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THERE was a stampede inside a city centre bound kombi after a “goblin” suspected to have been left by its owner asked to drop off.

The incident occurred in Nketa suburb on Monday in a commuter omnibus reportedly coming from Emganwini.

It is said that drama started when the kombi got to Runganga Shopping Centre

A source who was a passenger in the vehicle said all they could hear was “Ngicela ukuyesha diengisele ngicela ukuyesha”.

The next thing they saw was a horn-like thing bouncing under the back seat where the sounds were emanating from. In a flash the driver with-out being told reportedly stopped the car and jumped outside.

His conductor followed suit and so did the rest of the passengers who are said to have struggled to get out of the vehicle which had been left idling by the driver.

In the midst of all the drama one of the passengers could not contain his fright and tried to kick out one of the panels but was stopped in his tracks by other passengers.

The frightened kombi crew and the passengers are said to have maintained a “safe” distance from the vehicle and so were the people who had rushed to the scene.

The suspected goblin is said to have bounced from the back seat to the door where it disappeared upon hitting the ground.

“We were all shocked when we heard the sounds and I would admit that I almost soiled myself, it was just frightening.

“What made the situation more frightening is that the horn was bouncing and its disappearance is just something else,” said Daisy who was among the passengers.

The passengers refused to board the kombi after the goblin vanished and opted for other transport.

On the other hand the kombi crew reportedly drove off after the conductor had pleaded with the driver that they had no choice but to continue working as their livelihood depended on the vehicle.

Another witness suspected that the goblin might have been abandoned by its owner.

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