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The intelligent and motivating Khadine ”Ms Kitty” Hylton, I must say has slowly earned my respect as a Jamaican woman with a basket full of attitudes our diaspora would benefit from if emulated.
When I first heard about Ms. Kitty and her fluffy diva parade, I shrugged it off because in my mind it was not something to be celebrated. Our eating habits as Jamaicans has left most of our families ravaged by stroke, hypertension and diabetes. Fluffy to me, was embracing all of this.
After being included in a post here on JMG,where she had criticised a young woman for getting pregnant for an entertainer. I was livid , because to me she had no idea where these young girls were coming from and the last thing they needed was another female not being on their team.A friend of mine reached out to me , telling me how this Ms Kitty was teased relentlessly in High School about her nose.I chuckled but I thought to myself how much the personality that should exude an individual who has suffered such a fate was not the one that came from this woman. She was confident despite being a victim of bullying.Her confidence was mind boggling to me, and yes she was fat and seemed to wear many outfits that are considered not to be for a woman of her size but the confidence to get into them is bigger than any negative though that should or would come to mind when seeing her in them. Confidence is sexy, it motivates ambition and propels destiny! Look your best however you are, because whatever you or the the world thinks of your appearance, you are fearfully and wonderfully made.
The reason I started JMG, was to help fallen young women see that they were better than the life they choose , just because they are wonderfully made. This is what Ms Kitty seems to be driving at by celebrating fluffy. At the time I did not see this however,she has matured a lot from her earlier years and it is quite motivating to see and hear her speak. It is impressive to see her strides, as a Jamaican woman chuck full of ambition.

After reading about her RJR debacle, I stopped to think , and at first I thought that she in doing two radio programs was biting off more than she could chew and was being greedy. After thinking deeper, I thought about RJR, the radio programs, Magnum King & Queen and all the other appearances I had seen her at hosting. It was ambition and not greed. The ambition and drive many Jamaicans need to uplift themselves from the shackles of poverty. I remained silent and kept my thoughts to myself until a friend of mine showed me a link a song collaborated with Eve. It was then I realised I really had to congratulate this woman , because she has been making strides, working her ass off, something our diaspora need to get back into doing. Working hard and stop hardly working. Work your tail off so that when you get old your cake would be just cool for eating and not just mixed for baking.


Eve Name-Checks Herself on ‘Eve’ – Song Premiere
Miss Kitty helps MC on song from her first album since 2002

April 25, 2013 9:00 AM ET

Amarpaul Kali
Click to listen to Eve’s ‘Eve (feat. Miss Kitty)’

If you were still wondering, “Who’s that girl?” Eve is back to answer your foolish question with a hellacious new song named for herself, from Lip Lock, her first album since 2002. You can now take an exclusive first listen to “Eve,” which features Miss Kitty and finds Eve hungrier than ever, unleashing a torrent of lyrical destruction over beat of guttural bass grooves and a twisted, eerie vocal sample that seems to cry out her name. “‘Eve’ is one of my fave songs on the album,” the MC said. “It’s in ya face, it’s all me. And love the vibe of Ms. Kitty. It’s gritty but has a mean bounce.” Lip Lock is due out on May 14th.


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