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http://youtu.be/h-r45y-4998 Woman says she’s too pretty for work 190

QMI Agency

A London woman has made headlines after going public with her decision to quit her job because she’s too attractive.

Laura Fernee told the Daily Mail her most recent job was in medical research, which she started in 2011. Fernee has a PhD in science and started in the workforce in 2008.

“The truth is my good looks have caused massive problems for me when it comes to employment, so I’ve made the decision that employment just isn’t for me at the moment,” the 33-year-old told the paper.

Fernee says despite her qualifications, she was “constantly” being asked out or being given gifts by colleagues.

“Even when I was in a laboratory in scrubs with no makeup they still came on to me because of my natural attractiveness.”

Because she’s not working, Fernee’s parents are covering her expenses including rent, gym membership and more than $2,300 a month in designer clothes.



Duanvale woman beheads 4-y-o girl, dumps body in sinkhole

‘Dat a wickedniss’

BY HORACE HINES Observer West reporter

Thursday, May 30, 2013

DUANVALE, Trelawny — The Trelawny police have confirmed that a woman in her early 40s has confessed to Monday’s murder of her estranged common-law husband’s four-year-old daughter, who was beheaded and her body dumped in a sinkhole in Duanvale, ironically as the world celebrates Childs Month.

“She has admitted knowledge of it,” a high-ranking police officer told the Observer West last night, refusing to give details.

GROSSETT… beaming after he retrieved the body from the sinkhole yesterday.


The deceased has been identified as Natasha Brown, a student of the Duanvale Basic School.

The entire community was plunged into shock and anxiety later Monday after it was discovered that little Natasha did not report for school that day, even though she had left home for the institution.

The police who initiated an Ananda alert after they were summoned, subsequently — along with residents — launched a search in the deep rural community. It was later announced that a small human frame was spotted in a sinkhole, located in a rugged terrain in a section of the community called Faith Avenue, which is only accessible by foot.

Efforts were then made to fish the body from the sinkhole.

But the team, comprising fire fighters, the police and residents, later abandoned the mission and returned yesterday morning about 8:30. About an hour later, the dismembered body was retrieved, with the assistance of community member, Marvin Grossett, who snaked his way down the hole, estimated to be about 25 feet deep.

Grosset who recounted his adventure to members of the media, noted that after he reached the bottom of the hole he saw the infant’s head beside a black plastic garbage bag in which the child’s torso was concealed. He said he placed the head into the bag and worked his way out of the hole.

Armed with the bag with the body, he was greeted with loud cheers from community members who lined up outside the police tape which cordoned off the area. Some of the curious onlookers stood on the roofs of buildings overlooking the crime scene, while others thronged the streets.

But, while Grosset was greeted as a hero, the community members on the other hand, branded the suspect as a villain.

There was much anger directed at her from the large gathering of irate residents who lined the streets outside the area cordoned off by the police.

Among the disgruntled members of the community who directed venom at the woman in custody was Natasha’s distraught father, Ewan Brown, who disclosed that he and the suspect had broken up about four months ago, after a relationship spanning 16 years.

Four years ago, Natasha was born out of a relationship with another woman in the community.

He admitted there was not much love lost between the two women but he didn’t expect that it would have resulted in Natasha’s gruesome murder.

“If a problem was there — nobody don’t want to die — but it would be better if she had attacked whether me or her (Natasha’s) mother who can defend ourselves. But when you go tek the pickney and murder her, that a wickedniss,” he said.

“Me know say shi (estranged lover) is a serious woman, but we naw look fi that.

Other members of the community who were in a state of militancy, demanded blood.

“Carry her (the suspect) come give wi, and mek wi tie her up on light post and beat her,” said a woman.

Another man stated: “Police come too quick. Them should allow wi with her mek wi put her in a tyre and light her.”

Community members claimed that the suspect was seen holding Natasha’s hand when she was on her way to school about 8:30 Monday morning.

“She trailed the pickney and kidnapped her while she was walking in a track in the community,” one man theorised.

Another member of the crowd said that the suspect who was seen carrying a garbage bag late Monday, declared that she was carrying a pig in the bag.

Residents also alleged that on Monday, the accused woman asked a butcher in the community how he felt when he slaughtered a pig.

Yesterday, Natasha’s mother was unavailable for a comment, but her maternal grandmother, Marlene Shaw, expressed shock and disbelief at the gruesome act.

“After me come back from hospital yesterday evening (Monday) by me reach in one bus me get the call say them take her away. All now me can’t believe,” said the grieving grandmother.

Read more: http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/westernnews/Duanvale-woman-beheads-4-y-o-girl–dumps-body-in-sinkhole_14370491#ixzz2UlgRTuNK



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old gal-Optimized



Kalulushi Girl Narrates How White Mans Dog Broke Her virginity

A 20-YEAR-OLD girl of Kalulushi has told the Ndola High Court how she lost consciousness and had sex with a dog at a known man’s residence in November 2011.
This is in a case in which Evert Jan Wolf, 68, a Dutch consultant, has sued reporter Alex Njovu and the Zambia Daily Mail Limited for libel as first and second defendants, respectively.
In a writ of summons dated February 20, 2012, Mr Wolf is claiming damages for defamation by libel contained in the newspaper article of February 2, 2012 entitled ‘Wolf charged for dog sex’.
When the matter came up for defence before Ndola High Court judge Petronella Ngulube on Monday, the girl, who is the newspaper’s witness in the case, narrated how she allegedly had sex with Mr Wolf’s dog in 2011.
Under examination in chief conducted by Zambia Daily Mail Legal Counsel George Zulu, the girl told the court:
“We went to Mr Wolf’s house in November 2011. It was raining on that day and we were in our school uniforms. We were advised to take off our uniforms and hang them and we were told to remove our underwear since they were wet.”
She testified that Mr Wolf allegedly told her and her friends to take off their clothes and gave them T-shirts.
The girl said after she and her friends took off their uniforms, a friend who took them to Mr Wolf’s residence identified as Maria served them some drinks.
“Maria is the one who brought the drinks. I took the drink and
afterwards I felt drowsy. I told Maria that I was feeling sleepy and she told me to go and sleep in a room that she usually sleeps in when she goes to the house.
“Maria took me to the room and I slept. When I woke up,
I found a dog on top of me…. I pushed it aside. I did not know what happened but I realised that something had happened. I was a virgin before that,” the girl testified.
During cross-examination by Mr Wolf’s lawyer, Derrick Mulenga, the girl denied being among the girls who were taken to the police for allegedly stealing Mr Wolf’s money.
She told the court that she knows the signs of the loss of virginity.
“I came to know that my virginity was gone when the dog had sex with me. It was painful and I was bleeding,” the girl said.
And Zambia Daily Mail Bureau Chief in-charge of the Northern region Jerry Munthali testified that he assigned Mr Njovu to cover a riot in Kalulushi.
Mr Munthali said the residents ran riot over allegations that a man was forcing young girls to have sex with his dog.
He said the headline ‘Wolf charged for dog sex’ was used as a metaphor, as it is the case with most newspapers.
Mr Munthali said the story was truthful because the Copperbelt
commissioner of police is a credible source of information.
He argued that the riot in Kalulushi was sparked by allegations that Mr Wolf was forcing some girls to have sex with his dog.
But Mr Mulenga insisted that the story was defamatory and highly sensational as there was no paragraph in it quoting Ms Tembo saying Mr Wolf was forcing young girls to have sex with his dog.
But Mr Munthali insisted that police decided to charge Mr Wolf with defilement and indecent assault.
The court set August 8, 2013 for judgement.


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