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  • status says:

    Metty ah which Rebecca this? Is the 1 that did up here that was speaking about she like the baller them, find new man and she had a baby?
    If is the same Rebecca, what happened to the new man Hun?

  • Met says:

    yes oooooooooo

  • Anonymous says:

    Dwl she say she need closure to the last relationship so why the 00 you on the show then kmt

  • status says:

    Okkkkkkkk I know shillings later on this, Metty do mi a beg if you can post it tomorrow plz
    I gone I have a ton a home work to do.

  • Met says:


  • Kmt says:

    I liked her felt it.beautiful girl.she and the guy are back together so

  • Anonymous says:

    She a mad over the German man but if she wanna be with mr German so bad why he don’t wanna be with her. She pretty and classy thou. Looking. She can find a nice husband she sure will after the show.

  • Miss Jamaica says:

    Hello also I was watching Tuesday’s Wendy Williams show and spotted a Jamaican New York dancehall gal in the audience anyone else spotted her?

    Rebecca you looked nice trying to play Miss classy and innocent!

  • Empress B~ says:

    Mi watch d show last night and mi glad shi si seh shi neva ready fi start date. It seems like shia hold on to a broken dream to the point dat shia mek ar self available anytime Mr Germany ready smh. Once she start nuh show interest inna him again and go on wid ar life, shi go si ow him nuh stap run after ar but ka him know him got ar, him use dat. She’s a nice looking fem and very articulate but just do u hun and get on with ur life. Life is too short but ah just my interpretation still. I do like that guy she went on a date wid tho but she knows what’s best for her! Great mawning folks

  • Alicia says:

    The same…Misses Tek weh yuh man? What you reap is what you sow. Can’t stand this girl. People seem to forget

  • Anonymous says:

    she as so faaaaaaaaaaaake

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