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dem did name,either lee or lou you know chinese and dem  name.any how one before day dem run up inn de ppl dem place ca dem use to run de bakery and dem live up stairs,missa chin,him wife a daughter and a son.every body get wipe out,even the dog the fuka dem kill. but u affie memba say in a dem time deh news could a hide cause a just tv and newspaper,and a no every body did have tv dem time deh.then missa man blinds…him get mad or pretend fe get mad cause it did all up inna de news,send go fe de man dem who pull off de works ,and say dem affaie dead cause the order was fe scare dem ,but not to kill dem….my girl somebody tel mi say dem know  who do di murder di ppl down a corenation market a nearly drop dun ,a so de youth a gimmie de full million pon de ting.when dem teck di yoot ova bump,dat a dem killing spot.di man  look pon de youth and say to him yo u realy a go do me dat.the youth say to him yo me and you a breddren but you know how de ting set,from de orda give ,me cant go round de ting.but like how me and you different me affie go blood u up,and you try teck way you bwoy use a kitchen chappa and tear off de whole a one side a him face and a so him affie teck way him self and hide out ,till him reach a way outa dem way….my girl if it did leff up to me alone me flatten garden and extend it inna cemetery.met memba say when busta drop out de next man who did fe fall in place was sangster,so who u think poison sangster?and then sharer was in line and blinds tell him fe settle him self ca a fe him time any means neccesary.who u think put de hit pon jim brown

*This man n his family died because him neva waa pay di fee whey dem seh him fi pay*




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Lets take a trip back to Blood Lane, the 80ties election and the

series of events that have seemed to consumed the Jamaican society like

a cancer without  cure.. The 80ties election where the then Prime

Minister Edward Seaga made that dishonest plea to the U.S government for

arms, claiming civil unrest which was really a power struggle and the

launching of the cancer that has consumed our society today, guns, garrisons increase in crime and drugs. Prime

Minister Edward Seaga, the leader of the JLP, and leader of his

constituency Tivoli Gardens with Jim Brown as overseer. It was during

the 80ties the infamous ,ruthless ,murderous, cancer causing Shower

Posse was formed. The now deceased Vivian Blake , third in command but

leader in the great USA. The U.S who prides its on keeping a tab on

its citizens and immigrants , who were people of color. The Shower

Posse created by people from one of the smallest countries on the

globe were running their streets here without their knowledge. Money

and Power gained without their knowledge, this seemed to have baffled

the U.S , somewhat. The 80ties where billions were made from drugs

with a large percent going into the pockets of the Shower Posse.

Vivian Blake, Jim Brown,?? . Those were the names called by the drug

dealers arrested back then, but sJim Brown had a boss and first hand

knowledge about the trade that only he and his boss knew. After the

U.S made the arrests, an extradition request was made for Jim Brown.

People who remember watching their television sets will remember Jim

Brown beating his chest and mumbling… the words however were not

amplified for the viewers but those who were there said to have heard

him saying ”If me a guh dung di whole a unno a guh dung”. Jim Brown

never made it to overseas, because he knew the who and the what that

was behind the 600 man team, Shower Posse. The U.S never got their

man, Vivian Blake was not their man and because the person who had

knowledge of who this man was, was killed. I will assume they began to

keep closer watch on the ”heart beat” of the Shower Posse, Tivoli

Gardens. With Jim Brown’s son now in charge Dudus Coke, assuming that

his father told him everything. The U.S kept watch since 1994, to make

sure if and when they decided on a case. Whether the defendant was

killed or died from natural causes, this would piece together how the

Shower Posse was able to get all the drugs they did into their

country, without them being unaware for all those years. So, yes it

brings us back to Dudus Cooke’s case, from what I have heard, the U.S

wants him for questioning, in my eyes as a witness for the

prosecution..Of the BIG BOSS, whom they are still unaware. Word on the

street is that Dudus doesnt know what his father knew, and was trying

to start his thing with a contact in the U.S, which failed because

this contact is behind bars, who would be his boss, and he isnt

talking ither because he was locked up and released previously but is

locked up now and knows it doesnt make sense for him to spill the

beans because it wouldnt be to his benifit. This was the person who

because of his many phone calls to people from prison and his love of

the phone was able to direct the U.S as to who they needed to wire

tap. This guy was also a middle man but with connection from Haiti to

Colombia. So after all, it doesnt seem as if its really Dudus , Bruce

Golding wants to shield but the BIG BOSS, from whom everyone has

seemed to have gotten a piece of the pie…
*P.S the  papers have been signed so lets see what happens next… politcal ranglings oooooo*


Embassy of the United States of America
Kingston, Jamaica

May 17, 2010
Important Security Information from the U.S. Embassy
Possible Civil Unrest throughout Jamaica
The U.S. Embassy understands that tonight, May 17, 2010, the Prime Minister may announce his authorization to proceed in the Coke extradition case. Although we have not received specific information at this time, public unrest may result from the decision. We encourage all American citizens to take the following precautions:
-Stay close to home

-If you must go out, take your cell phone. Know where the nearest safe haven (police station/secure location) is located.

