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Claire’s Corner “”Dick II”

Hiiiiiii ya’ll TGIF *waving* hay I hope unu a put di bag a trix to work fi unu enuh lol cause words widout works is jus hot air aaayyt!!!*wink*
Anyhooo let us continue to give ‘Dick’ his time of day DWL!
Let’s explore the rise ‘n fall of ‘Dick’s’ ERECTION!
Wake up wake up lil one mama’s here lol. Using a gentle touch or a suggestive statement ,he has no control over it . Its totally autonomic . Women often wonder what it feels like, well it has been described in many ways : A ranging bull ready to charge …. :A rise in power and well-being…. :Pressure building up before the damn bursts…etc.
Here’s what happens,
Nerves in his spinal cord switch on from sexual thought , dreams , hormones , touch etc. This triggers the opening of arteries that send blood rushing to ‘Dick’s head * headache lol* , then muscles at the base contract to hold the blood there preventing it from leaving the veins =Erection
A health man ,all when him a sleep, when him awake ina di mawning and even a few “oops” moments dwl.will have an erection. When Dick in young he can fly a flag in a flash lol but with age Dick needs a likle jump start dwl. and he isn’t as rock solid .
Nuh worry Dick yu ole but yu damn sure nuh cowl. Sooo Lets Get Busy cause you’ve got a Signal .*huge smile*

PHASE 1: slide your tongue along his ear while sitting at the dining table in a crowded restaurant, Yup! Brave up man chu! Lol .. His heart races his blood boiling , his nipples harden and Dick is coming out to play…’CHECK PLZ!!’ Lol.
PHASE second(no two roun ere oh)
You’re at the car stop him b4 he starts the engine (you a start his engine first) . Kiss him deeply while reaching inside his pants , his heart rate speeds up, blood pressure sky high ,as his testicles draw up into his body Yup! Dem a gi yu way fi di rough ride ahead lol
Yu reach home or him cyah wait???? ROTF?dwl.
Let your lips work in sync with your soft lubed fingers , yes girlfren yu fi have yu lotion or yu likle oil at arms length at all times.
Now Dick is on high alert , seminal fluid begins to pool at the base , nothing on earth can stop it from coming . His muscles tighten, his anus contracts den here comes the volcanic eruptions in rhythmic spurts of extreme pleasure. Its a total event , his brain waves dancing, his muscles tense ,he tingles all over and his expression may look as if he put his wet finger in an electrical socket *CHACHING!!!!* who cum first wins dwllllll
His mind and body relaxes , his testicle come out of hiding, Dick goes semi soft, then soft and it almost impossible to restart the cycle immediately. HERE ENDETH ERECTION! Lol.
Now girls don’t worry we have a long way to go ,that was just di premier lol and most guys will tell you they like to get a quick one off , rest up and get into the REAL WORK!
Btw did ya’ll know that men are proud of their CUM ???! Yup! Dem love give it to yu , love showing it off and watching you receive it .
LOVE DROPS aka pre-cum
This oozes out long before the actual ‘cum’ . It can be clear or white in color, its slippery so it a likle lubrication just in case yu cyah reach yours . Some guys produce a lot , while others never had a drop , either way its totally normal.
LOVE JUICE aka cum
This is the actual ejaculation , it can be thick or thin , clear or white . Every man’s is different depending on his mood or how recent he’s had one. Dick’s cum may simply dribble or shoot across the room in short spurts or medium streams .Yup! An if he’s really turned on… Wow girl you better get an umbrella lolol.
Now!!! TO TASTE OR NOT TO TASTE that’s the question! DWL ROFT OMG!
Nuh bada wid di eeewing lolol
It is entirely up to you whether or not you taste his cum. YUP! Times and tastes have changed lol.
The unique taste of Dick’s cum is affected by different factors but genetics and diet are the most important . It will be warm , either salty or tangy , sweet, bitter,bleachy or anything in between.
Want a tastier Dick??? Use cum sweeteners!: strawberries , papaya, mango, raspberries, pineapple , honey .
If your like sourer: garlic , spicy food, asparagus, cauliflower , broccoli, onions, cigarettes, alcohol, coffee.

