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Hi Met,
Was just watching Oxygen’s -Find me my man and the next episode will feature none other than Rebecca Silvera (even crying) -__- i was quite shocked. You should tune in. lol

Met a Rebecca silvera dat pon find me my man? Di show pon oxygen? Or a blind mi blind, mi nuh too sure so duh check fi mi. Thanks.

9 Responses to WHO WATCH FIND ME MY MAN?

  • ... says:

    tail end..wack tho

  • Dwrl says:

    I saw the show, that tuff looking host is a 000ing hater. The dudes working with her is wack as 000.

  • my2cents says:

    Me watch it met. It show on Tuesdays so Rebecca’s episode won’t come until tomorrow

  • Yep! says:

    @ Dwrl..and she ratchet as hell too; she couldn’t find me loose change in my sofa, much less a man, chile please…

  • ... says:

    the matchmaker need to be on Find My Hairline :travel

  • Yep! says:

    Fa real Dotty LOL! Somebody please find dis damn lady a speech coach cause she sound ignant as a maf000a

  • Dwrl says:

    She need to be on find me a stylist also, gal look like Salvation Army reject, mi wouldn’t want see feh HAR husband smfh….bitch rude and ghetto. I really thought that hoodrat was gonna put her in her place but apparently she was desperate for a man so she MEK she coward HAR dung

  • Anonymous says:

    Becca has a man a very good looking baller. She is just doing this for TV people come on! Its called trying to get a big break. U go Becca make that $$$$$$

  • ... says:

    Anon we already formulated that in a previous post sweetie, aint nobaddie hating on Becks hokaay. Yep mi seh mi coulda neva waan no option dat matchmaker have…she too wah kinna man she help fi get tho?

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