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25 Responses to A SPICE GET FAT SUH?

  • Observer says:

    Spice mussi gawn pon #3

  • Yep! says:

    Aneika baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaddddddddd!!

  • Firebrand says:

    Can someone please point me to a picture or video where spice look half decent (I’m serious cause I really wanna see how she really look). How can a female who is not ugly and has such a nice complexion always looks suh 00ed up? Is like she go out har way fi look like a clown.

    Spice you’re an entertainer and you actually have star presence but you need a stylist ASAP!

  • Met says:

    Firebrand mi sehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh she has an elegant look but love sketel clothes I dont know if a because she chocolate why she tink she fi always look so but if she did eva put harself togedda di business cudden hold she…she really has a nice face but never look clean and tidy yet…

  • Met says:

    Where spice get di tights? mi dus waa ask…Spice keep it simple and mek people see and know what black beauty is please

  • Real says:

    a twin she cah…too much curry chicken and dal ….anyway met spice love colours she a rep fi all skettles …it look like shi owe dear clothes money ….. :travel

  • Met says:

    Real u wicked :hammer :tkp :tkp

  • Met says:

    Real mi come back agen come read u comment………..u seh spice owe dear clothes money +fire lightening + thunda+ = :hammer

  • Real says:

    no met a nuh me wicked….a di spice ….

  • Met says:


  • Real says:

    yes met a dat mi seh u heard i hear first …..thats y shi fraid fi approach dem ………:)

  • No Joke says:

    Y Spice head look so jryyyyyyyy?????? And if yuh own a clothes store I think Spice shud at least have a ounce of fashion sense…but HELLL NAWWWWWW….Annieka a galong wit tings

  • ... says:

    Spice pay di man fi di clothes yet? dem ting deh look like a she say Pablos an a she say go a singer go get machine fi sew dem… :travel

  • MY NAME IS.... says:

    I couldn’t finish watching. Between Spice channeling a 80’s rapper with her rope chains and Elvis Pressley with her baby blue pointy shoe my eyes needed a rest. And her twerk team was a total flop. That is the worst twerking I’ve ever seen. They better not quit their day job because if twerk is their work they will surely starve.

  • Met says:

    my name is not to mention di one whey tights could not fit har…

  • ... says:

    Met! mi tink a ongle mi ketch it dwl no sah she couldn recruit some gyal weh stay betta?

  • Met says:

    dotty it doe even look like she could afford to dress dem muchless get good recruit…also mi tink she did a introduce a new dance :nerd

  • Met says:

    and mi have anneka charge by di hour so she cudden pay har fi di one hour or wha? :hammer

  • Met says:

    one last ting……..di song dem whey spice did a sing a who fah song dem? lol

  • Met says:

    wait one second…spice tights see choo? :hammer :ngakak

  • simplicity says:

    spice all mi can sey is dat yuh tap bleach…as tuh d ress sass crise man

  • ... says:

    Metty! plz doan mash mi up dis nite ere!!! Mi seh spice cyaan orda some Foreva 21 tings so it nuh look so bad man! di tights look like di fabric did deh pon di window display an sun bun it out & shi get the 2 yaad a fabric on discount smh

  • Samantha pretty says:

    The name twret spice drew need to sue you because a him come up with that name first, and if the ask you what it mean you don’t know, anybody who watch love and hip hop will know what it mean and who is Drew.
    P.s Spice aka Black gal why ur face white so and ur body black what happened the body can’t come lord.

  • Samantha pretty says:

    @ no joke and she. Own hair salon shop.

  • Sincere says:

    Anika to the worlddddddddddddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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