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  • so sad……im lost for words. RIP Pioneer

  • Miss-$tullesha says:

    Damn o.O omg…,say it ain’t so

  • Observer says:

    Handsome, no tight clothes, simple and humble smh wen will it end

  • simplicity says:

    dis yute face luk too familiar ….R.I.P

  • Fyahwife says:


  • YaadMan says:

    bloodclaat a courtney from gal a watch dat him dead?

  • LUNDUN says:

    so anybody have di half a weh transpire?

    di man weh escape, a him shoot di ress?

  • Observer says:

    simple pioneer fram gal a watch crew

  • omg Pioneer rest in peace

  • simplicity says:



  • Malaika says:

    Speechless, R.I.P to Dwayne Platinum

  • alwys a peep says:

    R.I.P dwayne n pioneer wow they where 2 nice guys yow damn smdh

  • LUNDUN says:

    mimibaad baad, plz keep us up to date u ere. cuz mi really interested fi know what tranpired.

  • No Joke says:

    MI speechless….naw lieeeee…..RIP DWAYNE

  • Anonymous says:


  • Dwrl says:


  • Dwrl says:

    Soon be no more ballas in the dancehall , they falling in 3s smfh

  • buenos noche metty y metters………metty i am all cried out, for the past few weeks i have been crying for people i dont know, only to end with Pioneer who was a very close friend of mine. Very very nice guy, met him in Queens years ago and continued to stay in touch when i travelled to Cali. I will be in LA in the morning.

  • Met says:

    quena hugs…everybaddie a ask fi u from day……… it sad bad too sad

  • Observer says:

    Quena safe travels boo boo :kiss

  • Metty this the flip side to Kemar…….ear to the street tells me it’s some robbery took place. I was running around getting my boys secure with the Nanny since I’m flying out. I’ll have better news for you when I touch down……I’m so very sad, pioneer was not a badmon, he was a poser but the sweetest guy you could meet. R.I.P

  • Zervah mi amiga :peluk

  • Observer says:

    Quena I heard he was a follower..if only he knew :(

  • Zervah claro…….you heard right, had a thing for acting like what he wasn’t! In a party you would think back in the days he was heavy but gal a watch…….working dudes trying to get in on the side. Told him LA wasn’t his town, dog nyam dog! It don’t done yet.

  • bustalyme says:

    its so easy for a black man to squeeze his chigger on a next black man all we r doing is self destructing, killing self u all niggers need to wake the f000 up cause at the end of the day its only the system winning ……. so f000ing sad a couple black kids r now father less

  • deanna day says:

    I’m speechless rite about now!! I just seen these 2 guy’s last nite a yen sushi bar!!! I walked in i seen “courtney”i said hi 30min later i seen dawayne i spoke 2 him!!! What goin on?rip guyz

  • Observer says:

    I can only agree that it’s not done because GREED and DEATH works hand in hand.

  • men did ah buil. who to trust when your own cicle a betray and want to take you for a eediat. you can’t cool and humble when you about that life……LA woman and man set up! You really cant let your people know that you got them things where you rest at. @Zervah, I’m lo’ mi amiga!

  • @quena mi nuh think pioneer have nutten fi duh wid de robbery fr yu see how pioneer dress yu know him jus a try fit in wid dem……me more call him a yes man….BUT R.I.P TO PIONEER

  • Observer says:

    Quena that’s exactly what I pulled from it all. Yes we will miss them and they were loved but not a humble n cool nuh inna dem game deh unless a dollyhous yu a play…..evry man wah floss n big caw money sweet. It’s just real unexplainable the void they leave with their living loved ones….if only he knew

  • Money can make and food can eat but you gotta seperate that life from dancehall…….trust! There is many ways to enjoy bread, but watch who you eatin’ with or you gonna end up toast, thats what my mens always say!

  • Observer says:

    Tru tru mama but dat nuh deh agen. My ppl seh no money nah mek fi stack caw as soon as it mek man haffi floss n stawt a show…den it attract return envy di sheeps…an a desso di game dun. All dis bag a crew ting an is not like a honest food yu a cook suh mi nuh noe y wi need a bag a flies inna it…it muss spwoil

  • oh lawd says:

    RiP very sad

  • Anonymous says:

    Rip to da nxt youth ice still dnt understand wat u was doin there none of u deserve dis all humble sweet youth

  • Sensational says:

    Another, bites the dust. It is sad, how did he die and why did they kill him? RIP

  • berrylicious says:

    Who is the next two…i wonder y the sole surviver dont want tp talk..but trust an beleeve yu soon hear di true story to this misstry murder.. may they all r i p.dat person dat ended these guys life will not enjoy their lives either..just a damn fool.dem nuh stop kill di man dem inna threes an four nuh man soon nuh deh a road real talk.gope dem famuly juss pray and take good care of their kids. it sad real sad.who feelsit knoes.

  • Anonymous says:

    A lot of people are posting about Pioneer and others. Pioneer’s family is asking you to stop the speculations until we get an official confirmation. I know that one is intending to hurt us and we sincerely appreciate the love and concern, but we also appreciate the privacy.

  • tre0pound says:

    Knowing him from gal a watch crew days in NY, is knowing a cool person has past. I left the dancehall scene for a reason, MY KIDS. The dancehall environment has so much negativity in it. And no matter how bad or protected u think u r….. u can be touched and silenced. I wish that all these people that have something to live for would leave before it kills them like it has done with so many. Even the hustling can gwan just learn not to bring the hype life with it. People don’t need to now who u are, who and who u tied to, what u have or what navel string u cut from. R.I.P. PIONEER

  • Brownberry says:

    All now mi still can’t believe mi cousin dead, all now mi just a say a lie. Not Courtney, mi just want somebody to tell me say Courtney just out a LA a relax and him not gone. This one have me a way. Courtney R.I.P, you know we love you.

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