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Baltimore Inmate Impregnates 4 Female Correctional Officers
Apr 25, 2013 By @Robinrazzi

We have a big problem on our hands. On top of a major corruption scandal involving 25 corrections officers, a prison gang leader in the middle of the federal indictment has allegedly impregnated four of the female officers, fathering five children while still locked up.
According to Smoking Section:
Twenty-five corrections officers from the Baltimore City Detention Center were indicted on Tuesday over charges that they allowed a dangerous gang run the Baltimore, Maryland jail. Thirteen of the officers were female and four were allegedly impregnated by inmate Tavon “Bulldog” White, head of the Black Guerrilla Family.


  • sussister says:

    :travel :babyboy

    a wha kind a style him have suh. whole a 13 :mahongintip

  • Anonymous says:

    met look here sugar Minot royalty’s on hold saith the wife

  • denies says:

    I wonder how much kartel breed up so far…ladies love a bad boy and thug/gangsta loving is so good even if the sex is whack just being with a gangster is such a rush

  • Fyahwife says:

    this sleepy eye mofo a the truth kah him get 5 Pinckney while locked up and him no married fi ha conjugal visit
    Some gal des fi real

  • Taliban says:

    One a piece a slackness, u know sey nuh condom nuh use fi di five a dem. dat y STD’s caan stop spread.

  • Met says:

    taliban mi wudda like know how di sex guh dung

  • Anonymous says:

    met come here u nuh know say mavado and one more a him fren dem kick off again.. miss ma’am me go pan search pan what a gwaan pan mavado and when me google him met mavado former fren do song bout him, bout how money change him an rayy taaayyyy taaaayyyy! me wan know if a so mavado get hype him all a turn him back pan him fren dem

  • Observer says:

    dats y ooman wi neva betta cassen seh all “bulldog” dem fuk :nohope:

  • EbonyLolita says:

    Jesus tek di wheel! Corruption & nastiness run inna da jail deh! You know what happens in jails? Men on Men Women on Men Men on Women just a whole heap a sodom & gommorah :takut
    Now what’s going to happen to the children of these stupid women. No income, cuz ya job GONE, & not father b/c he’s a JAILBIRD!!!!!

  • PhantomPhoenix says:

    lol @ observah…yu know sey it ago tek a while fi oman get employment inna dat de jailhouse…matta-a-fact, inna nuff ada jailhouse. One do it a Rikas de ada day now dem 4 yah. watch dem a grill a tek cock to….damn!

  • Foxy Lady says:

    Met, this is quite common. I know inmates that carry on relationship with the prison psychologists for years. Big psychologist with her PHD. It’s a turn on, the I’m in control syndrome. I have friends who work in corrections in Miami Dade and it’s the same thing. They all have had relations with the inmates. This is quite common, it’s only made the news now.

  • Hotstepper....formerly peeper says:

    I live in MD and mek me tell u sey almost everybaddy inna di office man deh a prison, about fi go a prison or on him way out of prison….dem love prison bud dung ya bad

  • Met says:

    dem have a prisoner fetish? :tkp

  • Little Willie says:

    Buddy shortrige all bout di place. Mi love it……even likkle buddy man have women fighting fi di likkle an stiff….wooiiieeeeeeee!!!!!!
    Met, ova desso mi a release it…nuh miss it todeh.

  • Met says:

    willie u know seh :tkp

  • Met says:

    willie did u say buddy shortrige? u know u a get from bad to rerse

  • Observer says:

    a weh willie a :tkp rostah

  • Real says:

    a wutliss dem wutliss…becaw wen dem nuh dide him good as have di little inmate in deh like oman….dem yankee deh to cold ….dem love married to di murderer and rapist dem ….mi si wah big oman parole office follow wah likkle mad deportee …..come a Jamaica but shi could not manage di madnis

  • Shack says:

    Disgusting. wah kind o stamina him have so? :kts:

  • Met says:

    Mi waa know how di sex guh dung dat mi waa know raily bed

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