-Have cell phones charged with emergency numbers available.

-Be prepared to use alternative routes.

-Make sure the fuel in your vehicle is topped off.

-Always avoid large crowds and gatherings.

-If you find yourself in a large crowd, you should depart the area immediately.

-Do not attempt to drive through any barricades encountered on the streets.

-Always keep your doors locked and windows up.

-Have a family emergency/communication plan. Decide in advance what choices will need to be made in case of an emergency (for example, who will pick up the children, etc.).

-Make sure your family is aware of this information and review your personal security habits.
Please look for future updates from the U.S. Embassy regarding the security situation in Jamaica.

Americans traveling abroad should regularly monitor the U.S. Embassy’s website at and the U.S. Department of State’s travel website at, where the current Worldwide Caution Messages, Travel Warnings, and Travel Alerts can be found. The U.S. Embassy also encourages U.S. citizens to review “A Safe Trip Abroad,” found at, which includes valuable security information for living and/or traveling abroad. In addition to information on the Internet, travelers may obtain up-to-date information on security conditions by calling 1-888-407-4747 toll-free in the U.S. and Canada, or outside the U.S. and Canada on a regular toll line at 1-202-501-4444
Citizens living and residing in Jamaica or the Cayman Islands are advised to register their presence in the country through the U.S. Department of State’s automated online registration system, U.S. citizens may also register by visiting the Consular Section at the U.S. Embassy or our consular agencies in Montego Bay and Georgetown, Cayman Islands, during business hours.
Emergencies involving American citizens can be reported by contacting the American Citizens Services (ACS) Unit of the U.S. Embassy’s Consular Section, located at 142 Old Hope Road in the Liguanea area of Kingston, telephone (876) 702-6450; after hours emergency telephone (876)702-6000; Consular Section fax (876) 702-6018; and e-mail at

[email protected] . The U.S. Consular Agency in Montego Bay has moved and is now located at Whitter Village, Ironshore, telephone (876) 953-0620. The U.S. Consular Agency in the Cayman Islands is located at 118 Dorcy Drive, Suite B-1, Georgetown, Grand Cayman, telephone (345) 945-8173.
This email is UNCLASSIFIED.


My fellow Jamaicans..I have spent the last several days in deep contemplation about the issues that have caused so much anxiety throughout the society including the reaction to my statement in Parliament last Tuesday and the events and circumstances that led up to it.

I have listened very carefully to the views expressed by members of the public. I have also consulted with my Cabinet and parliamentary members, the party organization and various civil society groups. I thank those who have expressed their support and have urged me to find a way to deal with these matters and to put them behind. I respect the views of those who feel that, in the circumstances, I should step aside.
I have asked God to guide me in my response and the decisions I must make. I regret the entire affair and it has been deeply painful for me, members of my family and you who have been hurt and disappointed.
In hindsight, the party should never have become involved in the way that it did and I should never have allowed it but I must accept responsibility for it and express my remorse to the nation.
The way in which this matter has been handled has raised the question of trust. Several persons and organizations have expressed their disappointment. I should not have been surprised because I had raised the bar as to what they should expect of me and what has transpired has fallen short of their expectations. And here I want to personally thank the wide cross section of persons who took the trouble to write to me, not all complimentary but all expressing the deep anguish that they experienced over what had transpired. Others have offered their prayers and to all I am deeply grateful.
I am aware that trust can only be restored by forgiveness and atonement. That will take time and I am committing myself to do everything that is humanly possible to repair the damage that has been done to that trust. In return I ask for your forgiveness.
This matter of the extradition has consumed too much of our energies and attention and has led to a virtual paralysis that must be broken.
I crave your understanding, the government has never refused… never refused… the request for the extradition of Christopher Coke. It has simply asked the US authorities to provide additional information that would enable the Minister to issue the authorization in compliance with the terms of the treaty. In the controversy that has ensued, we sought the opinion of one of Jamaica’s most eminent lawyers, Dr. Lloyd Barnett, who advised that the issues involved were not sufficiently settled in law, and therefore the Attorney-General should seek a declaration from the Court before exercising her authority.
I wrestled with the potential conflict between the issues of non-compliance with the terms of the treaty and the unavoidable perception that because Coke is associated with my constituency, the government’s position was politically contrived. I felt that the concepts of fairness and justice should not be sacrificed in order to avoid that perception. In the final analysis, however, that must be weighed against the public mistrust that this matter has evoked and the destabilizing effect it is having on the nation’s business. Accordingly, the Minister of Justice, in consideration of all the factors, will sign the authorization for the extradition process to commence.
The engagement of Manatt, Phelps & Phillips by Mr. Harold Brady was an effort to secure assistance in resolving the stalemate because the party was concerned about the negative effect it was having on relations between Jamaica and the United States. I sanctioned this initiative but made it clear that it was to be kept completely separate from the government. As I later discovered, those instructions were not followed. Having sanctioned it, I cannot escape responsibility for it or the developments that have ensued although I was not myself involved in those activities.
When I was asked in Parliament whether the government had engaged the services of Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, I answered truthfully and definitively that it had not done so. It is felt that I should, there and then, have acknowledged the party initiative led by Mr. Brady. On reflection, I should have and tonight I express my profound regret and offer to the Parliament and people of Jamaica my deepest apologies.
It took time for me to make my statement last Tuesday because of the efforts I had to make to find out exactly what had transpired in this Manatt, Phelps & Phillips affair. I felt I had a duty to make that statement and I spoke on the basis of the information that has been presented to me.
The business of the country and the challenges that we have to overcome require that they be tackled with urgency and unquestioned authority. The economic programme that has restored stability after the tumultuous impact of the global recession and is showing early signs of recovery requires firm hands and certain leadership. The transformation of the government to improve the delivery of services despite the budgetary constraints and the stimulation of the investments that are needed to restore the jobs that were lost and create new ones require strong management unfettered by the ghost of the recent ordeal. The worrying crime problem must be confronted with vigour, confidence and determination. The social partnership being built through the Partnership for Transformation to bring a new collaborative and consultative approach to policymaking requires commitment and direction.

