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The mother of the eight-year-old girl from Irwin, St James, has recounted the harrowing night of Monday, September 24 when she, her daughter and three other females aged 14, 16 and 23 were raped.

Four days after the ordeal, the woman, 28, says it has been a struggle for the entire family.

However she says it has been extremely difficult for her mother, as well as the child’s father.

“I want my mother,” the woman said this morning, tears streaming down her face.

But with her mom living in England, the distance is only adding to the pain.

And the woman says each day she goes to the hospital to see her injured eight-year-old writhing in agony, her anguish deepens.

“I break down every morning,” said the mother of two.

The woman recalled that some time after 10 o’clock on Monday night when their Irwin home was invaded by two gunmen, the criminalsgathered all five females, her three-year-old baby and a seven-year-old nephew, took away their cellphones and led them into nearby bushes.

She said the men then demanded money before taking the eight-year-old girl into the house.

The perpetrators would later rape the other four females in the bushes.

After the ordeal, the mother, her baby, nephew and the three other females went back into the house where it was discovered that the eight-year-old girl had also been raped.

By then, the men had left.

With no cellphone to call anyone for help, the woman said they remained at home cowering in fear, uncertain whether the rapists were still lurking around.

But daylight was nowhere near and her daughter needed immediatemedical attention.

“I was willing to take a gunshot but I didn’t want my daughter to bleed to death on me,” she said.

And so the mother said she and her sister decided to run to their neighbour’s house to get help.

In the meantime, the woman says her daughter has expressed that she does not want to remain in Jamaica.

“My daughter’s youth has been taken from her,” said the grieving mother, before breaking down.

Between sobs, she said her daughter has told her it would have been better had the men broken her arms.

“I want to ask them why!” she muttered. “I just want a minute with him. I have to ask him why!”

Meanwhile, the police say detectives from the Centre for the Investigation of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse, along with their counterparts in St James, will today interview the main suspect in the case.

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Many people who contract the A.I.D.S virus go through a stage of denial then anger, whether acquiring A.I.D.S could have been prevented by them or not. The case concerning the young lady in New Jersey is no different but started off as follows:-
American born of Jamaican parentage , she was a troubled young lady and was living in the U.K after her mother left the U.S to live there. She was sent to Jamaica because of the problems she created at home.She managed to attend a prominent high school in Kingston where it was said that she became afflicted by a demon while there and her attitude changed immensely , it was also alleged that she became involved with a group of girls. It is said that while in Jamaica, she contracted the A.I.D.S virus, but others say she contracted it from an American man she met upon her return to the U.S. After contacting the disease she moved out of her grandmother’s place and was given her own apartment by the government. The disease was masked well because of her size. Allegedly her grandmother tried to warn some of the young men she was seemingly involved with , but because of her turbulent relationship with her family she was able to convince her victims that her grandmother was lying.
It would seem from the outside looking into her life, that the steps she took were calculated as she went for treatment of the disease more than two hours away from home.
She was a heavy smoker and wore her jackets open during the winter and because of this had a constant cough. This too hid the effects of the disease.
While calculating the steps in which to spread the disease the young lady became a very active and popular member of the New Jersey dancehall fraternity , known because of her loud mouth and appeared to many as being outspoken.
Many dancehall patrons who knew her will admit that she always seemed in hot pursuit of young men and often left one club by herself to go to another, often asking for a ride . This seemed also as a part of her calculations as many men who found themselves giving her a ride often ended up sleeping with her at some point or another. Men who were temporary homeless from the dancehall scene often shacked up with her, not questioning which she did not work or received full government benefits without a dependent. Men took sex and a free place to stay as a gift from heaven not knowing that they were being exposed.
In March of 2010, she fell ill will chronic pneumonia and could not get to the hospital she regularly went to for treatment and had to go to a treatment center close to where she lived. This was a week after celebrating her birthday, and for gifts it was said she told the crowd all she wanted was sex.
Treating her close to home, caused her well kept secret to hit the streets along with her rapid weightloss, it sent tongues in her area wagging, this sent her into a low level exile . She began to stay away from parties and tried attending church. It is alleged that upon attending church , the pastor turned her back calling out demons and spiritual warfare. She decided to stay home and after an attempt to return to the party scene, a few weeks after printing her flyers in 2011 she died.




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Chilling with Chantal Zaky, Miss Jamaica Universe 2012 on the set for ‘Overtime’ video.


Hey Met, I have a question for the Mobay people….what ever happened to Lacey (from North Lane) & the trial,cause I looked on facebook & I saw her in some pics that were taken lastnight..let me shed some light on who Lacey is. She used to dance on Peppa Satdaze,Ookubit Tuezdaze, & some other party videos. She was in a crew that called themselves Strawberry girls/crew. She is bisexual & not afraid to say it. Anyways this summer ( about ending of July)I guess she had beef with another woman(word on the street was they were sharing the same man).The woman was walking down north lane with her 1 year old child in her hand & Lacey went up to her with a knife…all I know is the baby got stabbed..I don’t know what happened to the mother…but I would like to know what was the outcome. Please & Thanks




Alan Dale Lee, a drug user in Florida, has been dubbed ‘Dracula’ by police for his unsightly buck teeth. This mug shot is from Sept. 10, 2012 for possession of methamphetamine.

Blending in has not been this Florida man’s strong point.

Alan Dale Lee, 45, has a lengthy rap sheet in the Sunshine State but his mouth —or, more specifically, his teeth — are what police really remember.



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