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I will like to know have any one seen this man I’m trying to get in touch with him for the longest met
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20 Responses to JMG LOST AND FOUND

  • Observer says:

    a fuk u get fuk caw a wah tel yuh seh em move on ooooo…deh wid a gyal weh a gi em bare minings n em seh whooooooooooooo…em nah luk bak ooooooo…a suh em seh mi noe know oooooo

    yu wah mi tel em anythin fi yuh? :nerd

  • britty says:

    u have one full on photo thats enuff ..hug it up and think bout the times

  • Saucy Baby says:

    No Observer, mussi $$$$$ she mek him borrow and trying to collect cause you know Met have all kind of services. Sender I seem him yesterday but it is going to cost you because unlike Miss Met, my services ain’t free.

  • Observer says:

    saucy it too early ooooo :ngakak

  • 187 Dem says:

    Great Mawning Met & one & all,

    Di topic nuh ez at all mi really haffi buss out a big duty laff….. Zervah yuh bad early mawning mooma :ngakak

  • Tawkchuet says:

    Senda u haffi go move him nose so mi can see him face good deh #collapse lollll
    Di one Saucy n Obs no nice at all lmaooo

  • No Joke says:

    Sender its obvious him nuh want to be found by you……….

  • Met says:

    morning 187 :peluk

  • Yep! says:

    Move him nose suh mi can seem face good_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  • Anonymous says:

    Sender y u look for him… Him nuh lost!!!!

  • Fyahwife says:

    Met u fi set up a branch to dis ere website call JMG Personals and charge fi di APB service

  • OL' FOOL says:

    sender sound like di feds. dont leggo no info pon di man

  • Black Rose says:

    Hahaha! @Yep(move d nose)…..look weh di gyal cause pon harself donningz and pon d yute tuh! I f him did have d least thought of you, you wouldnt have to come here searching….that tells u him nuh wah get found

  • Concerned Citizen says:

    Sir plz pay pay di ppl dem dem money lol, it serious to rass all JMG IT REACH, please give Ceasar what is due to him!

  • Observer says:

    senda di man a wait oooo fi mi tel em weh yuh wah em fi noe…lets go oooo yu wasting time

    :ngakak hayyyyyyyyyyyyy 187…chuet n saucy a luk company but mi nuh inna it wid dem :angel

  • Observer says:

    chuet seh nose mi seh………lips :lapar

  • Addicted says:

    Senda the man said he is married and very happy so please to keep it moving and dont gwaan like sey yuh waaan mash up him matrimonal home.
    IF yuh tink alie look pon him left ring finga.Yuh nuh si di ring?

  • Hotstepper....formerly peeper says:

    Mi know Met provide lots of service here, and me did ago ask her if help me wid a post fi find a brother of mine that me dont even know, but would like to, but unnu mek me fraid to rass

  • Met says:

    why peeper :ngakak

  • Neighbor says:

    Stranger stop be a stalka

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