Daily Cum sweetening smoothy recipe:
2 cups fresh squeezed orange juice
6 hulled strawberries
1/4 cup blueberries
1 cup peaches , sliced
1 banana
1tsp. Sugar
4 ice cubes
Blend in ice
Drink today enjoy “love juice” later DWL


Addressing rumours of a rift between himself and deejay Vybz Kartel
Rumours of a rift have been circulating since Friday, after a broadcast message was sent via Blackberry messenger that was allegedly sent by Kartel and directed at the Zip Jock. In the message Kartel seemingly takes offence to Liquid’s use of his slang ‘Oh’. The broadcast read, “pawdie how ya tell people say a you gimme ‘oh’. Liquid, mi a tek it to the stage shows and tell people dem fi warn you and Beenie. Member mi a one of the baddest deejay ever and you a wanna-be DJ. You tek mi style and never say thanks. If you haffi gimme a line in a tune mi stop DJ.”

Describing the incident as “foolishness” Liquid described Kartel as a friend and brethren and could not understand how the broadcast and its content came about. Liquid, however, says “mi alrite, mi good. Mi just ‘low it and start pree tings differently.”

When contacted Kartel also confirmed that the two were good.

JILL WHEN?????????

Jill Fuller all mi a sey is y do we as black women hate on each other so much. I like to c my fellow black woman strive, have things, move up in life. Im not fighting anyones hussle. Instead of saying we r glad fi each other we start to find negtive things to say. Mi caan bother wid dem, dem sey mi a groupie, well so be it. Da groupie ya life well sort out a dat them fi know. Cause nobody naa buy dem 4600 watch, all they r worth r seiko quarts.”kiss teeth”
48 minutes ago



Jill Fuller Its really a shame when ur page is full of spies who take ur comments etc and put one other mix up sites. i apologize T for acknowledging the name of ur accessories. I didnt know that the badminded haters would make a big deal out of it. Them obviously have nuttin to do but hate because the bag is real and the watch is real, i know that 1000%. a wey dem sey the benz a hide, pick mi up at the airport next wk inna it.

Patrece Brown dwl @ the “jus a do breast and deh a farrin a rent rent the ppl dem clothes n bag”…dwl

Tunya Palmer lol…jill there is nothing to apologize for mami…have u ever seen them over dem mix up site have nuttn good fi se bout ppl…all a dem gyal deh a haters dem luddy before me wear fake mi wear none at all…BADMIND IS ACTIVE…and in life u just got to know that once u reach a certain level in life u gonna have to deal with it…every piece of designer item have the knock off…poor dem…my car is corolla a me put on the benz sign dwlllllllllllllllll….johncrow unu come bk come cut n paste this.

Tunya Palmer all mi owna hair dem se fake/wig poor unu…unu need help.



my Giuseppe Zanotti sandals….sooooo cute

Jill Fuller what about the gucci bag and the chanel watch, gwaan mad dem.
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Tunya Palmer dwlll….jill one gal on ma fb tell a friend of mine se”mi neva si tunya inna brand yet”….dwlll…they dont know thats not my personality, i dont brag n boast pon ppl…smh…i dont have time to sit on fb n label everything i wear…got betta things to do…real recognize real mama since u mention the watch….CHANEL J12..$US get ure google on BITCHESSSSSS!!!!
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Jill Fuller u no haffi brag and boast, u jus drive by dem inna u benz, roberto cavelli glasses on ur face,lol.
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Tunya Palmer trust mi….i dont know whats wrong with these girls love compare themselves to ppl….dem jus a wear brand n jus a do breast and deh a farrin a rent rent the ppl dem clothes n bag….kmrct
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