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20 Responses to RESPECT LUBICA SLOVAK!!!

  • Met says:

    Love it…respect this a lot… Lubica continue bigging up Jamaica…I LOVE IT

  • Observer says:

    Greatly appreciated!! Love you for loving Jamaica

  • simplicity says:

    now that yuh call tasteful dancing….i enjoyed it nd most of her pieces.

  • Anonymous says:

    totally respect this it is so good to see dancehall in a positive light, enjoyed it to the max!!

  • sweet says:


  • LUNDUN says:

    this was full of entertainment from start to finish.

    i liked how she used different sized models and the dancers were great.

    nice one lubrica.

  • annoymous says:

    Wow love it , and u can tell she really love what she does . Big up Lubica .

  • TheChosenOne says:

    Sorry the music was the only thing that fully represented Jamaica. The clothing all horrible and not fashionable….. Just because she is white doesn’t make it nice.

    My Opinion.

  • Met says:

    Chosenone dat a nuh di point really ..Which Jamaican designer would have done this? Not one of the so that is where the full respect comes in because other people always support our culture and not us

  • TheChosenOne says:

    @Met. Full respect for what? There was nothing cultural about her clothing. She just highlighted Dancehall Music and the Dancing. The music and culture is more profound than that. Make sure you highlight Jamaican Fashion Week May 22-25 being held in Kingston and there you will see true Jamaican designers and fashion. No one is buying Lubica garbage so stop it.

  • Met says:

    Mi nuh have no time fi waste fi highlight Jamaicans whey nah highlight Jamaica..Read with understanding I said she celebrated our culture for one, two she neva stoosh it up u never see me mention anything about clothes and who a buy from who nah buy because that is not my concern

  • Met says:

    So again Lubica my full respect and thanks for promoting Jamaica

  • TheChosenOne says:

    @MET. I would take Stoosh as you say over Ratchet anytime. We can respectfully disagree.

  • Met says:

    of course we can…if u want to call our culture ratchet..which is not even a jamaican slang feel free..and just what are we disagreeing on MY respect? I thought that was mine to give? u nuh easy oo :ngakak

  • TheChosenOne says:

    @MET. To be clear we are disagreeing on whether or not this was a celebration of Jamaican Culture. Ratchet is referring to this fashion show.

  • Met says:

    Oh a dat we a disagree pan? You mentioned clothes before. Dancehall is loud , its colorful, its sexy, it scandalous , its mismatched, its dirty, deep and a lot of things…but never ratchet .. its not in sync with what we are as a people especially because that word isn’t one of our words

  • Anonymous says:

    lubica is good but she isnt the only one who highlights jamaica for eg. i heard about this other Jamaican designer (i dont remember her name) of Tantrik Swimwear who did a totally jamaican presentation at Miami Fashiin week. she is jamaican and brought out our culture also on the international market but BIG UP TO LUBICA MI LOVE THE CREATIVITY!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    there is the link for the other jamaican designer who did Miami Fashion Week

  • No name says:

    The woman is white its her show she is not Jamaican so she don’t have to od on us to prove a point I am gratefull just for her embrassing our culture with the music pluse she is based in Jamaica

  • No name says:

    Dam me spelling bad

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