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Before you SLEEP with him, READ THIS

(A lot of our young black women in and out of the DH need to understand their worth) Addicted

What’s between your legs he can get anywhere; what’s in your heart is rare, it can only come from you. Value increases when something is considered rare. A real man finds glory in the hunt, the chase, the wait. Every time a man “enters” a woman he gives her his strength, every time a woman “receives a man” she gives him her beauty, her vulnerability. Why give up the greatest and most precious part of yourself to a man who has not proven he is worthy or capable of caring for your heart?
Giving our bodies, forsaking our hearts
Let me make this very clear, I was FAR from a virgin when I got married. For many years I used sex to numb the rejection of my father and men in my past. I gave my body to men to validate me, to help me prove my worth, to numb the pain and fear of the life I was half-living. And sure the conquest was fun, but the relief was momentary, never lasting. The confidence in my soul was broken, so my body screamed for instant gratification. Then as a “party girl” high on drugs and alcohol, sex just accompanied that lifestyle, but getting drunk and high to open my legs, only proved that my heart’s deepest longings were simply being masked, numbed, hidden.
The greatest gift a woman can give a man
A few years before I met my husband, I made a decision to be celibate, to find out beyond sex, what did I truly desire? Fortunately when I met my husband he carried this same conviction. This current culture has diminished women into believing we have nothing to offer besides our bodies.
How many times have you laid besides a lover after he has released inside of you and felt dulled, disappointed, numb? Don’t you want more? Women scream this false bravado independence “I can do whatever I want!” But whose truth are you living? Are you living out your sexuality like I was; reacting to your wounds, attempting to meet your own needs the only way you know how? Or are you living from the truth of how amazing, cherished and priceless your heart is?
Real women know their value
Women who know their value, know they are worth more. They have learned what their heart truly needs, and they are not afraid to ask for it. God wired us to be loved, cherished, protected, fought for. Our hearts deepest longing is often times not for sex, but to truly know who we are…we don’t find the answers to the deepest questions in our souls in a man’s bed; we discover them by seeking God’s heart. Many of us never had an earthly father to affirm our beauty our value, but we have a merciful God waiting to lavish upon us a passionate love beyond our wildest dreams.
Dare to be honest. Learn how to ask for what you need with your heart and not your body. When you truly see your value as a woman, you will know you are worth the wait, and so will the man who has decided to wait for you…


  • Yep! says:

    Absolutely beautiful and so true. Thankyou sender :peluk… Morning Metty :peluk

  • Observer says:

    good read :)

  • Tawkchuet says:

    So true so true really good read!!!!

  • Ms.B says:

    Met. This was an interesting read. However , I notice the writer seem to be saying that it is the woman who gives sex.
    I don’t share that view . I am very sexual but I am not quick to love. I have never given a man sex, I always just taken sex the few I have slept with.
    My bf of like a million years can attest to this ask him.. Lol! I am demanding , I must be satisfied and then I go to sleep. I never felt used but there have been a few guys who felt that I used them( they were awesome in bed but was not my type, not smart enough )
    I was fortunate to get caught up with this guy who was soooo gud in bed … Then I fell in love with him.
    I am always confuse abt women who say ” I gave him my gud Puzi ” I am like y did u give it to him ?!?
    Maybe my views on the whole giving away sex is different because from the day I have been sexually active I always have an organism when I have sex. … Sex is such a wonderful thing. When it safe sex – if I was to choose between sex and love – I would choose sex. There is so much unconditional love in my life otherwise – however celibacy is a gud thing as well especially if u are likely to confuse sexual desire for an invitation to love and happiness; sometimes men are just looking for sex and women give it up with hope of more.

  • I understand what sender is trying to say but it look to me like because she found herself a husband all is well with the world, not every woman wants to be married and babies your view of a great and contented life may not necessarily be that of a next woman, different things fulfill different people, my opinion, wishing you all the best in your marriage sender

  • LUNDUN says:

    good day met and metters

    this was wonderful to read, thanks addicted.

    i have never felt rejected or ducked by a man. that’s because i know my worth and men have to know my worth as well. ladies need to put themselves on a pedestal when it comes to men, never settle or try to compete with a hoe for a man’s affection.

  • Cindy Royal says:

    I like the sender’s message of knowing yourself & your worth (male/female). However, not everyone will end up with a life partner, does that mean the person(s) who don’t will be worthless or lacking because they failed to find this soul mate so highly touted in society? Good message tho.

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