness to someone who is heavily involved in the New Age Movement, there is a very good chance they are going to ask you what the Bible has to say about reincarnation.

Here is the Scripture verse that will specifically answer this question for them:

“And as it is appointed for men to DIE ONCE, but after this the judgment …” (Hebrew 9:27)

Notice the words “to die once.” The Bible says we only get one chance on this earth to get our act together before God. The Bible says that after we die and cross over, we will all come before the throne of God for our own personal judgment. After we die, we will then all face judgment. There is no second or third chance to try and get our act together before the Lord.

The above verse also implies that after we die, that we are not reborn a second or third time. If we can only die once, then there is no way that we can be reborn a second time – because that would imply that we would have to die a second time – and the above verse specifically tells us that there is only one physical death. There thus can be no rebirth back into another physical body after we die the first time.

This one verse, in one simple sentence, completely answers the question on reincarnation. More ammunition for your arsenal should you ever need it on reincarnation and the Bible.



Kerry Goodway



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Dancehall artiste Mr Lexx is remaining silent about whether or
not his United States visa has been revoked.

Early last year, the visas of several entertainers were revoked. Among them, Beenie Man, Ricky Trooper, Aidonia, Mavado and Bounty Killer.

Information reaching The STAR is that Mr Lexx was at the airport expecting to leave for a show in the US but was turned back and told that his visa was revoked.

When contacted, Mr Lexx remained tight-lipped about the matter saying, “No comment. At least not now. Mi nuh wish fi comment pon it right now.”

Mr Lexx has had recent songs such as Clean on TJ Records’ Star A Star rhythm which he said has been getting good airplay on local radio stations. A video for Clean is also to be done soon. Mr Lexx said his video for Diggy has also been getting good rotation.

He is scheduled to leave the island on May 11 for a show in Toronto, Canada.

“I’ll spend my birthday working which mi nuh really mind because I’ll be having fun,” said Mr Lexx.

Late last year, Mr Lexx returned to Jamaica after spending more than a year in New York on a stay which was marred by several court appearances on felony charges.


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Dear Pastor,

I am 22 and I need your advice. My father and mother separated when I was 16, and my mother did days’ work and sent me to school. I didn’t do so well in school. I only have two subjects. I started to have sex when I was 16 and I am still having sex with the same man. He lives alone and when I first went there it was because he asked my mother if she would come and clean his house. She couldn’t go so she sent me instead.

This man started to treat me very well, so I used to go there to see him even when I didn’t want to clean his house. I got to like him, but not even my mother suspected we had a thing going on until I was 20. She told me it was better to be an old man’s darling. This man’s children are older than I am, but they are not living close by. I love him so much and I have never cheated on him.

Pastor, the only problem I have with him is when we are kissing he takes out his dentures. I am not in need of anything because he gives me everything. Since I am with him, I went back to school and I got three more subjects. He is promising to send me to college, but he said that his daughter’s name is in his account and he doesn’t want her to know what he is doing for me. He promised to be a guarantor for me to get money for thestudent loan.

I don’t regret having a relationship with this man, because when I look at how some young men treat their girlfriends, these guys can’t walk in my man’s shoes.



Dear B.R.,

I am sure this man would be happy to know you speak highly of him. You are really ‘bigging him up’. However, some people would question why a much older man couldn’t find a woman who is close to his age. On the other hand, love is not limited by age. Each person is expected to make decisions that suits them. Evidently, both of you are in love and your relationship is not based on what he was able to do for you.

He is afraid to tell his daughter he wants to help you to go to college because she might feel you are after his money and you only using him. It would be good for you to go to college, and if there is any way possible for him to assist you, financially, he should. Perhaps, because of his age, he may not be able to be a guarantor but he may be able to ask his friends to do so.

He should not be afraid to speak to his children about you and let them now what he wants to do for you, because you have been more than kind. Lets face it, you have kept him clean and have done everything to make him very happy.

Perhaps this man cannot kiss while he is wearing his dentures, but by now you should have got accustomed to the pleasure of his gum.




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