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25 Responses to A PROPA DUS OFF

  • Anonymous says:

    MNL if a my son dat dem gal deh would not like it, they always say men are not suppose to hit women, so whey do women think it’s ok to hit on men. I am a woman an when bitches stand up some bitches need to get knocked the 00 down and if I was that guy I would defend myself. It’s a 00ing shame.

  • Observer says:

    a how em get dem pussy caw em a real pussy em juss stan up

  • Anonymous says:

    Can’t see the video can you put up a link please

  • MNL says:

    I guess di cocky never sweet dem because how dem a beat di man so? no sah and him never clean up him tracks good. One thing i hate is a sloppy man , if u a gyaliss wid yuh ting, make sure u ting squeaky clean cuz otherwise it make me feel like a eediat that u would disrespect me enough fi mi find out outta road

  • Quiet Storm says:

    Betta dan ah tun pon dem one anneda..

    ‘Some time a man fi get kuff, fi get kuff, fi get kuff……Sometime ah man fi get k*#@

    Mi nuh support violence, but mi loikeee ee

  • Brownberry says:

    I watch this about ten times, mi love how the two girls stand up and beat his ass and not be like some females that beat up each other while the man stand up a watch them. Beat him yes, mi loike it bad. A full time the woman them standup with each other and stop fight each other over man.

  • Anonymous says:

    Yall f000ing him together….beat him together yes lol

  • simplicity says:

    good morning met,metters,peepers nd others….

    funny thing is yah call de yute pussy fe nuh raise him hand back but if him did kick dem dung dis video mek fox 5,bbc,cnn nd all hadline news how him wicked followed by a 7yr sentence fe domestic violence.

    mi rate him fi hold it :2thumbup

  • Observer says:

    No mi a one gyal naw guh rong em if em defen di situation. Any ooman fling on lik pon man fi caw tek it bak to…respect goes where it comes.

  • Cindy Royal says:

    When u meet a fool you treat a fool like a fool…to do any different would make you a fool. This man is a fool, so they are treating him accordingly.

  • Observer says:

    Quite so @ Cindy. If a my son, a gyal walk…doah raise yuh han at a “man” but in this case, I guess he’s no man as Cindy says.

  • Bigz says:

    sed suh @ simplicity

  • Cindy Royal says:

    No Observer, if u raise ur son wid a good undastanding of himself & wat him is about, u & other mothers who r saying “if a my son” will not have to do anything if a woman tried this with ur sons, because he would be a man who his woman/women knows not to try this shit with – even if he won’t raise his hand to them – his woman/women will just know he’s not some1 to be trifled with.

  • wtf!again says:

    @ quiet storm,,,100% agreeeee

  • Anonymous says:

    two pan one a murder! lmao

  • Riches says:

    Cindy u have said it well, i was thinking had it been some men dem wouldnt dare raise dem hand! suh mi nah seh nutten more u said it kmt mek d man did lick dung one a dem

  • ThEXOnE says:

    Cindy :2thumbup on all points

  • Brightlight says:

    I rate that young man for not using the full force of his NATURAL MALE STRENGTH and knocking one of those females straight the 00 out. OUTTA BLOODCLAAT ORDA! One time in Brooklyn two gal try jump dis man him take time and slam both of them one by one on a car hood. Every time one get up he just finish slamming the other and start slam the next one again. No man fi mek no woman beat him. Keep your hands to yourself.

    If him did mek dem licks hot him head he could a mash up di both a dem EASY! Young man have patience and composure. Dem lucky.

  • Observer says:

    cindy yu membah my point pon riri n chris brown?? a dat mi still a seh today….a ooman fling big baxx n tump dung pon my son, em a punching bag?? and how much a “man” should he be and how long? At any point should he be assertive or passive? he would be looked upon as “a respectful man seeking help…as a battered spouse” for how long? or a pussy?

    Yes in this instance, these young ladies were very upset considering the circumstances. They beat not fought with him and then what? Did he stop his cheating ways? Mek di man gwaan n yu stan yuh grung n walk. It nuh rite neidda way…..none a di 2 sexes weda man nor woman suppose to a get up inna a relationship n a fire big hits pon son nuh punching bag n ur daughta nuh beating stick.

  • my2cents says:

    Met I don’t support violence but I always say when females are fighting each other over men, they are fighting the wrong person. I like that these two females took out their anger on the right person.

  • Observer says:

    brightie :thanks2 that’s it! While I respect his response, I do not condone those females actions. Dem pass outta auda

  • Brightlight says:

    Zervah mi sey mi haaaaate fi see ppl tek libaty wid ppl pikny! Di bwoy tan deh an tek di lick like him is one beating bag! Who these young girl think dem is fi beat pon di bwoy like dat? Forget he could be someone son he is a human being PERIOD! And I BET BOTH OF THEM IS BACK WITH HIM RIGHT NOW!

    Violence begets violence and di two a dem is lucky! Some man woulda beat out dem claaat!

  • EbonyLolita says:

    Betta him then each other. YES!!!! Either way sorry when Police hold the video tape fi evidence.

  • No Joke says:

    Don’t lick if yuh cyan tek lick. What if him did turn round a retaliate…

  • Ray says:

    this shit bullshit, i hope they find these just like them find the father beating his daughters for twerkin… the boy even bawl out when him get lick in him eye/head with the belt.
    no woman can ever raise hand pon mi like that

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