Yesterday, I indicated to the Central Executive including my parliamentary members that I was prepared to step aside as Prime Minister. A new Prime Minister would need to be assured of the support of the Party and a Special General Conference would have to be convened to elect a new leader so that a new Prime Minister can be appointed. The offer was rejected and I was asked to reconsider. I know that to continue requires on my part a recommitment to the purposeful change that we had promised.

I thought deeply about it last night and recognized that if I am to continue it cannot be business as usual. We have done well on some fronts but there are issues such as crime and violence to which much more effort and determination will have to be brought. Our legislative programme on which so much of our manifesto commitments were based will have to be renewed. Tough and uncompromising measures to deal with the pervasive crime problem and to stamp out corruption will have to be matters of urgency.

I will be tabling in Parliament the proposals emanating from the Public Sector Transformation Unit for the restructuring of government to invite public comment before a final decision is taken. I intend to transfer some of my portfolio responsibilities to other Ministers to enable me to focus more on the issues that drive change and transformation.

I intend to concentrate much of my efforts on advancing some of the unfinished business of our mandate. In our election manifesto, we committed ourselves to a wide range of political and constitutional reform measures to transform the way politics is conducted and the way government operates, to stamp out corruption and hold public officials to account. Some of these have already been implemented or are at an advanced stage. These include:

. Appointment of a Special Prosecutor to fight corruption

. Whistleblower legislation to aid in fighting crime and corruption

. Independent Commission to investigate abuses by the security forces

. Fiscal responsibility legislation to, among other things, exert control over our fiscal deficit and accumulation of debt.

. Reform of the Libel laws to enable greater transparency and accountability in government

However, having to grapple with the effects of the global recession consumed so much of our energies that we have not been able to move as fast as I would have liked on some important elements of the reform package.

Going forward, I intend to put the following measures on fast track:

. Measures to reverse the institutionalization of political tribalism and garrisons as manifested in many constituencies across political lines including my own constituency, an issue I propose to anchor in the Partnership for Transformation and with a commitment to implement the recommendations.

. Provisions for the impeachment of public officials

. Term limits for the office of Prime Minister

. Vesting constitutional authority in the Contractor-General and Electoral Commission

. Laws to regulate political party financing

. Enacting into law certain provisions of the Political Code of Conduct with appropriate oversight and penalties for violations

. Criminal sanctions for breaches of the award of contracts

. Parliamentary oversight in the appointment of certain statutory positions

I intend, also, to seek parliamentary approval for the anti-crime Bills, the DNA Evidence Act and new criminal gang legislation to strengthen our capacity to fight crime including measures to prevent the award of government contracts to individuals linked to criminal activities.
The nation’s business cannot continue to be disrupted and distracted by the ordeal of the last several months. We must put it behind us and move on and I hope that after tonight we will be able to do so. And we must do so with humility. Our lapses at times into what comes across as arrogance and disrespect must not be allowed to happen, for we are the servants of the people. Again, I express my regret to those who were offended.
There is much that we have to accomplish as a people and many serious challenges that must be overcome but, together, we can make it work and ensure that our people enjoy a better life.
May God continue to bless Jamaica and provide the strength and support we all need


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